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Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection Out Now on Nintendo Switch in North America!

Stuttgart/Munich, January 31st, 2022: ININ Games and BBG Entertainment are excited to announce that the Boulder Dash® Ultimate Collection boxed version is out now in North America! This collection of all-time classics in gaming history, that delighted generations of gamers, is now available through selected retailers for Nintendo Switch, with the European release following on February 18th.

With the Boulder Dash Ultimate Collection, fans of the video game hero back from the ‘80s now get the new 2021 relaunch Boulder Dash Deluxe, and also Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary in one collection!

Embark on an adventure through dangerous caves by digging through the sand and manipulating the environment to your advantage. Avoid falling boulders and use them strategically against different devious enemies. Collect valuable gems and hunt for high scores to advance to even more difficult stages.

Two amazing iterations of THE ‘80s action puzzler!

With this collection, players get the ultimate Boulder Dash experience, including several beautiful game worlds with numerous levels to master. Combining Boulder Dash Deluxe™ and Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary, fans get:

  • More than 400 newly designed levels across two games

  • New gameplay mechanics and tools

  • 20 levels from the original 1984 Version

  • Many unlockable characters, upgrades and character customization

  • 30+ new levels by video game legend Peter Liepa, the developer of the first Boulder Dash® versions

  • Several different worlds with unique textures, animations and creatures

  • Diagonal walls and movement

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MONARK Playable Demo Nintendo Switch is Here!

Dive into the mysterious world of MONARK with the playable demo available for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Command your Fiends in battle, explore the Otherworld, and challenge the Pactbearers. Will you overcome the odds, as well as your madness?

Watch the demo trailer, and learn more about MONARK by visiting the official website. You can also check out an exclusive interview with Director Fuyuki Hayashi on the NISA blog!

Plus, if you preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition before launch, you will receive these exclusive bonus outfits:

The Caligula Effect 2” Collab Items:
  • 2nd GHC Prez Outfit (Protagonist)
  • Songstress’s Helm (Vessel)
  • Songstress’s Armor (Vessel)
  • Songstress’s Greaves (Vessel)
CRYSTAR” Collab Items:
  • Samoyed Outfit!? (Protagonist)
  • Executor’s Helm (Vessel)
  • Executor’s Armor (Vessel)
  • Executor’s Greaves (Vessel)

This limited offer is valid until February 22, 2022. Don’t miss out! Full game coming February 22, 2022 to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, & PC! 

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About An Elf is Coming February 10th To Nintendo Switch!

Vancouver, Canada, January 25th 2022 – Meringue Interactive is delighted to present About an Elf, a point-and-click fantasy/adventure RPG set to release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on February 10, 2022.

About an Elf is a visual novel with light RPG elements and point-and-click gameplay where you navigate your way through a fantasy world as the titular elf, Princess Dam! Search for Elftopia, a magical, and happy place that once was free and open to all, but is accessible no longer.

No one even knows what’s been lost and what there is to be found in Elftopia. Treasures and gold? An endless supply of gummy bears? Or something more conceptual and intangible?

Whatever the case may be, it’s up to you to guide Princess Dam and her incorrigible apprentice, Roland the BraveCat, as you embark on the journey to find this lost promised land.
You’ll travel through a world menaced by haunting life forms and curious characters. Standing in your path in the search for friendship and fun is the King of Terrors and his army of evil monsters.

This coming-of-age, elf-tastic adventure was dreamed up as an escapist fantasy during the early days of the pandemic. It’s a reflection on the feelings of isolation brought upon by lockdown, but with a hopeful, lighthearted outlook and optimism for the future.

Key Features

  • Five-hour-long, story-driven adventure.
  • Point-and-click exploration for casual and intuitive gameplay.
  • Pre-rendered graphics in the vein of 90’s classics, but with current-gen polish.
  • Explore four miniature worlds and sixteen mini-dungeons that, small as they may seem to us humans, are wondrous expanses for a little elf.
  • Decipher the mystery of the magi balls, and employ their power to achieve total victory.
  • Fight an assortment of evil monsters, each more monstrous than the last.

