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Lonely Mountains: Downhill Demo Out Now on Nintendo Switch!

Thunderful Publishing & Megagon Industries are happy to reveal that a new demo is available today on Nintendo Switch™ for their indie hit Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Nintendo fans that have been wanting to give Megagon Industries’ critically acclaimed and fan-favourite arcade mountain biking game a try, can do so now for free. To celebrate the release of the demo, Lonely Mountains: Downhill and the Eldfjall Island DLC are available with limited time discounts on the Nintendo eShop.

This demo offers an impression of the full Lonely Mountains: Downhill experience, opening up the first trail of the Sierra Rivera mountain. Armed with the all-rounder Grasshopper bike, learn the mountain trail in the explorer mode and then have a go at two challenges that will test your skills. Once you think you’ve mastered this treacherous trail, compete for the best times around the globe with the integrated online leaderboards. With tons of daring shortcuts and opportunities for frenzied sprints, perfecting your run will give you hours of discovery and fun. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is also on a limited time discount for Nintendo Switch™, with a 33% price reduction on the main game and 10% off the Eldfjall Island DLC too, so there’s never been a better time to grab your low poly bike and careen down a majestic mountain trail!

“We want as many people as possible to give Lonely Mountains: Downhill a chance, so we decided to completely lower the barrier of entry and create a demo,” said Tyrone Walcott, Product Manager at Thunderful Publishing. “The game offers players an immersive low-poly impression of the great outdoors, at a time when many do not have the opportunity to experience it. We hope all Nintendo Switch™ owners yearning to feel at one with nature give the demo a try.”

For any players wanting even more (virtual) outdoor biking action, the Eldfjall Island DLC comes complete with brand-new challenges for each of its four trails. Players will be able to unlock new outfits, paint jobs, and accessories. You can either take your time enjoying the scenery or race down the mountain as quickly as possible to climb up the leaderboards. Additionally, new weather and environmental effects will make the journey even more intense than ever before with thunderstorms and an active volcano!

For the ultimate in high score chasing action, Lonely Mountains: Downhill has Daily Rides, a free seasonal update that offers fresh gear to unlock. Daily Rides Season 5 is running right now, with a dapper Vintage Vibes theme. Players wanting to wear something fancy while riding on precarious mountain trails will be pleased to see all the elegant outfits and accessories that they can unlock by completing Season 5’s trials:

  • Show off your confidence with a bow-tie. 
  • Channel your inner masterchef with an apron. 
  • Put on a pair of suspenders if you’re feeling eccentric. 
  • Choose a classy look by wearing a tailored vintage suit. 
  • To complete each look unlock the Vintage paint job which is available for all six bikes.

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Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers Brings Fight to The Switch on April 22nd!

TOKYO – March 30, 2021 – Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers, the tag-team Touhou fighter from developer Twilight Frontier in collaboration with Team Shanghai Alice and publisher Phoenixx, takes flight on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility on Thursday, April 22.

The Touhou Project’s magical girls square off in tag-team 2D combat where characters can dodge upward and downward to set up attacks. The Primary fighter brings one of their three Spell Cards with special effects to battle, while the Secondary fighter executes assists and can swap in when necessary.

Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers features easy-to-use controls where a single button combined with a joystick direction executes dashes, throws, barriers, and bullet hell attacks worthy of the Touhou name. This simplicity belies a deep fighting system, full of combos and advanced techniques to master.

Learn each character and uncover the mystery of the Perfect Possession incident in the Story mode, with the last unlockable character and hardest difficulty available upon completion. Brush up on each fighter in Training mode and put those skills to the test in Vs. COM mode. Then it’s time to take on the world in local head-to-head multiplayer and online play.

Touhou fans can brawl with a duo chosen from a roster of 19 series mainstays like Reimu Hakurei and Kasen Ibaraki, with 19 stages from around Gensokyo to fight in. Officially the 15.5th game in the Touhou series, Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers features a story created with the supervision of series creator ZUN with a soundtrack featuring arrangements of beloved tracks by him and other composers from the Touhou franchise.

“Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers’ fans helped the game shine by creating such a vibrant community and even an English translation which we adopted into the official release,” said Unabura Iruka, Co-Founder and Game Designer, Twilight Frontier. “Working with Phoenixx to bring this game to console players is a testament of how much they’ve meant to this game.”

