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Have a Blast August 26th on Nintendo Switch!

Breda, Netherlands, July 21, 2021 – More than four years ago Bojan Endrovski set out to create the most chaotic competitive space brawler possible, without compromising the depth and skill required to provide a challenge for gamers.

Bojan has been making couch co-op and PVP games like the ballet dancing Bounden and sensual twister Fingle for over a decade. The team at Firenut Games is proud to present the fruits of their labours, Have a Blast is firing its way onto the Nintendo Switch and Steam on August 26, 2021.

Have a Blast is a high-energy, kinetic, multiplayer party game. Blast through the most ridiculously hazardous corners of the galaxy using your surroundings to your advantage. Outmaneuver your friends and shatter your enemies into colorful little bits.

Battle your way through the galaxy in fifteen unique arenas, with new locations coming in the future. Navigate your way through old classics like asteroids, icy comets, mythical monsters, and derelict machinery.

All the ships in Have a Blast are small and nimble, enabling you to navigate the chaos of each level. There are five ships for you to choose from, each has its own powerful ability, each requiring a slightly different approach to the competition. Beware, even the strongest attacks can be countered, remember, it’s never too late to turn the tide of battle.


  • Deathmatch – The last pilot standing wins the round in this familiar mode. The first to win five rounds wins the match.
  • Mothership – Keep your mothership safe and it will provide you with health, ammo, and some refuge. Lose your mothership and you’ll be sleeping with the space fishes.
  • Team match – Befriend your enemies and ruin friendships in this team-based competition. Any combination of players is possible in a team vs team play.
  • Challenges – Demonstrate your mastery of space by completing specific challenges against AI components.


  • 15 arenas to enjoy with your Friends
  • 5 ships with unique specs
  • Variety of game modes: Deathmatch, Mothership, Team match, Challenges
  • Up to 4 players in local mode

Available August 26, 2021, on Nintendo Switch and Steam. In addition, for all those who pre-order, their game before launch will get a 20% discount on Nintendo Switch.

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Perky platformer Ayo the Clown is Out Now on Nintendo Switch!

New Jersey, USA – July 28th, 2021 – Indie game studio Cloud M1 is happy to announce its 2.5D clown-themed platformer Ayo the Clown has now launched on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC. With a brand new trailer, Ayo the Clown is ready to set off on a quirky, family-friendly adventure in the quest to find his precious dog, and make some friends along the way. Be prepared for the wacky sights, crazy conundrums and fiendish foes that Ayo will discover as he embarks on his fun-filled adventure.

“Ayo won’t stop at anything in order to rescue his beloved pooch and as a result is a very well traveled clown. The World of Ayo is a weird but wonderful place filled with more things to see and do than you can shake a balloon stick at!,” said Xiu Liang, Cloud M1 Game Director. “Ayo the Clown is finally here and we can’t wait for players to join in on the fun.”

On this incredible adventure you play as Ayo, your not-so-average clown, in search of his best friend and beloved dog, Bo, who has mysteriously disappeared. This journey will take Ayo across eight regions from the lush Hills, to the wacky Water World and all the way to sickeningly sweet Candy Land in search of clues to Bo’s whereabouts. This world is full of friendly people and interesting creatures that are willing to lend a helping hand but beware of the fiendish foes who are out to cause you harm. Pick up a water balloon, balloon sword, toy hammer, dinosaur, helicopter, tank, everything a healthy clown needs to survive in the great outdoors. Since Ayo is not the kind of clown to make the same joke over and over again, you’ll travel across many uniquely themed platforms and come into contact with larger than life bosses and hordes of enemies that will prove that this clown is much tougher than he seems.

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The Falconeer: Warrior Edition – Switch Gameplay Footage!

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, Germany – 27th July 2021 – TAITO and ININ Games are pleased to announce the release of DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+. The new, revised Darius experience is now available physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 for Europe and North America.

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ is a new revision of DariusBurst AC and comes with gorgeous 3D graphics in the most compelling and challengingly awesome adventure yet, with this update to the arcade classic. The evolution of this top notch brand continues and it is now 10 years since the original version and the original team, which is focused and highly motivated, has ensured this offers something really special.


