Retro Co-op Adventure Robbotto out now on Switch!

GOTHENBURGSWEDEN (August 16, 2018) — When it comes to video games, nostalgia is king. Many of us have fond memories of the games we played when we were young, and of those retro aesthetics that captured our imagination and became synonymous with a sense of play. Robbotto, the new 2D co-op adventure from indie studio JMJ Interactive, captures the spirit of retro arcade fun, and is out right now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

The story of Robbotto is simple and engaging: join Robb and Otto, two intrepid maintenance robots, as they travel through a malfunctioning spaces cruiser in an effort to shutdown the machines rampaging through the ship. Controlling either character, the player must master platforming and shooting to conquer each level. Tackle the adventure alone, or with a friend through local co-op.  On the couch, in the park, at a bar — the possibilities for solo or co-op play are endless.

“I have put a lot of heart into Robbotto, so to finally be able to release it feels great,” said JMJ Interactive founder and Robbotto developer, Marten Jonsson. “Creating a game is like laying a puzzle, every piece has to fit together, and I can only hope that people will appreciate the complete image. So cheers to the game being released, I hope you have fun!””

Game features:

  • Retro aesthetic: Inspired by retro arcade titles, Robbotto is a nod to classic bar games.
  • A plethora of levels and enemies: With over 100 levels, 20 different enemy types, and 10 massive bosses, Robbotto offers a wide variety of content to enjoy.
  • Single player or local co-op: Play through the campaign solo or with a friend in asynchronous co-op.
  • PC controller support: Play with a controller or keyboard on PC.

Experience retro co-op in Robbotto, out now on PC and Nintendo Switch

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition coming to Nintendo Switch!

Vienna, Austria, August 16th, 2018: Take a deep breath: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition (GSTDOE) might be one of the longest gaming titles you’ll see all year, but that length is proportional to both content and excitement. That’s because a new version of the beloved platformer is heading to Nintendo Switch™ and it’s bringing heaps of new content along for the ride.

The Owltimate Edtion contains the original Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams as well as all existing DLC, including Rise Of The Owlverlord. But that’s not all: five brand-new levels and beautiful new story cutscenes between each level make this the best Giana Sisters outing ever. Also, famous german video game music composer Chris Huelsbeck and swedish band Machinae Supremacy have created new tracks for the game.

Developed by THQ Nordic’s Studio Black Forest Games, GSTDOE will be published by HandyGames, the latest family member of the THQ Nordic network. HandyGames will act as an independent publisher, focusing on small and mid-sized projects or 3rd-party indie games.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition is part of HandyGames’ gamescom-lineup for Nintendo Switch.

About Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Owltimate Edition

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams offers classic 2D platforming fun in meticulously detailed 3D environments. Players can turn cute Giana into a punk version of herself at the press of a button, transforming the game’s star, the soundtrack and even the world. This overhaul isn’t merely cosmetic: Giana’s punk persona is a critical to overcoming obstacles and solving particularly tricky situations. In her sweet incarnation, Giana whirls gracefully over obstacles and opponents, but when ‘punked up’ she smashes through stone blocks with mighty dashes and can master her environment by bouncing off walls.

Key Features:

  • Impressive abilities: Negotiate tricky level design by wall-running, vaulting and smashing your way through the world, ignoring gravity in the process
  • Intuitive and precise controls: Giana’s powers are numerous, but slick controls enable you to master her skills and pull off expert-level manoeuvres with ease
  • Jaw-dropping worlds: Fantastical, transforming 2D worlds drawn in sumptuous 3D come to life on Nintendo Switch
  • Explore and discover: Pick apart 40 thrilling, secret-filled levels brimming with challenges and surprises
  • Innovative gadgets: Navigate evolving landscapes by utilizing everything around you – fly with bubble gum bubbles, bounce on springs and supercharge your sprints via conveyor belts
  • Epic boss battles: Push yourself to the limits as you battle gigantic creatures from the depths of Giana’s worst nightmares

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Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Nitro Ball Now Available On The Switch eShop!

LOS ANGELES, California, August 16, 2018 — Developed by Data East, Flying Tiger Entertainment’s Johnny Turbo’s Arcade presents Nitro Ball. Also known as Gun Ball, this arena-style shooter is an arcade classic that was originally released in 1992.

Nitro Ball features Gary, an Ex-Navy Sergeant and Harry, an Ex-Police Officer who battle their way through a futuristic game show that takes place on vertical pinball worlds. In fact, each arena includes bumpers, buffers, rails and even pinball holes.

There are five different stages with unique enemies and bosses including: Strange Football, Combat Field, Ghost Town, Aliens World and Space Station. Each stage also features a short challenge to destroy a certain number of enemies in a given amount of time.

While the main goal is to annihilate as many goons as possible, players also rack up points to win various items. Nitro Ball is a fast and furious action game filled with dangerous weapons, power-ups and bosses that make gameplay fun and exciting, especially with friends.