Touhou Hyouibana ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers releases April 22 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 via backward compatibility for $34.99/29.99 EUR. It will support English and Japanese.

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Farm, craft, and explore in Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition April 15th on Nintendo Switch!

Valencia, Spain – March 25th, 2021 — Developer Chibig is thrilled to announce that Nintendo Switch™ players will be able to farm, craft, and explore in Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition on April 15th, 2021.

This reimagination of Deiland, Chibig’s first game for PS4 and PC, includes unique content for the Nintendo Switch console, with new looks, new music, new playability, and exclusive DLC content. On top of all of this, this new edition includes a new “seasons” system.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition is a relaxing farming adventure where you will have to take care of your tiny planet. Farm, craft, and fight monsters to make your home a special place and help others with their quest. Discover the story of Arco in this single-player experience; a tale about growing up, helping others, and revealing the secrets that lie on the heart of your planet.

Key Features:

  • Customize your planet with trees, plants, crops, flowers, and structures, and take care of your farm animals.
  • Discover how the whole planet changes through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each crop will only be available in certain seasons.
  • Over 12 characters to meet and befriend.
  • Day and night cycle that has an effect on the world with natural elements like meteor showers, storms, shooting stars, aurora borealis, or hurricane winds.
  • More than 100 quests to uncover the secrets that the heart of your planet holds.
  • Cute graphics and a relaxing soundtrack will allow you to ease up the bustling daily routine and relax while you play.
  • Same shared universe as Summer in Mara, so players from that game will see familiar characters and locations.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition will be available digitally on Nintendo Switch at a special preorder discount of $16.99 USD/EUR – 15% off! – and will increase to its full price of $19.99 USD/EUR on April 21st, 2021, a week after its release. Preorder it on the Nintendo eShop on April 1st to secure your discount!

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Black Legend Begins Today on Nintendo Switch!

Geel, Belgium, March 25, 2021—Warcave is thrilled today to launch Black Legend,—the dark, turn-based strategy RPG featuring an intricate alchemy battle system, 15 playable classes and a thrilling story about a bloodthirsty cult—on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Black Legend is also available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility.

Black Legend is available for all platforms for $29.99 USD, with a 10% discount available on Steam, PlayStation and Switch for the first week, and is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, and Korean.

In Black Legend, survival depends on your team of mercenaries mastering both strategic combat and the art of alchemy in this dark fantasy world directly inspired by folklore and stories from 17th-century Belgium and the Netherlands. Explore deep into the cursed city of Grant to battle cultists, monsters, and more on your quest to eradicate a madness inflicting fog that shrouds the streets.

Key Details about Black Legend:


To succeed in the city of Grant, players must approach each combat with a tactical focus. Unit placement, ability combos, and well-chosen attacks are key to survival. Black Legend focuses on old-school strategy vibes, but without the 95% percent chance misses. As players build their band of mercenaries, it’s important to consider which class, what unique abilities, and what items will lead to success.


This ancient branch of natural philosophy adds an explosive twist to combat in Black Legend. Based on the real history behind alchemy, this system includes the four stages of the magnum opus, also known as the process to create the philosopher’s stone,—nigredo, albedo, citrinitas and rubedo. Players can mix up ranged and melee combat by using different combinations of the four alchemic attacks to injure, poison, and debilitate foes.


For fans of strategy games, one of the most exciting features of Black Legend is the ability to change team members to one of 15 different classes that are unlocked as the game progresses. With classes ranging from Alchemist to Sharp Shooter, there are options for all kinds of preferred strategy styles.

To unlock a class, the player must collect all the equipment required for that class through exploration or battle. Unlocked skills can be used by characters, no matter their class, opening up a wide range of cross-class builds for players to experiment with.


Free-exploration gives players the opportunity to investigate the many alleys and streets in the city of Grant. Different districts host a wide variety of architecture and environments, with the chance to discover hidden paths, a treasure trove of new items, hidden quest, or recruitable character.


