Headland is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Copenhagen, Denmark – January 13, 2022 – Independent game studio Northplay today announced that their vividly magical action adventure game Headland is now available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 / €19,99 / £17.99

Enter the lush fantasy of Headland as you explore grassy meadows, deep caves and dark castles to gather up the scattered fragments of Nor’s Imagination Core to rebuild it and restore colour and inspiration to his world. Along the way you will encounter a host of enemies, so you’ll want to visit the various arenas in Headland to unlock new weapons and then upgrade them using the resources that you’ve gathered.

Headland delivers all this in a vivid and magical world brought to life through it’s engaging story and a delightful cast of new robot friends that you can meet during your journey. Together with Nor and his robot buddies, you must uncover the mysteries behind the dark force that has destroyed Nor’s imagination in order to rebuild the Imagination Core and save Headland!

“Headland is officially open for Nintendo Switch players! This vibrant, colourful action adventure will appeal to fans of the classics, and it is a perfect fit for the Switch platform,” said Michael Flarup, from Northplay. “You might be familiar with Headland on mobile, but this is a new experience with a wealth of content added to make it more engaging for a console audience. We really hope you enjoy Headland, and stay tuned for our PC launch later this spring!”

In addition to the upcoming Nintendo Switch launch, Headland is also heading to PC on Steam this Spring! Wishlist it today to keep up-to-date on news.

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Zelda-esque Action RPG ‘Ocean’s Heart’ Sails Feb 10th Onto Nintendo Switch!

Vilnius, Lithuania — January 13th, 2021 — Join the swashbuckling Tilia on her quest to defeat the evil pirate Blackbeard as sea-braving adventure RPG, Ocean’s Heart, launches on Nintendo Switch for $14.99/€14.99/£13.49. Brought to life by the creator of Yarntown, Max Mraz, and publisher Nordcurrent, Ocean’s Heart pays homage to the genre classics, enriching tried and true roleplaying concepts with a modern flair.

Ocean’s Heart is a charming pixel-art action RPG set in a spirited world brimming with secrets, magic, and perilous affairs. As Tilia, a young girl who’s father has been kidnapped by the ruthless pirate Blackbeard, you must set off on a treacherous journey through a vast and dangerous wilderness to rescue him, unraveling a web of pirate conspiracies on the way. Gather items along your journey to craft potions as well as expand and upgrade your ever-growing arsenal of weapons, constantly increasing your skills to fight boss adversaries and survive deadly dungeons.

“Ocean’s Heart wears its influences on its sleeve, so of course I am ecstatic to see the game come to Nintendo Switch. Ocean’s Heart is a love letter to the Legend of Zelda but it also has its own uniqueness that sets it apart. It’s about exploring, and the sense of satisfaction of finding a mystery out there, and trying to figure out what it means,” said Max Mraz, the developer of Ocean’s Heart. “So it lures you off the path by being full of hidden areas that hint at stories and hide new monsters and treasure. After building my vision for Ocean’s Heart from the ground up, it’s satisfying to see my game on the platform of its greatest inspiration.

“It is exciting to work with Max again to release Ocean’s Heart on Nintendo Switch. The system perfectly suits this kind of game and players will soon be able to see that for themselves,” said Andrius Mackevičius, Publishing Team Lead at Nordcurrent. “We love his vision and inspiration from the classic RPGs of the 80s and 90s, and we think that Ocean’s Heart delivers when it comes to nostalgia by offering hours of exciting top-down roleplaying action, an engaging story crafted with clever humor, and a beautiful pixel art aesthetic.”

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KungFu Kickball Begins Feb 10th on Nintendo Switch!

SYDNEY – Jan. 12, 2021 – KungFu Kickball, the team-based sports platform fighter from developer WhaleFood Games and publisher Blowfish Studios, kicks off the new year with an official release on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022, with full crossplay on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as PC and Mac via Steam and the Mac App Store.

Dash into the arena and prepare for kick-filled matches fusing intense martial arts with high-speed sportsball. Train with five martial masters with specialized fighting styles on six different stages. Strike, block, and headbutt the ball and other challengers to make legendary plays for the enemy’s goal bell.

Hone kinetic kung fu kicks in a comprehensive training mode before stepping up to the big leagues. Compete in 1v1 or 2v2 local or online multiplayer matches across all major platforms thanks to full crossplay to keep the good times kicking. Enjoy an intuitive, three-button control scheme with a skill ceiling that allows all competitors from novices to experts to join in on the fun! Strategize offensive and defensive plays to outsmart opponents, and claim the title of Kickball Master.

“KungFu Kickball is right around the corner, ready to bring its seamless crossplay action to platform fighter fans across all platforms next month!” said Ben Lee, co-founder, Blowfish Studios. “Our team has put tons of effort into ensuring that the pick-up-and-play accessibility was an enjoyable experience for casual and competitive players everywhere. So let’s kick it in February!”

KungFu Kickball will dunk the winning shot for $19.99 / £12.99 / €15.99 on all major platforms with full crossplay support featuring language support for English, French, Italian, German, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, and Korean.

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Upcoming Content for The Cruel King and the Great Hero!

