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New Gameplay Trailer Released for Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All 2!

Paris, October 31st, 2023 – The most famous Asterix and Obelix are back! In a new trailer, they demonstrate the full extent of their power and abilities. With dynamic animation and breathtaking action, Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! 2 promises fans and newcomers alike a gaming experience that is both intense and true to the spirit of the series. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC digitally on November 13, 2023 and physically on November 30, 2023. Get ready to be amazed!

Asterix & Obelix: Slap them All! 2 is a high-energy 2D Beat’em Up that immerses players in the imaginative world of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Get ready to take down enemies and unleash your strength, either solo or in local co-op… before the sky falls on your head!

Asterix, Obelix and the villagers are interrupted by the sudden arrival of Goudurix, who has come to ask for help. He reveals that his father, Oceanonix, has been imprisoned for a theft he did not commit…

The Aquila of Lutetia, the precious gold emblem of the Roman legions, has just been stolen and an innocent man has been thrown into prison! Asterix promises to investigate and asks Goudurix to stay safely in the village. The two Gallic warriors travel to Lutetia to obtain information from an acquaintance who is reputed to be well-informed about the rumours and intrigues of the city… And it’s obviously with slaps in the face that they will find the answers on their long journey!

Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! 2 is a high-energy Beat’em Up that takes us on an original story worthy of the greatest Gallic adventures. Explore a multitude of captivating locations: from mysterious ruins nestling in the heart of the forest, through an imposing Roman camp, to majestic Lutetia… Each stage of the journey offers new environments, as your journey takes you to far-flung lands, punctuated by thrilling encounters. And, of course, you can expect a generous helping of slaps in the face! Throughout this hectic adventure, there will be sketches to punctuate your journey, adding a dose of humour and emotion as well as advancing the plot.

This sequel pushes the limits of the action, with more fearsome enemies and bosses. But that’s not all! The experience is enhanced by a host of new features and gameplay improvements. Our intrepid Gauls, Asterix and Obelix, now have new specific moves they can charge up for even more powerful attacks. Battles are more dynamic, richer, smoother than ever, and our heroes can now trigger their Fury mode, increasing their strength, and unleash a devastating Ultimate attack. Our heroes can also destroy some elements of the environment to create chaos, as well as throwing barrels and menhirs at opponents during combat.

Overseen by the teams at Les Editions Albert René to guarantee respect of Asterix essence, this new episode is being developed by Mr Nutz Studio. The long-awaited sequel promises an adventure that pays tribute to the comics in an exceptional way. The developers have taken the artistic decision to create the characters, backgrounds and animations “by hand”, with absolute respect for the style of 2D animation. This aesthetic choice, imbued with nostalgia, will appeal to fans of the franchise and fans of retro games. You will be transported into a faithful visual universe, reminiscent of the marvellous illustrations in the Asterix and Obelix comic books. Dive into an immersive visual experience and admire the beauty of the craftsmanship carried out by the Mr Nutz Studio’s team.

Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All 2! will be available digitally in North America on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC November 13, 2023. Get ready to be amazed!

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Hero Survivor Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Indie publisher ‘Sometimes You’, together with PigeonDev, on  27th October, releasedHer roguelite action-shooter fest Hero Survival on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch.

Hero Survival really does what is said on the box, in this case, press release, a game where players face hordes of monsters from classic movies where you will just want to get that little bit further into the game and win the day. BUT it is far from a breeze.

Simple and Varied

A simple storyline encases the moreish gameplay challenges. Combining recognizable monsters and heroes from horror and action movies, it is a setting that will entertain both the gamers and was set up for the mad god of time and space, who mistakenly dragged our protagonist, mistaking him for a great warrior.

Know Your Enemy

Face wave after wave of monsters – mummies, vampires, ghosts and many more, and take them down with an awesome arsenal of weaponry that’s available to you! But be warned, each enemy type has their own characteristics and skills!

Features, Facts and Horrid Events!

  • A game to play in mini sessions or one long haul! But you WILL be back for more.
  • Once hooked – urghhhhhhhhhh!.????
  • Fast and Furious Action and Challenges
  • Monsters Galore
  • Face 100s of Classic Horror Monsters!????
  • Rogue-like Action-Shooter
  • Weirdo action
  • Plus more………………

As players experience each individual run, they will choose which build they want to use! Combine skills (both permanent and those that give short-term bonuses) and loot.