  • Local co-op for up to 4 players
  • Ghostship function
  • 4 game modes and all new and exclusive events
  • High replayability with branching stages
  • Modern HD graphics and a great atmospheric soundtrack
  • Face off against more than 40 gigantic battleships
  • Make strategic use of the versatile Burst Beam to destroy the evil Belsar Forces
  • For the first time, take flight in the Silver-Hawk Murakumo in all modes

In DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+, within the unique oceanic-themed designed setting, players need to learn how to make use of the ship’s cannons’ multifunctional utility, which opens up whole new tactical combat possibilities! Not only is the Burst Beam a weapon that dramatically alters the tide in combat, it also doubles up as a shield against enemy fire when under attack. Explosive action, fantastic and detailed subterranean settings, inventive combat challenges and mesmerizing boss attacks are presented.

Utilising an ultra-broad aspect ratio, the sea-life panorama is a visual feast that features classical style Sci-Fi spaceships and enemies, but also sees players encounter deep-sea creatures re-imagined as mechanical battleships which is a great mix of Sci-Fi and deep-sea creatures.

The panorama settings are enhanced by a great soundtrack from TAITO’s in-house sound team Zuntata that amplifies the adrenaline-filled atmosphere with powerful beats and emotional tunes infused with Japanese instruments and underwater sampling!

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Fort Triumph Arrives August 13th on Nintendo Switch!

Krakow, Poland — July 22nd, 2021 — All in! Games is excited to announce that Fort Triumph, the fantasy turn-based tactics title from CookieByte Entertainment, will be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on August 13 with backwards compatibility on PS5 and the Xbox Series S|X. There’s news for PC players too! The game is 55% off on Steam until July 29.

“After Fort Triumph’s successful debut on Steam last year, we are confident that console players will enjoy the unique blend of XCOM and Heroes of Might and Magic III it presents. The demand for tactical games on consoles is growing so we’re excited to provide fans of the genre with something fresh,” said Piotr Żygadło, CEO at All in! Games. “The game’s colorful visuals and upbeat soundtrack complement its quirky essence. We think it will suit both hardcore gamers looking for a challenge as well as casual players that are drawn by the game’s lighthearted comedy.”

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G-Darius HD Coming to Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, 22nd July 2021 – TAITO and ININ Games are happy to announce G-Darius HD – a remastered port of the original G-Darius from 1997! The classic shoot ‘em up will be released both physically and digitally on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 for Europe and North America later this year and can already be pre-ordered.

Developed by the masters of remastering at M2, G-Darius HD is a beautiful port of the original game from the late 90s that was known for its epic, boss versus player beam-battles and its brilliant, catchy soundtrack. Back then, the game was praised as a prime example of how to bring a 2D game genre to 3D properly. Now true fans of the series and new players alike, can enjoy this iconic shoot ‘em up in HD glory! And those who enjoy authentic graphics, faithful to the original also get their money’s worth, as it can be played in low resolution to get the classic arcade experience.


  • Branching stages and different paths within one stage
  • Iconic maritime-inspired boss design
  • Unique capture system of enemy spacecrafts for strategic depth
  • Playable with modern high-resolution, or original arcade graphics
  • Fantastic soundtrack and audio design

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Gun-toting Top-down Shooter Trigger Witch Launches July 29th on Nintendo Switch!

Hong Kong – July 21st, 2021 – Independent developer and publisher Eastasiasoft Limited and Rainbite have announced the official release dates for top-down action-adventure Trigger Witch, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Wednesday, July 28th, followed by Nintendo Switch on Thursday, July 29th. Trigger Witch tells the tale of Colette, a student at the Stock Academy for Witchcraft and Triggery. When her realm is invaded, she is the only one with enough firepower to restore peace to her world.