Dive into the magical music of The Cruel King and the Great Hero with this brand new music video! Created by song-writer and composer Akiko Shikata, “Txilrcka” is beautiful piece that truly captures the awe and wonder of the storybook world!

Check out the “Hero Story” contest for your chance to win a custom-made set of patches inspired by the characters of The Cruel King and the Great Hero! The contest takes place January 11, 2022 through January 25, 2022.

Learn more about The Cruel King and the Great Hero by visiting the official website, and be sure to preorder your Storybook or Treasure Trove Edition before supplies run out!

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is coming to PS4™ and Nintendo Switch™ on  March 1, 2022.

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Colorful Action Adventure Headland Coming to Nintendo Switch on January 13th!

Copenhagen, Denmark – 4th January 2022 – Award-winning games studio Northplay announced today that Headland is launching on Nintendo Switch on January 13th. Featuring fast-paced action set in a beautifully fantastical world, Headland is a little adventure about a big imagination, coming soon!

Headland was really well received when we launched it on iOS and Android, but we’ve added a bunch of new content and features that set it apart from the mobile game and tailor it to the Switch audience,” said Michael Flarup from Northplay. “Given that it was crafted as a premium experience from the start, Headland is a perfect fit for the platform and we can’t wait to open the gates to the magical world we’ve built for Switch players in this fun action adventure next week!”

A powerful force has destroyed the Imagination Core inside Nor’s Headland, stealing away the color and inspiration from his world. Now he must journey into the lush fantasy of his imagination to fight monsters and gather the scattered fragments of his creativity.

As you explore the grassy meadows, deep caves and dark castles of Headland’s dreamlike world, you will encounter a host of monsters to be defeated using Nor’s trusty sword and quick reflexes in an adventure full of varied challenges for you to overcome on your path to unlocking the full power of Nor’s imagination.

To help you succeed on your quest, you’ll want to collect as many resources as you can while exploring. New weapons can be unlocked in arenas and then upgraded using the resources you’ve gathered, giving you the power to define your own playstyle as part of a satisfying loop of resource gathering, upgrading, and equipping new tools to try out.

Headland delivers all this in a vivid and magical world brought to life through it’s engaging story and a delightful cast of new robot friends that you can meet during your journey. Together with Nor and his robot buddies, help uncover the mysteries behind the dark force in order to rebuild the Imagination Core and save Headland!

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Eufloria HD Now Available for Nintendo Switch!

Experience “Eufloria HD”, the new edition of Eufloria, an incredibly addictive ambient strategy game that anyone can play!

Explore a beautifully realized universe rendered in a style that is unique and compelling.
Engage in space exploration, conquest, plant growth and bio mechanical evolution. Conquer asteroids in deep space and use their resources to grow and nurture semi-organic plants and creatures to do your bidding. Plan your strategy against AI opponents that all vie for the same resources and offer fierce opposition.
Eufloria is easy to learn, and enjoyable to master. It’s a game for everyone. Try it now!


  • A 25 level “Story Mode” with many hours of gameplay.
  • “Relaxed Mode”, for a more ambient experience which anyone can enjoy.
  • “Skirmish Levels” that can be played over and over.
  • “Dark Matter Mode” for a stylish, more challenging way to play.
  • Original ambient soundtrack by “Milieu”.
  • Many procedurally generated levels which are different every time!

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Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover Arrives Dec 25th on Nintendo Switch!

Planet Quiz – Learn & Discover it’s an educational and challenging environmental quiz. The game contains 1000+ entries, from topics like animals, people, food, cities etc., in 450+ questions divided to 3 levels of difficulty. Planet Quiz allows you to challenge yourself or up to 3 friends at the time. All beautifully designed & packed in a 3D Planet Earth with areas and precise locations.

In game / Features:

  • 4 ways to interact – Campaign, Quick Play, Tournament, Quizpedia
  • Single as well as multiplayer, up to 4 players, mode
  • Questions with different level of difficulty
  • Various subjects covered in categories: cities, countries, mountains, waters, people, animals, architecture, food, nature wonders
  • Beautiful, handcrafted graphic

Campaign /single player/ mode

  • In general is about matching “things” with locations
  • Questions divided to 8 categories: Earth, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Polar Regions
  • Each category contains 3 chapters – easy, medium and hard.
  • In each chapter ~15 questions
  • After completing a question quick check with a fun fact about every entry (eg. match the flag with a country – info on every country)
  • Questions covering countries’ flags, cities locations, animals locations

Quick play mode

  • Custom settings: player avatar, questions difficulty (any from: easy, medium, hard), regions (any from: Earth, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Polar Regions), number of rounds (rounds=tasks/questions; 1-15), time for answer question / round (3-20s)
  • Showing the location and asking “what is here?”; also comparison (animals, countries, rivers etc)
  • Summary screen with points

Tournament mode

  • challenge 1-3 friends (2-4 players mode)

Quizpedia mode

  • All entries appearing in the quiz in one place
  • 18 categories of entries
  • short and enhanced descriptions

Planet Quiz: DLC Oceans

Sail through the Planet Quiz questions about oceans, reefs, and islands in the Oceans DLC. Planet Quiz Learn & Discover: Oceans is an additional package enriching the game with questions and entries about marine life and geography.

