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The Dark 3D Puzzle-Adventure Guayota will Launch August 13th on Nintendo Switch!

Montpellier, France – July 18, 2024. Spanish indie studio Team Delusion and French publisher Dear Villagers are happy to announce that Guayota, the dark 3D adventure with puzzle mechanics and inspiration from Canary Islands mythology, is coming out on Steam and Nintendo Switch on August 13 at a price of 14.99 EUR/USD with 10% off during the first week.

Inspired by legends related to the Canary Islands and the Guanches mythology, Guayota depicts the story of a group of explorers, sent by the Spanish Kingdom to find the legendary Saint Brendan’s Island. As the protagonist, you will soon understand that this island, said to be paradise on Earth, might actually hide darker secrets.


The secrets behind Saint Brendan’s Island

Immerse yourself in a rich puzzle game that draws inspiration from the legend of Saint Brendan. As you look for your companions, you will explore ancient gods’ temples, each guarding a deep secret and offering a piece of the island’s mysterious past.

The power of fire and lights

Equipped with a torch, you must utilize the powers of fire, lights, and lasers to navigate through temples and solve their enigmas. As you progress, the challenges become increasingly complex, requiring keen observation.

Two modes, two ways of accessing the truth

As you explore each temple, you’ll encounter two distinct modes: The “Real World” and “The Plane of Madness”. Reality can sometimes be deceiving: exploring both will be crucial in your quest for the truth.

Constant new exploration & puzzle mechanics to master

Each temple presents its own unique enigmas and dangerous traps. And as your journey on Saint Brendan continues, you will encounter more challenges involving new ways of solving puzzles.

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Over Horizon X Steel Empire Out Now On Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, Germany – 18, July 2024 – Ready to save the galaxy? Over Horizon X Steel Empire is out now digitally on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

In this bundle, players will get to relive Steel Empire in the original Sega Mega Drive and Gameboy Advance versions, and play Over Horizon in its first ever global release!

Considered one of the best games on the NES, Over Horizon is one you can’t miss out on. Upgrade and combine your weapons in the space adventure retro shooter, Over Horizon, while you battle massive bosses and strike down enemies! Fight back against the Motorhead Empire in your fully equipped Striker airplane or Zeppelin!

The Age of Steel is calling– Grab Over Horizon x Steel Empire for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 today!

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Acclaimed Flame-Wielding Platformer Nocturnal Getting a Sequel With Nocturnal 2!

Lausanne, Switzerland, July 17th, 2024 – Indie developer Sunnyside Games has unveiled Nocturnal 2, the upcoming sequel to its acclaimed side-scrolling, flame-wielding action platformer Nocturnal (currently sitting on 81/100 on Metacritic and is Strongly Recommended on OpenCritic). Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2025, Nocturnal 2 is a fast-paced, juggle-based 2D Metroidvania. Ignite your sword and explore the dark depths and towering heights of a forgotten island that consumed itself long ago.

Nocturnal 2 offers hand-drawn visuals and search action gameplay with a twist: as a master of the Enduring Flame technique, a single blow on a fire source sets your sword ablaze, allowing you to push back the darkness and unleash stylish abilities. Use your Flame wisely, as it can be swiftly extinguished by the many foes trying to keep you in the dark.

“We were pleased with the reception to Nocturnal, but wanted to do more with the series,” said Sunnyside Games co-founder Gabriel Sonderegger. “This time we’re expanding the scope into a full-blown Metroidvania, full of non-linear gameplay, secrets, all new enemies, and an expanded arsenal of fire-based abilities.”

Nocturnal 2 features:

  • Metroidvania Gameplay – Explore a non-linear world – burn your way throughout the city of Ytash to reach the First Brazier

  • Unique Fire System – Keeping your Flame alight is your only way to survive the many dangers ahead. Maintain it at any cost by striking fire sources and protect it to better see the enemy attacks

  • Fiery Abilities – Master your flames to hurl enemies and juggle them into ashes. Mix and match Fire Gems to unlock new spells!

  • Hand-Drawn 2D Animation – Engulf yourself in a fully hand-drawn, 2D animated world

A World of Secrets – Nocturnal 2 is meant to be consumed in a relatively short amount of time, but many surprises are on the menu for those who seek different paths…and true revelations.

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DROVA – Forsaken Kin Arrives Later This Year on Nintendo Switch!

17th July, 2024 –  Deck13 Spotlight and Just2D are proud and excited to announce the release window for their upcoming grim dark Pixel RPG DROVA  – Forsaken Kin which is set in a mystic celtic world is drawing closer.  The brutal open world will welcome new travelers soon on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as the freshly revealed release window trailer shows.