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Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2 Trailer for Makai Kingdom!

Dominate the battlefield by the book (or rather, AS a book) in Makai Kingdom: Reclaimed and Rebound!

Meet Overlord Zetta, and the entire Makai Kingdom crew in the newest trailer for NIS Classics Volume 2. Utilize clever strategies and powerful magic, along with deadly weapons ranging from broadswords to rocket launchers to take control of your enemies’ land. Also, summon your army through the INVITE system, tear up the battlefield with new characters, and dive into Petta Mode for a whole new story!

Learn more about Makai Kingdom, and NIS Classics Volume 2 here, and be sure to preorder a Limited Edition copy while supplies last!

This double-dose of NIS goodness is coming to North America on Nintendo Switch on May 10, 2022! Available May 13, 2022 in Europe and Australia.

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The Company Man Is Out On Nintendo Switch!

January 21st – Video game publisher Leoful and Malaysian indie studio Forust are pleased to announce office adventure game, The Company Man, has launched digitally on Nintendo Switch worldwide. A physical edition of the game will be available in Asia from January 26th.

To celebrate The Company Man‘s launch, a new launch trailer showcasing more co-workers, email attacks, obstacles, and bosses has been published. In addition, players can download a free set of The Company Man social media profile pictures featuring characters such as Jim, Alice, and William. The Company Man is available at a 10% launch discount on Nintendo eShop till January 30th, 2022 in the Americas and Europe, and players can try out a free demo to have a taste of working at Good Water Company.

The Company Man is a classic action platformer inspired by the popular American TV series “The Office”. You play as Jim, a young salaryman starting out at the Good Water Company. Unsatisfied with how the company is run, Jim sets out to overthrow his boss and become the CEO. Launch email attacks against coworkers with a powerful keyboard, run and jump across departments from Human Resources to Marketing, boost up with coffee beans, and show them who’s boss!

The Company Man is playable in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. The Company Man was showcased at the 2021 PAX Online Indie Showcase, and is one of the Honorable Mentions on Forbes’ list of top 10 indie games in 2021.

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Blackwind Brutally Terminates Alien Threat Today on Nintendo Switch!

SYDNEY — Jan. 20, 2022 — Blackwind, the sci-fi action-platformer with hack-and-slash combat, from Drakkar Dev and publisher Blowfish Studios, touches down today on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac via Steam and GOG, as well as the Mac App Store. Physical versions lock-on to retail shelves courtesy of Perp Games on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, in European regions with North American copies arriving at a later date.

The alien-infested planet of Medusa-42 acquires an unexpected savior when James Hawkins, a regular teen with no prior military experience, makes a crash landing on the once peaceful mining colony. Equipped with his father’s revolutionary battle mech prototype and an advanced A.I. companion, Blackwind, hope is not lost. Together they must fight their way through Raknos forces, find Hawkins’ father, and save what’s left of the planet.

Leap and grapple throughout imaginative sci-fi landscapes, equipping energy blades, missiles, grenades, and more to hack-and-slash through hordes of Raknos spawn. Employ a wide range of melee and ranged attacks before unleashing brutal termination finishers and moving onto the next foe. Decipher brain-testing environmental puzzles across the Medusa terrain to snuff out the Raknos threat and solve the mystery behind their true mission.

Trek through dense forests, scale snowy mountaintops, and creep through haunting abandoned military outposts alone or with a fellow soldier in local co-op mode. Move perfectly in sync while Player One controls the Battle Frame and Player Two deploys a detachable Drone to hone in and eliminate targets. Advance through one of three difficulty modes and customize the Battle Frame thanks to three different skill trees filled to the brim with dozens of abilities and upgrade options.

“Blackwind is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure made by long-time fans of classic space marine action stories,” said Manlio Greco, Designer, Drakkar Dev. “We’re really proud to bring its diverse gameplay style, beautiful landscapes, and captivating story to fans today. Suit up and get to slicing!”