Venture forth on an adventure through a mystical open world where firearms have replaced the realm’s magic. As you shoot your way across the land, discover new guns and upgrade your firepower as foes become stronger. You will meet a variety of peculiar and relatable characters who will entertain you with witty dialogue and sometimes ask you for help. Take a break from the pulse-pounding action to solve environmental puzzles in mysterious dungeons and think your way around difficult obstacles. Trigger Witch also supports drop-in local co-op, so a friend can join your session to help fend off the hordes of monsters at any time!

The cute and colourful pixel art mixed with a dose of ultra-violence makes for a unique visual style. The compelling narrative ties together with the dynamic soundtrack to create a gun-toting adventure experience that will truly immerse you in the world of cute creatures and bullets.

Trigger Witch is a unique title that really subverts expectations. Initially, you see this cutesy, colourful world of witches and toadstools, but soon Colette has to break out her arsenal and start raining lead on hordes of evil creatures,” said eastasiasoft. “Warm up your trigger finger and go find your flying broom, because Trigger Witch releases on the 28th and 29th of July”

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Microids Unveils the Game Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases!

Paris, July 20th, 2021 – Microids is thrilled to unveil Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases Developed by Blazing Griffin (Murder Mystery Machine, The Ship: Remasted, Murderous Pursuits…) in collaboration with Agatha Christie Limited, Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases is a detective and adventure game starring a young Hercule Poirot in one of his first cases, before he became the legendary detective we all know and love. The game will launch on September 28th on PC (Steam), Xbox One consoles, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, and will be backward compatible on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

For the very first time, players will discover a new aspect of Hercule Poirot’s life that has never before been explored, as they experience one of his first cases as a young police officer and detective in pre-war Belgium. The development team has created an intriguing original adventure that builds on the familiar world and iconic character created by best-selling crime writer Agatha Christie. Fans of the “Queen of Crime’s” work will easily identify key elements from her stories, from Poirot’s ‘little grey cells’ to the intricate plotting of the game, and in the story’s satisfying, unexpected conclusion.


In his early years as a detective, a young Hercule Poirot is invited to a reception by the influential Van den Bosch family, for the announcement of their daughter’s engagement. But tensions among the guests run high as a snowstorm descends on the town, trapping everyone inside the manor. The happy event is soon marred by the murder of one of the guests! Poirot being in the right place at the right time immediately begins to investigate. What buried secrets and deadly rivalries will he uncover?

Key features:

  • (Re)discover the legendary detective in an untold crime story, by playing as Hercule Poirot at the beginning of his detective career, when he still has everything to prove.
  • Put your little grey cells to the test by using your deduction skills to connect clues together in your mindmap. The mindmap will allow you to visualize and link the elements of the case in order to draw your own conclusions… and shed light on the culprit in a surprising denouement!
  • Solve a complex murder case and find out what hides behind the deceptive appearances of the Van den Bosch family.
  • Question all the suspects and glean crucial information from them without their knowing. Pick up on all suspicious behavior as you uncover the dark secrets and rivalries of the Belgian upper class.
  • Explore a luxurious house full of buried mysteries. Uncovering the murderer won’t be the only puzzle you’ll have to solve…

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Gaps by POWGI Launches July 22nd on Nintendo Switch!

Staffordshire, UK – Lightwood Games has announced the release of their latest word puzzle game for home consoles.

Gaps by POWGI is released on Tuesday 20th July on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5; on Wednesday 21st July on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S; and on Thursday 22nd April on Nintendo Switch.

A number of five-letter words are presented with one letter missing in each. Players must add a letter to make valid English words, in such a way that the letters added, in sequence, also spell an additional valid word.

Each puzzle can have thousands of permutations, but there is only one solution! With so many possibilities to consider, finding the answer is always satisfying.

As usual, the reward for each Gaps puzzle solved is an unapologetically bad “dad joke” – a piece of pun-tastic wordplay, related to the puzzle’s solution.

Ladders by POWGI is priced at $7.99 / GBP £6.49 / €7.99.

Cross-generation upgrades are included, so PlayStation 4 owners will receive an entitlement to the PS5 version and Xbox One owners will be able to play on Series X|S at no extra cost.

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Cotton Reboot – Nintendo Switch Footage!

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