Enslave the spirits of nature – or save them

Welcome to the promised land of Drova, where the priests have praised this new world. Full of hope you travel through a portal into this new otherworld – just to realize that you are on your own and no one seems to appreciate the paradise. Instead, Drova is a grim world where every man is for himself.

Two factions  – one trying to enslave the spirits of nature, one trying to save the spirits to keep the world alive – which path will you choose? And more importantly, will you be able to survive in a world which will always try to kill you?

A journey to grow upon

Next to the release window the just released Trailers has more to offer: Progression. “One of the core ideas of DROVA has always been that the players have to survive in a world which just hates them,” says Christian Sandkämper, Co-Founder of Just2d. “We really want to offer a journey which will make them feel the progression over time, going back to an enemy which murdered them with one strike before and just beating it up!” The new Trailer focuses on that journey. A journey which will be available to all players in ***ber.

Grab your axe, sharpen your blades and explore a grim dark world when Drova – Forsaken Kin will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2024.

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Duality Unbound Announced for Nintendo Switch!

July 12th, 2024 –  Indie publisher WhisperGames, whose recent titles include the successful world release of ASTLIBRA Revision and its gripping follow-up DLC ASTLIBRA Revision Gaiden, is excited to announce one of their many forthcoming releases – Paraside: Duality Unbound!

Releasing in 2025, on all major platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S & X, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, it will debut and be showcased at several events including Bilibili World, Gamescom, PAX West, and Tokyo Game Show.

Paraside: Duality Unbound is developed and created by US/China studio Mistold Games whose expertise is dedicated to crafting immersive experiences set in surreal and mysterious worlds.

Paraside: Duality Unbound, presents rich and detailed graphics together with a powerful and novel challenge. Your experience revolves around mastering Duality Manipulation, a unique mechanic that intertwines directly with your role as the leader of Earth’s last stand.

Setting the Scene

In the wake of an apocalypse, lead Earth’s remnants to combat extraplanar threats in a double-sided world of cosmic horror and desperate struggle. Explore unknown territories. Evolve your task force. Manipulate space and minds ingeniously to reignite hope in this new strategic RPG.

In Paraside: Duality Unbound, your experience revolves around mastering Duality Manipulation, a unique mechanic that intertwines directly with your role as the leader of Earth’s last stand.

Starting with tactical missions against extraplanar threats, this core mechanic is introduced as you command a team navigating a world torn between two realities.

Your decisions in these missions serve as your first foray into leveraging the dual nature of the universe:

  • The world and your battlefield are double-sided
  • Characters can act simultaneously on both sides
  • Heed both sides and wield powers to manipulate space & swap positions of friends and foes

As you delve deeper into the game, the concept of Duality Manipulation expands, offering innovative ways to alter environment and story.

Dangerous, Deep & Difficult

The world of Paraside: Duality Unbound is perilous. Eldritch creatures prowl, harsh environments test survival, and cunning foes lay traps that require more than brute force to overcome.

But fear not the darkness, for your mastery of Duality Manipulation turns adversity into advantage. Each obstacle is a carefully designed puzzle. With unique powers at your disposal, the game’s difficulty becomes a playground for your ingenuity. Unleash your strength, showcase your wits, and transform insurmountable odds into spectacular triumphs.

Open-Field Exploration

The apocalypse has shrouded Earth in mysteries and dangers, turning familiar landscapes into realms of uncharted exploration. As you navigate this altered world, every corner promises new discoveries. Reclaim territories for humanity’s remnants, while eluding the threats that emerge from the shadows

Your quest for survival will lead you to new allies, hidden artifacts, and secrets that unlock powerful Duality Arts. Curiosity is your compass in this journey, guiding you through a transformed Earth and the perilous Plane of Shadow.

Base Management

Your HQ is humanity’s last beacon of hope, central to carving out a future from the chaos. You are tasked with its evolution: build and upgrade facilities to strengthen your foothold, delve into arcane research to unearth universe secrets, and enhance your Duality Arts to open up new strategic possibilities. Recruitment is crucial; scout the globe for agents with the skills and insights needed to expand your influence.

Mutating World

The world is not a static backdrop, but a canvas for your actions. Each mission regenerates landscapes that adapt to your journey—except for the territories you’ve skillfully claimed. This ever-changing environment ensures no two adventures are the same, offering fresh challenges and opportunities.

Paraside: Duality Unbound is targeted for release in 2025 with more news on this game to be updated through 2024.

