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EQQO is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

WARSAW, 07 February 2020 – Originally created for VR devices by indie Parallel Studio, founded by ex members of Ubisoft, DontNod Entertainment and Quantic Dream, the game EQQO is now coming to Nintendo Switch to put the players at the heart of a playful and emotional journey.

Inspired by ancient Ethiopian legends, EQQO is an initiatory adventure, and a love song to nature. It’s the improbable tale of two foreign creatures one to the other… A child who can’t see, and an Egg, as fragile as it is vital.

Using the the powers of the Egg,the players will need to advance through sacred lands and mysterious rooms, awaken the Temple’s sleeping mechanisms, foil ancient traps, and repel the dark forces that want to seize the Egg!


A multi-layered story full of symbols and metaphors about hope, love, nature and everything that connects us. Voiced in English an French. Captioned in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Four to five hours of exploration and puzzle solving in sacred lands and monumental temple rooms.  25 hidden parchment scrolls to find and reveal new parts of the legend.

Music composed by Nicolas Bredin and played by the world-renowned Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Spectacular sceneries and an immersive “360-degree cinematic” experience supporting the use of the gyroscope.

Items and architecture inspired by Ethiopian mythology and traditions such as the pilgrimage to the Rock-Hewn churches of Lalibela.

The possibility to plant your own tree, both in-game and in real life, with the 1 EUR/USD DLC #EqqoDonation.

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Psychedelic Adventure ‘Infini’ is Coming to Nintendo Switch!

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC – Feb. 5, 2020 – Infini, the psychedelic puzzle-adventure from developer Barnaque and publisher, will launch on PC on March 4, 2020. PC players can experience this IGF finalist with the free demo, Glimpse of Infini, today. A Nintendo Switch release will follow shortly after, launching in Q2 2020.

In Glimpse of Infini, players will encounter a variety of puzzles, characters, and abilities that Hope will learn on his odd adventure, including the innovative camera manipulation mechanic. Combine his diverse abilities to avoid obstacles, manipulate the environment, and bend your mind to escape Infinity and return Hope to the real world.

The world of Infini is brimming with ambient music, psychedelic imagery, and an outlandish narrative that personifies the concepts of our daily lives. Hope’s adventure is experimental through its gameplay, visuals, and audio design, creating a delicate balance between obscurity and familiarity. While in Infinity, Hope will face more than 100 mind-bending challenges through 10 worlds filled with bizarre personalities and chances to explore the multiverse.

Infini Key Features:

  • Solve puzzles, meet unforgettable allies, and make your escape from a beautifully odd alternate dimension
  • Discover new abilities that can be used together to reach new areas
  • Master the innovative camera manipulation mechanic to unlock 100+ levels through 10 diverse worlds
  • Traverse a realm layered with allegory, symbolism, and complex characters
  • Standout visuals and an ambient soundtrack with 20+ original songs
  • Mind-bending gameplay that sways between meditative and chaotic

“We’re thrilled to invite everyone to get a special look at the strange void of Infinity and the creative minds of Barnaque. Glimpse of Infini leads players through 25 challenges across 4 worlds and is just a fraction of the content that will be available in our full launch next month.” – David Martin, Co-founder of Barnaque

Infini will be available for $11.99 USD when it launches on March 4, 2020 and is fully translated in English and French. The Glimpse of Infini demo is available now as a free download on and will be available later this week on Steam.

Source: PR Email

Infini Arrives on Nintendo Switch in 2020!

WARSAW, POLAND – Sept 25th 2019 – Today I wish to announce you that one of our upcoming games has a release window:

Infini, the psychedelic adventure from developer Barnaque and publisher, will launch on Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac in Q1 2020.

Integrating an outlandish narrative with rigorous mind-bending puzzles, Infini walks a fine line of meditative and chaotic. Standout visuals and concepts are used to create an imaginative and surrealist world where concepts like Poetry, War, Time, and Hope are personified.

After being catapulted into Infinity by War, Hope must find his way back to the real world before it begins to suffer from his absence.Hope must avoid obstacles to reach the next level as he falls endlessly through an eccentric alternate realm. Each world harbors new abilities, themes, and opportunities to explore the multiverse and its bizarre personalities. Meet helpful allies and deceitful foes as Hope learns who to trust while lost in Infinity.

Barnaque is creating the ominous soundtrack themselves, with more than 20 original songs bringing life to the metaphorical world of Infinity. Their psychedelic imagery and hand-drawn cinematics paint the landscape for the unsettling fate that threatens Hope. Prepare to drift straight into the madness they’ve created and escape Infinity early next year. here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

Infini Key Features:

  • Rigorous puzzles that introduce new abilities in each world
  • Distinct worlds layered with allegory, symbolism, and complex characters
  • More than 100 levels through 10 diverse worlds
  • Standout visuals and a grandiose soundtrack with more than 20 original songs

“We are always striving to push limits and break boundaries with our narratives and gameplay,” says David Martin, Co-founder of Barnaque. “Our goal with Infini is to destabilize players by throwing them into an unknown world of surprise.”

Source: PR Email