However, one important thing to remember – because each level is a puzzle that you have to solve in an ever-changing environment. Players can always get the wrong skills and wrong weapons – they have no choice but to adapt to! And the more enjoyable it will be to find a way to complete the level even when things don’t go according to plan.

The diverse levels of this game offer visually stimulating environments such as lush green meadows, eerie cemeteries, icy wastelands, and warm sandy beaches. Each level is unique and will engage the player’s senses and keep them immersed in the game. Players will experience a range of challenges as they progress through the game, making this an exciting and captivating experience for players of all ages. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a casual player, the diverse and  captivating levels of this game are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

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Tasty Adventure RPG Born of Bread Comes Out of The Oven on December 5th!

Montreal, Canada, October 26th, 2023 – Hey Buddies! Indie developer WildArts, in partnership with Dear Villagers, are happy to announce their upcoming adventure RPG Born of Bread will finally be ready for consumption on December 5th when it launches on PC, Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series platforms.

To commemorate this announcement, WildWarts has released an all new trailer teasing more of the wacky characters, wild worlds, strategic battles, and all manner of shenanigans when Born of Bread launches on December 5th.

Born of Bread is a home-cooked turn-based role-playing adventure that throws back to classic cartoony RPGs full of fun characters and charming stories for children and adults alike. Beings from another age are causing havoc across the land and their mischief comes as a great threat for everyone. The unlikeliest hero, Loaf, a golem born of bread who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder, will find himself and his newfound friends in the middle of a drama that’s thousands of years in the making.

Explore a wonderful world ripe with mysteries, ranging from the enigmatic ruins of the Forest of Roots to the freezing landscapes of Frosty Flats. With the help of your buddies, face off against menacing baddies and engage in fun, quirky turn-based /real-time hybrid combat.

“We’re so excited to be able to bring people Born of Bread in time for the holidays, as it’s a wholesome adventure that feels perfect for the whole family,” said WildArts Lead Designer and Programmer Nicolas Lamarche. “Born of Bread was inspired by classic comedy RPGs of our childhood that have remained a part of us in the decades that followed. Thankfully the genre has remained evergreen and we think fans of all ages will be nourished by Loaf’s journey.”

Born of Bread is genuinely funny, endearing, has a strong visual identity, and best of all, it’s fun to play!” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “It really is an all-ages treat, and we can’t wait for players to finally get their hands on it in December!”

The full recipe to bake Born of Bread requires the following ingredients:

  • One flour golem who possesses a never-ending childlike wonder and a set of odd abilities

  • A wonderful world ripe with mysteries

  • An eclectic cast of fleshed-out characters

  • A wacky storyline

  • A pinch of light puzzles

  • Turn-based battles with a dash of real-time minigames

  • Bright, colorful 2.5D graphics

  • Side-missions (add to taste)

  • A captive audience granting you bonuses in battle

To start with, you’ll want your flour golem, Loaf. Put him in a mystical land where he can mingle with his friends and local folk. Although he may not look like much, Loaf might be the hero this land kneads!

Stir in a story of beings from another age causing havoc across the land. And with their mischief comes a great threat to everyone!

Mold an eclectic cast of endearing characters, 2.5D illustrated setting, environmental puzzles, and unique turn-based /real-time hybrid battles. Be sure you know what your enemy is weak or resistant against, as it will take brains and reflexes to thwart Born of Bread’s throngs of foes.

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Fusion Paradox Arrives Nov 1st on Nintendo Switch!

Indie publisher Sometimes You, together with talented indie developer, Nikolai Usachev, today announced the soon to be released superb looking top down roguelike action-shooter Fusion Paradox.

Releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch on 1st November 2023, this accomplished, all out action romp, mixes exploring, with fast paced shooting that delivers a high octane experience for gamers who like a challenge plus plenty of surprises.

Fight the forces and anomalies that have captured the Agency. Defy the ancient goddess of war and free it!

It’s up to you!

You assume the role of one of the special agents who arrived at the Agency for Supernatural Threat Reduction in response to a red alert signal. Waking up in a secret laboratory, the hero realises that all the agency’s employees have lost their sanity, and he himself has been subjected to strange energy influences, experiencing momentary amnesia and gaining the ability to change his state. Passing through numerous obstacles and battling hordes of the possessed, you will have to reach the source of the threat to free the agency and prevent the danger from spreading to the outside world.