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Parasol Stars Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, 11.07.2024 – Let’s get bubbly ! Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III is finally OUT NOW on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox for only €9,99! Bring a piece of retro gaming history to your modern consoles today!

The release of Parasol Stars is not just any old game release but a celebration of retro gaming heritage, full of nostalgia for longtime fans and an exciting discovery for brand new players. As the third instalment in the legendary Bubble Bobble series, Parasol Stars offers an exciting departure from previous games, while also maintaining the charm of a TAITO classic.

Hop On This Wild Adventure With Bubby and Bobby today!


  • The triumphant return of the Bubble Bobble franchise
  • An enigmatic ensemble of enemies, each with unique abilities (and charm)
  • 2-player mode: double the fun with Bubby and Bobby!
  • Dazzling parasols with magical powers
  • Power-ups galore
  • 8 worlds to save, plus 2 unlockable ones!
  • Quality-of-life options, such as save states and the ability to rewind gameplay

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Princess Maker 2 Regeneration Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

July 11, 2024 – To commemorate the launch of Princess Maker 2 Regeneration on Nintendo Switch and STEAM today, a launch trailer has been released. This trailer takes a look back at the flow of raising a child in Princess Maker 2, such as part-time jobs, lessons, and the Harvest Festival, to help you prepare for your role as a “father” to your “daughter.”

English Text Tuned by Community Cooperation

The group who re-localized Princess Maker 2 Regeneration, collectively titled Cube’s Grammar School, is comprised of dedicated, long-time fans of the Princess Maker series who feel passionately about seeing the raising simulator genre grow in the West.

The localization project initially started when the Princess Maker fan community on Discord and Reddit created a community petition to Yonago Gainax to revise the English script of Princess Maker 2 Regeneration.

After Yonago Gainax agreed to give fans the opportunity to improve the game’s script, a team was gathered with members representing diverse talents in order to go through the entirety of the script and refine the English into something more immersive and enjoyable for long-time fans and new players of Princess Maker 2 alike.

The team collectively spent over a thousand hours carefully examining the Japanese script and drafting countless revisions to deliver a natural English language experience that stays accurate to the original.

A message from Takami Akai

“I am deeply grateful to see that “Princess Maker 2”, which came out 30 years ago, is still so beloved by so many fans that we can release a new version. This time I was finally able to redo the graphics, which I had always wanted to do. Please enjoy the newly redrawn vacations and endings!”

“Gallery” Mode Released

This game features a “Gallery” mode where you can view past illustrations, as well as illustrations of vacations and endings you have experienced in the game. In particular, for endings, you can not only view the ending illustration, but also relive the ending story.

About “Princess Maker 2”

Princess Maker 2” is a childrearing simulation game in which the player experiences being the father to a daughter granted to them by the stars. They raise the girl for eight years, from ages ten to eighteen. Your daughter grows up to be an adult through various experiences in the game. The girl’s dream is to become a princess, but a wide variety of opportunities await depending on how you raise her.

Redrawing the graphics

This title is based on “Princess Maker 2: Refine,” released in 2004. Especially important graphics were redrawn by Takami Akai in a style similar to the PC-98 version. The graphics are drawn in high resolution befitting modern game systems, with a commitment to quality in the details.

Addition of an opening animation

An opening animation by Yonago Gainax has been added to the game. The animation, drawn by a team led by Takami Akai, envisions the future the player will have as the “father” with their “daughter”.

About Takami Akai

Born 1961. While still enrolled at Osaka University of Arts, he made his debut with the DAICON III Opening Animation. As one of the founding members of GAINAX Co., Ltd., he has worked on anime and tokusatsu shows, as well as games and events. His most noteworthy works include the “Princess Maker” series, Gurren Lagann, and Dai Tokusatsu Negiman.

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Iconic ‘Aero the Acro-Bat’ Returns August 2nd on Nintendo Switch!

11th July , 2024: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is excited to announce the ionic and much loved Aero the Acro-Batis making a welcome return with a series of memorable titles. The first will be Aero the Acro-Bat launching on PlayStation 4PlayStation 5Microsoft Xbox One & Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on August 2nd 2024.

The original Aero the Acro-Bat was released in 1993 on the Super Nintendo and the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis and gamers will be able to enjoy and immerse themselves  in the first of this Aero series which  still looks and plays fantastically nearly 30 plus years since its first release, making Aero a special game not to be missed.

Aero to the Rescue

It’s up to Aero the Acro-Bat, the circus’s star performer, to rescue his friends and girlfriend Ariel, and put a stop to Edgar Ektor’s mad plans so everyone can enjoy the show again!