Nitro Ball is zooming to Nintendo Switch eShop in North America on August 16, 2018. Coming soon to selected European territories.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam coming soon.

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Adorable 2D Platformer Songbird Symphony Flies Over To Nintendo Switch Next Spring!

London, UK, Thursday 16th August, 2018 – PQube and developer Joysteak are extremely delighted to announce the upcoming release of Songbird Symphony, an irresistible and heart-warming tale that has already picked up accolades aplenty, including the Judges’ Choice award at GameStart 2017 and the Best Audio prize at TpGS 2018.

Songbird Symphony tells the story of Birb, a young orphaned bird who, having been brought up by a family of Peacocks who discovered him when he was an abandoned egg, slowly starts to realise he’s somewhat different to the rest of his acquaintances. Setting out a journey of self-discovery, players take charge of Birb as he leaves the nest and heads out into a world bursting with life.

“Birb’s story is one of adventure and discovery, but one tied to the rhythm of the forest – quite literally,” says Tan Kang Soon, Producer and Artist at Joysteak. “We set out to make Songbird Symphony as endearing and frankly adorable as we could, but the focus on music-based play also adds a sense of depth that players might not initially be expecting.”

“You just don’t see all too many games like Songbird Symphony,” adds Amaria Larchet, Product Manager at PQube. “Ever since we first met Joysteak, we haven’t been able to get the game out of our heads – it sings the perfect tune for us here at PQube.”

Songbird Symphony will feature:

  • An engaging adventure featuring Birb, a unique little bird with a love of singing and bouncing

  • Dazzling pixel based graphics that interweave seamlessly with gorgeous sceneries and delightful animations

  • Interacting with other characters adds layers of beat to the game’s soundtrack

  • Singing in time with the music adds platforms to play that help the forest’s cast of creatures

  • A vast world to explore with 12 interconnected levels featuring scores of secret, hidden areas

Songbird Symphony will be launching on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in Spring 2019.

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2064: Read Only Memories Definitive Edition Now On Switch!

SAN FRANCISCO – August 14, 2018 – 2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL, the cyberpunk narrative adventure from MidBoss with more than 200,000 copies sold across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, is now solving mysteries on Nintendo Switch.

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL brings together all the updates and optimizations across other platforms in the most complete version yet, and available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Alongside all the previously released content added to other versions since launch such as fully voiced characters and additional narratives to explore, INTEGRAL also includes the fully remastered “PUNKS” storyline as well as new jukebox and gallery modes featuring previously unreleased art and music.

Join Turing, the world’s first fully sapient AI, and explore a world of intrigue filled with point and click puzzle solving and snappy branching conversations as you search for your kidnapped friend.

2064 is brought to life via vibrant pixel art and catchy electronic beats. The colorful city of Neo-San Francisco in which it takes place is filled with robot companions, genetic modifications and hover cars as well as a diverse cast of characters who inhabit the futuristic metropolis.

Each character’s story delves deeper into the social issues present in this cyberpunk future, many of which resemble those found in our own world, as they explore themes such as what it means to be human.

“We are passionate about diversity at MidBoss and part of our reason for bringing 2064: Read Only Memories to Nintendo Switch is to share that passion with as many people as possible” said Cade Peterson, interim CEO, MidBoss. “It’s also allowed us to draw together all the awesome bits we’ve added to 2064 over the years into what we fondly call the ultimate version.”

2064 is available now in the Nintendo Switch eShop for $20.64 USD.

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Earthworms Are Coming August 24th To Nintendo Switch; Pre-purchase Discount Will Be Available!

Feel the thrill of horror mixed with a dose of humor, beauty, ugliness, and weirdness in the surreal world of Earthworms – brought to Switch specially for you to delve into! Play as Daniel White, a private detective endowed with parapsychic abilities, and solve investigations with the help of his visions. Soon, what he thinks is a typical missing person case, will lead him to a global conspiracy.

The game was redesigned specifically for Nintendo Switch, so apart from many other changes, you can play any way you like:

  • on touch screen,
  • with Joy-Cons/Pro Controller,
  • AND one handed: everything you need is found on a single Joy-Con!

Key features:

  • Explore and interact with 34 locations inspired by Edward Hopper’s work.
  • Challenging logical puzzles as addition to classic inventory interactions.
  • Original and whimsical soundtrack.

We fixed a lot of minor bugs and glitches present in the PC version of the game. Apart from that, interface and input were redesigned specifically for Nintendo Switch.

We changed text size, fonts, UI placements and animations. As for the input, the “magnetize” feature was implemented, which greatly improved cursor handling on mouse-free platform by snapping the cursor to the nearest object. One handed mode is also new; all the input features are present on one Joy-Con, both for game’s accessibility and QOL.

Earthworms launches August 24th on Nintendo Switch for $7.99/€7.99, with a pre-purchase option starting August 20th for $4.99/€4.99.

There will be a demo available as well at launch and saves from the demo will carry over to the full game.

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