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The Adventures of Panzer: Legacy Collection – Rolling Onto Consoles Jan 26th!

January 22nd, 2024 – Today Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with indie developer Pixelcraft Games, are excited to announce the forthcoming release of two titles in a single pack – The Adventures of Panzer: Legacy Collection. Landing on 26th January 2024 for Xbox Series S & X, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 & 5 the two Panzer titles, the original and its sequel, are impacting side scrolling platformers adventures that offer hours of enjoyment and challenges.

The Adventures of Panzer is first and foremost an action platformer. The games push the player to constantly keep moving forward and one of its unique qualities are the characters that you meet along the way – with humour and the light heartedness being the driving force. There are several small secrets hidden in the maps which include NPCs with useless dialog, but adding quirky interest. Both games feature Legendary retired raid leader, Panzer, and his trusty sidekick Blarghe. These are the characters you can swap over and harness their attributes”

Where it began

The Adventures of Panzer, the first title of the IP is a 2D platformer. With its raw and simple game design it presents some truly impressive challenges and gameplay. Unforgiving (with random bosses) it offers no compromises, just good old fashioned continue onwards and don’t look back play!

Present Day Sequel

The most recent creation, The Adventures of Panzer 2 brings everything that worked and was successful in the original  first game but now making it much more  accessible to your average player. Many new “quality of life” features are implemented  to make the game play smoother making the overall experience more enjoyable in another epic side scrolling platformer adventure.. There is even a level select feature, upgrades that the player can buy, multiple playable characters for improved repeatability.  Level design with more detail  and  interest and less unforgiving add to a more impressive experience.  Lets not forget the boss fights which are even more explosive.

Setting the Scene Panzer 2

Set approximately a year after the events of the first game, Panzer returns to his role as Raid Leader of the Zergadins.The old team has been “recruited”, an all-new state-of-the-art headquarters built, and a world of adventure awaits! But, a new evil has arrived and it will take the whole team working together to defeat it. So this time Panzer doesn’t have to fight alone! He is joined by the agile hunter Kankaro with his bow and arrow, the mage Ahzriaz with her lethal ice magic, and the crazed troll Vespeto with his insane explosives!


  • Multiple playable characters
  • Real-time character swapping
  • Unlockable special ability
  • Non-linear progression
  • Simple currency system to buy more health
  • Skippable cutscenes
  • Lots of useless NPC dialog!
  • 9 fully fleshed-out levels
  • 10 challenging bosses

1 meets 2

The Adventures of Panzer 2 is an entirely different beast compared to Panzer 1. In terms of size it is literally twice the size. But it also has much more content within that. The non-linear nature of the game allows a player to pick their own path – but the levels are predetermined, like most 2d side scrollers of this/the era.

Music and Sound – Pitch Perfect

All the music and sound effects for Panzer 1 & 2 were provided by Logan E. Schad who spent months crafting each level’s theme music. Everything from Pugnas dark and evil castle to Hareynas’ Farm. When you play each level you will know it is distinct!

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Rising Lords is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Rising Lords, the unique turn-based strategy from Argonwood and Deck13 Spotlight is now available on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Built with the support of a passionate community, this addictive mix of heroic battles and intricate realm management is ready for you to explore!

Mastering your resources, providing for the needs of your people and expanding into neighboring territories will pave the way for your realm to prosper. Dive into this immersive medieval world on your own, or join your friends for exciting cross-platform multiplayer sessions where your tactical skills will be put to the test in epic, turn-based battles. Enhance the experience even further by creating custom maps, shaping the battlefield to your liking and adding a personal touch to your shared adventures.

A labour of love

Since the beginning of Early Access, Rising Lords has grown tremendously, both in terms of content and overall game polish. Along with a complete overhaul of the game’s systems and visuals, many new features have been added during development, such as factions, new game modes and, most recently, a story campaign. Carefully balanced, the result is a rewarding experience that seamlessly blends tactical gameplay with charming card and board game elements.

The saga unfolds

Brace yourselves for a massive content update to our story campaign that continues the tale of our protagonist, Tankred of Tannheim! Embark on a journey filled with compelling characters, unexpected plot twists and challenging quests that will call upon your wits and strategic abilities. Are you ready to navigate four all-new chapters and witness the impact of your decisions? The adventure awaits, and the story is yours to discover!

Rising Lords is now available in its full version on Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Join the ranks of Lords and Ladies in this epic medieval strategy game and become part of its amazing community!

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The Legend of Steel Empire Launches January 23rd on Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, Germany – January 16th, 2024 – In a week’s time, mammoth-sized battleships will cruise the skies. Will you be there to fight against the Motorhead Empire?