The vision comes to life

Nikolai, succinctly described the game.”Fusion Paradox” combines the “Scrolling Shooter” and “Action Roguelike ” genres. The main distinctive feature is the switching of the hero’s binary state, where each state represents a unique power with its own characteristics and attributes. These powers can include unique weapons, skills, or magical bonuses. Additionally, some of the enemies are vulnerable only in specific states of the hero. It’s crucial for the player to know when to choose the right colour.

Explore, kill, solve and be bold

Fusion Paradox features secret rooms with engaging puzzles that provide additional bonuses. There are characters in the game who offer significant bonuses in case the player fails. Furthermore, the game incorporates classic roguelike mechanics, such as procedurally generated levels with each new playthrough after the hero’s death, dozens of weapon types, numerous unique skills and a variety of enemy types.

In the agency building, there are five floors located in different temporal and spatial dimensions. Mystical events occur here that transcend ordinary time and space. If a place is contaminated, supernatural phenomena can repeat in it even centuries later, as if disrupting the fabric of time. Scientists and magicians investigate the nature of the emergence of anomalous zones in various historical periods by travelling back in time. To reduce the growth and impact of unidentified threats, the administration decided to relocate these spaces from their temporal periods inside the agency building, allocating entire floors for them.


During the course of progressing through the floors, the player may come across obelisks of power that provide permanent bonuses to various attributes: additional lives for the yellow and blue heroes, increased movement speed, damage boost, and reduced cooldown time between dashes. These enhancements stay with the player even after the character’s death.

Technically speaking

The look, attention to detail  and ever changing locations, are just some of the great features. Nikolai, ”Game engine graphics effects were utilised and meticulously fine-tuned manually, ranging from particle systems to shaders.”

Explosive Facts & Features

  • Five distinct levels
  • Puzzles galore
  • Universal spells
  • Hazardous armour
  • Poison!!!
  • Ice Storms
  • Pistols
  • Stingers
  • Stone Guard Statues
  • Grenades
  • 69!!! Weapons!!!!!
  • Bosses – Agency Boss Possessed King and more
  • 4-6 hours. But some players spend even more than 20 hours in the game.
  • … Too many to list!!

Random WOW Factor

After death, all floors are reassembled from scratch, with changes in the room placement and their sizes. New random spells, weapons, power obelisks and additional weapons appear on the floors. Some of the enemies are inaccessible during the initial playthrough and new ones gradually appear in subsequent playthroughs to avoid overwhelming the player initially and to provide gradual new challenges.

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Warm Snow is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Paris,  October 20th, 2023 — Microids and Bilibili Games are delighted to announce that the Rogue-Lite game Warm Snow is now available digitally on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows Store.

Since its arrival on Steam in January 2022, Warm Snow came into its own, earning a glowing reputation thanks to a ‘very positive’ rating from over 25,000 enthusiastic reviewers. The game was also honoured with three major awards: the Jincha Award for the most anticipated game of 2022, the 2020 Indieplay Nova Prize and the Bilibili 2022 Must-play. In May 2023, the studio proudly celebrated the sale of over 2 000 000 copies on PC and mobile.”

For the console versions, players will benefit from the “Nightmare Ashes” additional content. This expansion will bring a host of new features, including new powers, even more powerful weapons and a brand new skill tree for even greater customization of Bi-An, to suit every style of play. In addition, new items will be introduced to help players face the world of nightmares.

About Warm Snow:

In the year 27 of the Longwu era, a strange “Warm Snow” plunges the world into chaos, turning people into out-of-control monsters. Play as Bi-An, a mysterious wandering warrior, and embark on an epic journey to restore balance to the world. Free the 5 houses that once protected the world from corruption and unravel the mystery behind the Warm Snow. Choose your equipment according to your fighting style and plunge into the heart of epic battles!

Game features:

  • A dynamic rogue-lite gameplay: adapt your arsenal of weapons, powers and elements to suit your personal fighting style.
  • Art direction inspired by silk paintings: immerse yourself in breathtaking aesthetic visuals inspired by silk paintings, adding a unique dimension of poetry and elegance to the game universe.
  • An exotic world drawn from Chinese folklore: explore a fantasy realm imbued with rich Chinese folklore, where legendary creatures and breathtaking landscapes create an authentic and immersive atmosphere.
  • New languages: enjoy an even more immersive gaming experience with new languages available.
  • Endless replay value: explore the game over and over again until you finally discover the truth about “Warm Snow” and put an end to it.
  • Ash of Nightmare content included: discover the Nightmare system, new mechanics, items, skills, weapons and bosses

Warm Snow is available digitally on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows Store on October 20th, 2023.

