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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night confirmed for Wii U; getting Physical & Digital Release!

With the latest Paypal total — roughly $62,000 from 800 backers — we’ve surpassed $3mm. You did it, and we’re proud to have been standing nearby with a look of stunned disbelief on our faces.

With the Wii U stretch goal achieved, it’s time to provide some further details:

We’re offering physical Wii U discs in addition to the digital copies!

If you’re a new backer, select any $28+ tier — you’ll be able to choose ‘Wii U’ during the post-Kickstarter survey.

If you’ve already backed and you want a Wii U copy, you don’t have to do anything — just wait for the post-Kickstarter survey.

You will be able to mix and match. For example, if you’ve backed at the $125 Physical + Digital tier, you may select Wii U for either/both copy.

With that out of the way, we’ll hand the mic over to the crew at Armature, who can explain their vision for the port.

We are super excited to have reached the funding goal for the Wii U version of Bloodstained! We’re starting to plan out our feature set for the Wii U platform – some of the features we hope to pursue include:

  • Pro Controller Support
  • The map on GamePad while playing on the TV
  • The ability to draw on/annotate the map
  • Play exclusively on the GamePad (off-screen play)
  • Miiverse social integration
  • Featuring your Mii in-game

Of course, we want to know what you, the backers, are excited to see! So please let us know in the comments and give us your ideas. As we work with the game team to finalize the feature set, your feedback will be invaluable in our planning.

Source: Kickstarter

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge turning into a potential July release!

Jools Watsham from Renegade Kid, the company responsible for fantastic titles such as Mutant Mudds and Xeodrifter, was initially anticipating a June release for Mutant Mudds Super Challenge.

It appears that although development is coming along great for this exciting title, Jools has stated that it looks like the game could be pushed back into a July release.

Some people might be disappointed by this, but I’d rather see a polished game being released a little behind schedule than one being released on time with bugs still in it.

Glory of Generals – The Pacific now available in North America on the 3DS eShop!


Over 64 campaigns in 4 battlefields are waiting for your challenge.
105 world famous generals will participate in this war with you.
Over 300 real and rich terrains will influence your strategies.

Accumulation of Medals achieved through battles guides your way from soldier to marshal.
Upgrade of military facilities in the headquarters will offer essential supply in the war.
Recruit other officers to strengthen force. It’s important to take advantage of each officer’s expertise.
You can even instruct any officer and his troop in battlefield to battle freely.
Earn extra bonus as a veteran commander from the prequel!

Source: PR Email

Nicalis providing 50% discount on their eShop games until June 18th!

Adventures of Pip now materializing June 4th on the Wii U NA eShop!

TicToc Games have recently announced that the Adventures of Pip will be arriving on the Wii U eShop in North America on June 4th instead of June 11th.

The game will be avilable for $14.99 USD.

I hope everyone is excited for the launch!

RCMADIAX bringing 3 new games to your Wii U this summer!

RCMADIAX, the one-man developer behind Block Drop U, has announced three new games for this summer.

In Color Bombs, players must collect a predetermined amount of “COLOR BOMBS” to complete each stage.

In Don’t Crash, quick reflexes are required to dodge incoming traffic by switching lanes.

In Pixel Slime U, players run through 40 levels trying to get the lowest score possible.

RCMADIAX also announced that Super Robot Mouse is in re-development.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast

Humble Bundle provides statement regarding region locking on the Humble Nindie Bundle!

We recently launched the Humble Nindie Bundle, a digital bundle for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems. For many of you, the bundle is region-locked, and we apologize if the games are unavailable in your country.

One of the reasons we launched the first Humble Bundle was to bring indie games to more people. We agree that region-locking is not ideal. But without it, we may not have had this opportunity to promote these great indie games on dedicated video game platforms.

Our goal is to make games as universally accessible as can be. That’s why, while we strive to sell DRM-free games when possible, we also explore services like Steam, Origin, uPlay, and now the Nintendo eShop. These services allow us to offer more games at pay-what-you-want prices while raising more money for charity and reaching more gamers.

Your feedback helps us craft our bundles, so we thank you for your input and your continued support! We will continue to strive to be as inclusive as possible to all platforms, regions, and players in the future.

Source: Humble Bundle Blog

Indies join forces with Nintendo to bring their fans a Humble Bundle you can’t refuse!

Humble Bundle is a site that developers use to provide game bundles where you pay what you want for them (usually starting at a $1 minimum payment). The amount you pay is then split between the devs, their chosen charity, and the humble bundle site itself.

When making your payment, you decide what percentage of it goes to which area. If you pay at least X amount of money, such as $10 for example, then you unlock extra games that you get to own as well. Also, paying more than the average price will usually unlock even more games for you to keep.

A group of independent game developers have partnered with Nintendo to create the first ever Humble Nindie Bundle for their fans. This is a first not only for Nintendo fans, but for console gamers everywhere. Normally Humble Bundle game deals have been for PC only and not console gamers.

The Charity that they have chosen to support is, which is a non-profit dedicated to making computer science available in more schools, along with increasing participation by women and underrepresented students of color.

If you pay at least $1 USD, you will get the following fun games: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Woah Dave!, and Mighty Switch Force.

Paying more than the average price (~$9.25 right now) will also get you The Fall, OlliOlli, and Moon Chronicles – Episode 1.

If you pay at least $10, Stealth Inc 2 and SteamWorld Dig will be added to your gaming bundle on top of the games already listed above.

Buying all these great games separately would cost you over $80 USD. Heck, Guacamelee STCE by itself is over $10 on the Nintendo eShop, same with Stealth Inc 2.

Even though $10 currently unlocks all these titles for you to play, I’d encourage you to donate more if you can.

This incredible bundle ends Tuesday, June 9th, at 11am PST. So, go visit Humble Bundle and show your support!

Retro Spotlight – Gods by The Bitmap Brothers!

Spotlighting The Bitmap Brothers’ classic game, Gods, for the Sega Genesis!

If you’d like to see us play more of this game, let us know in the comments below.

Review of WizByte Games’ Vector Assault!

Here’s our video review of Vector Assault by WizByte Games for the Nintendo Wii U.

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