Known as Empire of Steel in Europe, and Koutetsu Teikoku in Japan, The Steel Empire is a 1992 shoot-’em-up for the Sega Mega Drive developed by HOT-B. Recognized for its distinctive diesel-punk aesthetic, The Steel Empire combines elements of steampunk and late-19th-century industrial design, making it a visual trailblazer in the shooter genre.

Based on the PC game from a few years back, The Legend of Steel Empire is the latest HD remaster of the series. With improved graphics and controls, The Legend of Steel Empire launches physically and digitally for Nintendo Switch on January 23rd, 2023! This iconic shooter will also be available for PlayStation 4 at a later date.

Save the Republic of Silverhead… You are the only hope!

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Rising Lords Arrive on Nintendo Switch Later This Month!

Stuttgart, Germany – 11th  January 2023Rising Lords, the exciting, turn based, all encompassing turn based strategy title, developed by Argonwood and published by Deck13 Spotlight, is only days away from its launch on PC Steam as well as Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch later this month!

Participate and Grow

Experience and become immersed in  the mediaeval and exciting  world of Rising Lords as you assume the role of a Lord endeavouring   to rise through the ranks and gain more power throughout the kingdom.  Battle with other lords, increase production, resource gathering, diplomacy and treason, tax and rations, and much more. A variety of modes to explore include  campaign/multiplayer, quick battles which will deploy a vast array of strategic acumen.

Rising Lords’ unique blend of  card/board style  turn based presentation and intricate gameplay  conveys a lavish and ambient feel in a digital game experience that will leave gamers happy and will even capture many new players who are unfamiliar with this – cross genre experience.

Feature & Facts

  • Simultaneous cross-platform multiplayer (no waiting for other players’ turns)
  • Story campaign (4 new missions on release)
  • Many different gameplay modes (scenarios, battles)
  • Map and story editor, customizability (change looks of your own player character)
  • Emphasise tactical combat with counter system, maps, terrain and unique morale system
  • Mod capability/create your own maps and story missions
  • Story mode and challenge mode

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Lil’ Guardsman is Coming Jan 23rd to Nintendo Switch!

Toronto, Canada – January 9th, 2024 – Independent game studio Hilltop Studios has revealed that their upcoming narrative-driven deduction adventure game Lil’ Guardsman will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, all PlayStation and all Xbox consoles on January 23rd. Prepare to decide the fate of the kingdom in this comical successor to classic 90’s point-and-click adventures!

To commemorate this reveal, Hilltop Studios has released an all new trailer introducing players to 12-year-old substitute guardsman Lil, as she breaks down what it takes to cover for her wayward father on the job. Get a glimpse at some of the colorful characters, difficult decisions, and all manner of security-related shenanigans you’ll get up to ahead of Lil’ Guardsman’s launch.

Lil’ Guardsman is a narrative deduction game inspired by the classic point-and-click genre and the mechanics of Papers, Please. Set in a high-fantasy world with the comedic sensibility of Monkey Island and other 90s Lucasarts adventure classics, Lil’ Guardsman puts players in the role of a young girl who finds herself tasked with covering for her dad as a castle gte guardsman. What could go wrong?

As you interrogate an array of eccentric characters trying to gain entry to the city walls, you must discover each visitor’s true intentions through cunning dialogue and a clever use of your toolbox of investigative items. Use your cypher-cracking Decoder Ring, douse travelers in Truth Spray, or threaten them with your trusty Bullwhip! You’ll have to make tough decisions as Lil, deciding who to allow into her castle home. Consequences can be severe, so you must make clever use of your abilities to uncover mass conspiracies and protect Lil’s castle and family from devious interlopers.

“With Lil’ Guardsman we wanted to mix the deductive puzzle-solving and branching storyline of Papers, Please with the warmth and humor of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango,” said Hilltop Co-Founder and Co-Game Director Artiom Komarov. “We’ve been cracking each other up for two years coming up with scenarios, dialogue, visual gags, and picturing the voice cast that make up Lil’ Guardsman’s world, we’re so excited to finally share it with everyone on January 23rd!”

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Ahro Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024!

Warsaw / Detroit – January 4th, 2024 – Niche publisher will launch on Nintendo Switch a new title in 2024 (first half of the year most likely). Ahro is a side-scrolling adventure created by Deroit-based Oeh Interactive (Joel Vile).

The story of Ahro starts when he begins having distressing and frequent breakdown episodes. After finding only mild relief from herbal medicine, he sets out to find a legendary miracle cure on a journey through an imperial occupied land.

The player will explore a unique and intriguing world. Ahro can release his spirit and travel into the sky to discover new items, places and secrets. The player will be challenged to figure out how to access out-of-reach areas and make their way forward, while being rewarded for their curiosity as they traverse the landscapes.

This transcendent side-scrolling adventure takes place in a fictional world full of history and deep lore. Themes addressed aim to be contemporary, relatable, and provide space for reflection and interpretation.

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