  • 100+ new Quizpedia entries.
  • New questions in all gameplay modes.
  • More handcrafted drawings.

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Wholesome Farming Game Life in Willowdale Announced For Nintendo Switch!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 16th December, 2021 – Video game company Mindscape, in partnership with French publisher Just For Games and developer FRAG Games, announced today a new farming-adventure game, Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures, coming in 2022 to Nintendo Switch, Steam and PlayStation. Not your garden variety farming game, Life in Willowdale features an expansive world to explore as you start sowing, growing and harvesting, with mysterious creatures and uncommon encounters!

The once thriving community of Willowdale is in ruins, as the mayor’s daughter Penny is turning the town into a tourist trap, driving away the animals and upsetting the balance of nature. Amid public outcry, your uncle, the mayor, has asked you to return to your family farm to help restore harmony and town spirit in Willowdale. But it may not be that easy…

Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures features farming gameplay, a cozy town filled with friendly locals and adventures across the region. In addition to farming, the game will have lots more on offer for an engaging and fun experience.

Life in Willowdale: Farm Adventures will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC for Steam in Spring 2022.

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Pre-orders Starting Soon For Physical Edition of Aaero on Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, Germany – December 16th, 2021 – Strictly Limited Games, in partnership with two-man developer team Mad Fellows are proud to announce that the indie-hit Aaero: Complete Edition will receive a much deserved, limited boxed release on the Nintendo Switch. This rhythm rail-shooter synergizes high-speed sci-fi shooting action with an incredible licensed EDM soundtrack, to deliver a uniquely exhilarating audio-visual experience that received much praise from press and players at launch.

Aaero: Complete Edition contains all DLC content in one package and will be available as a boxed Limited Edition and Special Limited Edition, with pre-orders kicking off on Sunday, December 19th, at 12 AM CET (midnight), only at Strictly Limited Games.

About the Game

Speed through stunning, futuristic environments in a stylish spacecraft, tracing ribbons of light that visualize the EDM songs while evading obstacles, eliminating approaching enemies and overcoming epic boss battles. The game controls like a twin-stick shooter with the left stick controlling the ship, which has to grind along the musical ribbon and the right stick for targeting enemies. If you play well, your score multiplier will build up and you can chase that high score on the leaderboard, for an extra dose of adrenaline.

Key Features

  • Pilot your spacecraft through dynamic environments, negotiating obstacles and battling enemies and monstrous boss creatures, all synced to a banging soundtrack.
  • Experience a unique sensation of speed and tunnel-vision as the levels warp and twist around you, perfectly combining music, gameplay and visuals.
  • Vibe with licensed music from superstars of the EDM genre, including Noisia, Flux Pavilion, Katy B, Neosignal, Astronaut, Barely Alive and many more.
  • Soar through 21 different levels, each painstakingly crafted to match the music.
  • Four game modes – Normal, Advanced, Master, and Chill-out (a relaxed, practice-focused mode).
  • Aaero: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch includes all additional DLC content in one package: the 1000DaysWasted: Drum & Bass Pack, the Monstercat Pack as well as the Comet, Phaser, and Sol ship skins.

Strictly Limited Editions for musical speed-demons

Strictly Limited Games is giving Aaero the immortal, boxed legacy it deserves, with two unique limited editions, available for pre-order exclusively via the Strictly Limited Games online shop.

The Limited Edition includes the Nintendo Switch game and a colorful game manual for 29.99€, limited to 2,200 copies.

The Special Limited Edition is limited to 1,800 copies for Nintendo Switch at a price of 49.99€, including lots of cool EDM-festival themed collectibles:

  • Nintendo Switch game
  • Special Limited Edition Box
  • Colorful Game Manual
  • Stylish spaceship acrylic standee
  • EDM-festival-style wristband
  • EDM-festival-style ticket (replica, individually numbered)
  • EDM-concert-style poster (DIN A3)
  • Aaero logo fabric patch
  • Bottle opener

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Gerda: A Flame in Winter Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022!

Paris, December 15th, 2021 – DONTNOD Entertainment, French independent video games publisher and developer, is very proud to present Gerda: A Flame in Winter. Unveiled during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, this brand-new narrative game is developed by Danish studio PortaPlay and is the first third-party game to be published by DONTNOD.

Due for release in 2022, Gerda: A Flame in Winter is an intimate narrative RPG-lite experience set during World War 2 and the German occupation of Denmark. In this poignant story-driven game inspired by real life events, players will walk the path of Gerda, a nurse whose life is turned upside down overnight. Armed only with her wits and knowledge of her community, Gerda must try to save her loved ones while staying true to herself. A tale told not on the front line, but in the intimate setting of the small Danish village she grew up in.

Choices are made through a mix of exploration, dialog, and resource and relationship management. Gerda’s personality traits are her skills, and her connection with others will also determine how the story unfolds. Every dilemma is challenging and every decision critical in times of turmoil and war, and this game poses the question: how far would you go to protect your loved ones?

Gerda: A Flame in Winter will be available on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) and will be released in 2022.

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