The powerful and eccentric industrialist Edgar Ektor has sworn to destroy the world of amusement as revenge for being banished from the circus when he was a kid after one of his pranks went too far and almost killed a circus animal. He started by invading a local circus with his gang of mad clowns and kidnapping all the circus staff to spoil the show.

A Challenge to become the best

Aero the Acro-Bat is NOT your typical platformer in which you just go from start to goal. The players will need to use Aero’s skills in specific ways in order to accomplish the objectives in each stage, and this sets the game aside from many platformers that came before or after. Aero  also comes from an era in which games were famous for being challenging, and the Aero series in particular has always been known for its challenging difficulty. Those who can clear these games can really consider themselves platforming masters! But fear not, if it’s too much for you, this new version includes cheats to make things a bit easier!

Features Facts:

  • Play through 4 areas with 5 stages each, including stages with rides
  • Use Aero’s acrobatic skills to fulfil the objectives in each stage and open the gate to the next stage
  • Face all kinds of wacky enemies
  • Choose between the English and the Japanese versions
  • Rewind/Turbo function: repeat something till you achieve perfection or speed things up
  • Save state function: save wherever you want and restart from that exact point
  • Screen filters: select from several filters to modify the game’s looks (retro-style monitor, black-and-white, etc.)
  • Gallery: check images from the original game’s illustrations, posters, box design, etc.
  • Cheats function: activate several cheats that will make things easier (infinite energy, infinite lives, invulnerability, etc.)

Play to Win – Facts

Aero’s display presents  a health bar and each stage starts with a number of hit points which can be added to by  collecting items. He however loses a hit point whenever he takes damage from an enemy, which there are many, and loses a life when he loses every hit point. Hazards, such as spikes and lava, cost Aero a life regardless of his health metre.  Aero can gain more health and more lives by finding items in the stages and  also gains an extra life for every 20,000 points earned. Stages are timed, but the time remaining is used for bonus points and there is otherwise no penalty for running out of time. Aero gets an extra life for completing a ‘perfect round’ (by collecting every item in the stage and finding the exit before time runs out).

Aero The Acro-Bat – Fast Frantic Flying That’s As Fun As Ever!

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Over Horizon x Steel Empire Arrives July 18th on Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, Germany – 08, July 2024 – Hold on to your seats, because it’s time to go full steampunk! On July 18th, ININ and Mebius will bring you the original retro game Over Horizon along with two versions of Steel Empire digitally for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for just €14,99! Pre-orders for Nintendo Switch begin now with 10% off until release!

Over Horizon, formerly PAL territories exclusive and Japanese-only title, was developed by HOT-B and Steel Empire’s co-director. This classic shoot ‘em up could easily be seen as a spiritual successor to Steel Empire. Known for its impressive graphics, unique weapon system, and creative level design, Over Horizon became a standout title on the NES in 1991.

But that’s not all: In this exclusive bundle, relive the magic of the original Steel Empire in its purest form! Known as Empire of Steel in Europe and Koutetsu Teikoku (鋼鉄帝国) in Japan, The Steel Empire is a 1992 shoot-’em-up for the Sega Mega Drive and 2004 for Game Boy Advance developed by HOT-B, recognized for its distinctive diesel-punk aesthetic, combining elements of steampunk and late-19th-century industrial design, setting it apart from other shoot ’em-up games.

Ready to add some steampunk goodness to your impressive retrogaming archive? Then head to our partner store, Strictly Limited Games, and pre-order the Steel Empire Chronicles, available both as Limited and Collector’s Edition.

The Motorhead Empire has conquered and enslaved virtually the entire planet… Save the Republic of Silverhead… You are the only hope!

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak II is Coming in Early 2025!

We are thrilled to announce The Legend of Heroes: Trails Through Daybreak II is coming early 2025 to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC (Steam®, Epic Games Store, and GOG)!

The NIS America Online Store Limited Edition, featuring a large-scale map of the Calvard Republic, is also available to preorder for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5.

About The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak II

No longer threatened by the mafia organization Almata, the people of Calvard have returned to their peaceful lives. But one day, a shocking series of murders involving a mysterious crimson beast sets the wheels of fate in motion once again. Various factions spring into action – both those who abide by the law to uncover the truth and those looking to capitalize on any new developments wherever possible, no matter how sinister. With chaos once again looming on the horizon, the spriggan Van Arkride receives an unexpected visitor, prompting his own investigation.

Who is behind the murders, and what is their goal? The sands of time bring old and new faces together for this thrilling second installment in the Trails through Daybreak saga.

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