Blackwind is available now for $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99 with support for English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese language options.

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ININ Games Release New Cotton Fantasy Trailer!

Stuttgart, January 20th, 2022 – ININ Games is proud to announce that Cotton Fantasy will be available for Nintendo Switch and PS4 this spring, both digitally and physically. After the Japanese release in December (as Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll), this brand-new entry to the Cotton series is now making its way to the West and can be pre-ordered via a selection of retailers, varying per location. A growing list of links can be found on the ININ Games website. ININ Games is celebrating this occasion with a new trailer, showcasing many of the features, like the six iconic playable characters.

Eager collectors still have the chance to secure a Limited Edition Nintendo Switch or PS4 copy from Strictly Limited Games, at the same price as the retail edition but with alternative cover artwork and a colourful manual not included in the retail edition. Also available is a highly limited Collector’s Edition with exclusive, magical collectibles, including the official Cotton Nendoroid figure.

About the game:

Something sinister is in the making – the willows are vanishing from Fairyland and the Fairy Queen entrusts Silk with solving the case. Who could be behind this devious ploy? For a promised lifetime all-you-can-eat supply of tasty willows, the little witch Nata de Cotton is willing to help her old friend out and embark on another adventure together.

Cotton Fantasy sets the stage for another fantastic adventure, 30 years after the Cotton series initially premiered, with lots of features to offer:

  • HD graphics & brand-new shoot ’em up game mechanics
  • 6 iconic, playable characters to choose from, each with different mechanics and attacks, even including guest characters like Umihara Kawase (from the equally named series) and Luffee from Doki Doki Poyacchio
  • Easily accessible Shoot ‘em up gameplay, perfect for newcomers, but with enough depth for veterans
  • 16 colourful and varied scrolling stages to unlock, with vertical, horizontal, and 3D movement
  • Light-hearted story with fun and charming cutscenes voiced entirely in Japanese (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish subtitles included)
  • Exhilarating soundtrack featuring iconic remastered tracks from past games
  • Unlockable content and different characters offer high replayability
  • Aim for the high score in your nation and globally with the featured ranking boards

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Labyrinth Legend is here!

Looking to venture within the looming labyrinth? Look no further! Labyrinth Legend is out now for Nintendo Switch!

In a land littered with terrifying monsters, the lost royal treasure calls your name! Can you conquer the labyrinth and claim the sacred treasure hiding inside? Put your skills to the test and delve into the depths of
Labyrinth Legend!

Labyrinth Legend – Switch Gameplay Footage!

Headland is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Copenhagen, Denmark – January 13, 2022 – Independent game studio Northplay today announced that their vividly magical action adventure game Headland is now available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99 / €19,99 / £17.99

Enter the lush fantasy of Headland as you explore grassy meadows, deep caves and dark castles to gather up the scattered fragments of Nor’s Imagination Core to rebuild it and restore colour and inspiration to his world. Along the way you will encounter a host of enemies, so you’ll want to visit the various arenas in Headland to unlock new weapons and then upgrade them using the resources that you’ve gathered.

Headland delivers all this in a vivid and magical world brought to life through it’s engaging story and a delightful cast of new robot friends that you can meet during your journey. Together with Nor and his robot buddies, you must uncover the mysteries behind the dark force that has destroyed Nor’s imagination in order to rebuild the Imagination Core and save Headland!

“Headland is officially open for Nintendo Switch players! This vibrant, colourful action adventure will appeal to fans of the classics, and it is a perfect fit for the Switch platform,” said Michael Flarup, from Northplay. “You might be familiar with Headland on mobile, but this is a new experience with a wealth of content added to make it more engaging for a console audience. We really hope you enjoy Headland, and stay tuned for our PC launch later this spring!”

In addition to the upcoming Nintendo Switch launch, Headland is also heading to PC on Steam this Spring! Wishlist it today to keep up-to-date on news.

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