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Air Twister Launches Nov 10th on Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, Germany – October 19, 2023 – ININ & Ys Net are excited to showcase the array of Extra Modes, Mini-Games and the Adventure Map in their upcoming release, Air Twister! The brand-new rail shooter, by the gaming legend Yu Suzuk,i will take off on all consoles and PC Steam on November 10. For the die-hard fans of Yu’s magic touch, they can already secure their boxed PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch copies via Amazon!

Ready to have the full Air Twister experience? Here are six extra modes you can unlock by collecting stars or tickets from daily/weekly events:

  • Stardust

Can you defeat the incoming waves of enemies within the time limit? The faster you shoot them down, the faster they appear. Vanquish the outpour of enemies, one by one!

  • Arcade Mode

This mode puts you in a no-holds-barred old-school arcade experience with no useful items, a high default difficulty setting and quick bursts of intense shooting action. In this hardcore version of Air Twister, beat the game with one life and one life only. Starting Hearts change with difficulty level.

  • Fluffy

In this silly topsy-turvy mode, your perspective changes from a 3D view to a classic 2D side scroller! Give it your all to not touch any enemies or obstacles while zipping through the levels on your loyal winged elephant. Choose between two submodes! Get rich or die trying in Score Attack Fluffy, or grab as many stars as you can in Get Stars Fluffy while soaring like fluff in the wind!

  • Boss Rush

“Boss Rush” delivers a high dose of adrenaline as you will face every single one of the game’s ten boss monsters in quick succession. The faster you take them down, the higher your ranking in the high-score table!

  • Turbo Mode

Double the speed. Double the challenge! Turbo Mode is a high-difficulty mode with everything at 2x speed. Ditch the dumb luck and use pure skill to streak through the stages and vanquish incoming enemies to become the Turbo Queen (extraordinarily nice, right?!)

  • Tap Breaker

A simple minigame in which you must break cubes by tapping them numerically. The faster you do it, the higher your score. Sounds simple enough, right? But how focused can you be when the ever-increasing number of cubes start spinning around in different directions?

  • Extra Stage

Dash through a seemingly never-ending mysterious tunnel and defeat the oncoming raids of enemies! This stage is twice as long as normal stages, so let your rail shooter skills shine and try to reach the end of the tunnel safely.

Adventure Map

  • Every time you destroy a full formation of enemies, complete a daily/weekly event or dedicate playtime to Get Stars Fluffy, you will receive stars. These stars serve as the game’s main currency and are used to unlock new items on the Adventure Map.
  • Hungry for more? This extensive Map displays all potential extras and unlockables –  from weapons and outfits, to lore and more!
    • Calling all trophy hunters, achievers and completionists: Can you collect all the stars and master Air Twister 100%?

Game Features:

  • 12 artfully crafted stages with unique and new experiences each time you play. Embark on a fantastic journey, resembling that of Alice down the rabbit hole.
  • Over 20 Vanguard creatures and 10 unique bosses to challenge your skills and simple controls for a fun and easy play experience.
  • An epic soundtrack by Valensia, a Dutch music composer known for over three decades for keeping the musical rock and opera heritage of Queen’s greatest hits alive.
  • High replayability by unlocking Challenge Games in the Adventure Map with different modes like Arcade, Turbo, Boss Rush and more!
  • Many fantastic Minigames with surprising elements.

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Co-op Party Extravaganza Bish Bash Bots Out For Nintendo Switch!

Edinburgh, Scotland – October 19th, 2023  CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD and Firestoke are excited to announce that Bish Bash Bots is launching today on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, bringing the mayhem and madness of Overcooked, arcade brawling and strategic tower defense, all lovingly crafted for couch co-op fans. Prepare to team up in couch co-op / online play or go it alone to save the world.

In a cartoony take on a future where machines have stolen technology from humans and are turning it against them, a team of unlikely heroes set out on a grand adventure to reset the rogue robots and save the world. With 8 vibrant and colourful biomes across 32 levels, players will have to contend with a variety of hazards such as turrets overheating in the Volcano biome, or the dangerous flora of the overgrown Jungle where mutant plants may snatch you and your friends up!

Perfect for playing with friends locally or online, with 1 – 4 players supported, Bish Bash Bots is a co-op party game that merges the strategic planning of tower defense with the immediacy of fun and frantic brawling that sees you and your buddies smashing rogue robots across the battlefield. Build upgradable turrets, unlock gadgets and bash bots with giant hammers. An array of turrets and gadgets will allow you to mix up your strategy as you come face to face with unique robots that can be pushed, shoved and even bashed down holes!

Bish Bash Bots fuses the fun chaos of co-op multiplayer with tower defense strategy. Build towers and bash bots with friends, family or in single player,” said James Letherby, co-founder of CATASTROPHIC_OVERLOAD. “We are so proud to be releasing our second game today with Firestoke on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch and hope you have many hours of bot bashin’ fun!”

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Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express Out Now on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, October 19, 2023 – Publisher Microids and Microids Studio Lyon are delighted to present the launch trailer for Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express which is out now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. In this modernized version of Agatha Christie’s timeless masterpiece set in 2023, players will undergo a thrilling journey set through several renowned cities, from Boston to Venice and Geneva.

Take on the roles of two brilliant detectives: the legendary Hercule Poirot and the new character of Joanna Locke. Explore the iconic environments, solve complex puzzles, and interrogate a wide range of intriguing characters to solve the mystery. Every clue, every conversation, and every choice brings the detectives closer to the truth behind the crime on the Orient Express.

With surprising twists and game-changing revelations at every stage of the investigation, Murder on the Orient Express promises to be a game that redefines everything players thought they knew about this classic story.

About Agatha Christie – Murder on the Orient Express:

On board the Orient Express, legendary detective Hercule Poirot solves the murder that has taken place on the prestigious train, surrounded by a cast of intriguing characters with their own secrets and motives. Solving the mystery won’t be easy and through numerous twists and turns, players will have to use their little grey cells and detective skills to unravel the truth and bring it to light.

Game features:

  • Faithful, but fresh: The game is a faithful but fresh adaptation of the original story, with a new character named Joanna Locke added to the story. Playing as Joanna, players can exit the confines of the train during playable flashbacks.
  • Embody the legendary detective Hercule Poirot: Enter into Hercule Poirot’s head to discover mind maps and make deductions as he navigates the puzzles and objects scattered throughout each chapter.
  • A rich adventure with strong twists: Murder On the Orient Express is renowned for one of the most famous plot twists in literary history, and Microids’ game is no exception. But with events taking place in 2023, the investigation will see players venture in new directions.
  • A brilliant detective and mystery game: Players will take on the roles of Poirot and Joanna, solve puzzles and make deductions to uncover the truth behind the murder. In a third person view, players will inspect the environment and talk with the protagonists, searching for clues and confronting the suspects.
  • Full voice-over: Fully localized and dubbed in English, German and French.

Murder on the Orient Express is available today, October 19, 2023, digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The retail edition will be available November 9th in the USA.

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Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files Coming to Nintendo Switch!

SANTA ANA, California, October 18, 2023 — Get ready for tons of point-and-click adventure fun when Nicalis releases Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files for Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2024. The collection will launch simultaneously as both a digital download and a physical game card.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files includes all three mainline Touch Detective games, plus two bonus scenarios and an extensive in-game gallery with over 500 images of rare artwork, development sketches and comic strips. The release marks the first time that Touch Detective 3 will be localized and officially released in English.

Developed by Beeworks Games and Success Corporation, the Touch Detective series follows the adventures of Mackenzie, a rookie detective who attempts to solve local mysteries with the help of Funghi (her mushroom assistant) and Cromwell (the family butler). Use the Nintendo Switch touch screen to guide Mackenzie through the town, interact with other characters, pick up and use objects and more.

Through the course of the three games, you’ll get to meet Mackenzie’s best friends Penelope and Chloe, rival detective Norman Touche and many other colorful, eccentric and memorable characters. The two bonus scenarios feature Funghi exploring the environment, interviewing people and solving puzzles.

Touch Detective 3 + The Complete Case Files will be released for Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2023. The digital version will be available for download from the Nintendo eShop, and the physical version is now available for preorder at in two different packages: a standard version and a special version that comes with a Funghi plush figure.

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Play the CRYMACHINA Demo Today!

Enter the bleak work of CRYMACHINA and test your ability to survive by playing the demo! Available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5.

Decimate those who oppose you in fast-paced, flashy combat utilizing a myriad of gear including melee, ranged, and shoulder-mounted weapons. Enhance and augment your weapons to add powerful effects to each strike and execute combos modified to your playstyle.

CRYMACHINA is coming to Nintendo SwitchPS4, PS5 and PC on October 24, 2023!

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