For fans of rich historic storytelling, one of the most exciting aspects of Black Legend are the creatures inspired by centuries-old stories, respun in a unique way. Based on Belgian and Dutch folklore, these stories and the monsters that emerge from them have ancient roots, predating the Early Middle Ages. Players can expect to meet cannibalistic shapeshifters (Old Red Eyes), cat-eating, baby-stealing witches (Witte Wieven), shape-shifting water demons (Nekkers) and more.


Black Legend is available today, March 25, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, and through backwards compatibility for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, for $29.99 USD. Black Legend is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, and Korean.

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El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Giebelstadt, March 25th, 2021 – Once upon a time in the West – between the Red River and the Rio Bravo at High Noon: El Hijo – the son – needs to escape from the clutches of an evil cult. With the weapons and the wit of a child, he is out to finally be reunited with his mother after tragedy struck and the family got separated.

Just nominated for the Deutscher Computerspielpreis (DCP) 2021 El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is available now for a fistful of dollars!

Buy now for Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Nintendo Switch for $ 19.99 | € 19,99 | £ 19,99

With tricky puzzles, shady monks, and dancing cowboys, playing through this gloomy, yet wholesome, adventure is sometimes quite challenging. What happens if a diversion fails and your fireworks hit the pecking chicken instead of an opponent?

About El Hijo – A Wild West Tale:

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is a non-violent game and an exciting story of a desperate child looking for his mother. The boy sneaks past different sorts of suspicious outlaws in a series of diverse western settings.

Instead of violence, this child’s imaginative playfulness is used with the help of his toys, which serve to distract his “opponents”.

Using the shadows to his advantage is a core element of the game, as the young hero will often have to hide. Various twists on familiar mechanics are often a product of the challenging and increasingly dangerous environments that the 6-year-old must traverse to reach his ultimate goal.


  • Survive the Wild West with the cleverness of a young hero
  • Explore dark monasteries, deserts, and frontier towns in a spaghetti-western world
  • Merge with the shadows to hide from your adversaries
  • Solve playfully tricky environmental puzzles
  • Use a fun arsenal of tactical toys to bypass and distract diverse opponent types
  • Inspire other children to find the path to freedom
  • Enjoy the gripping storyline of a brave son searching for his mother

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Clockwork Aquario Provides First Teaser Trailer!

Stuttgart, Germany – March 25th 2021 – Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games are delighted to present the first teaser trailer of Clockwork Aquario after the game has been dormant for almost 30 years. Clockwork Aquario will finally see the light of day, releasing Q2/2021 for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 both digitally, from ININ Games, and physically as limited editions from Strictly Limited Games. Other platforms to be announced at a later date.

Clockwork Aquario was the last arcade game ever developed by the legendary Westone Bit Entertainment in 1993, but was never finished. The game was thought to be lost in time, but Strictly Limited Games set out on the mission to dig deep into video game archeology and save Clockwork Aquario from being lost forever.

First gameplay teaser

The first teaser trailer shows not only some incredibly beautiful hand-drawn images of the three main characters, but also the first gameplay footage of this arcade treasure. Clockwork Aquario wins the viewer over with its beautiful pixel art, the vibrant colors and the three unique characters: Huck Londo, the daring hero, Elle Moon, the brave adventuress and Gush, the warmhearted giant robot.

Non-stop arcade action

Ryuichi Nishizawa, game creator and founder of Wonder Boy, has led development of the game that encapsulates the spirit of and story about a boy, a girl and a robot in the near future, crushing the ambitions of enemies who plan to take over the world. Clockwork Aquario, a two player couch co-op, focuses on colourful, eye candy presentation, fun and fighting off enemies. Non stop action, cavorting from one platform to another, fending off endless attacks, be they from the sky or along the ground…. No stopping to admire the beautiful settings. Bash, stun, jump on the enemy and throw them away, and collect bonuses as the battles continue.

Limited and exclusive physical editions

Three limited editions for Switch and PS4 can exclusively be pre-ordered at Strictly Limited Games.

  • The Limited Edition for PS4 is available for 29,99€. (Switch is already sold out.)
  • The Collector’s Edition is priced at 69,99€ and includes amongst others an Acrylic Diorama, 2x soundtrack (original & remix), an Arcade Coin (100-yen-style) and character cards.
  • The Ultra Collector’s Edition is available for 129,99€ and includes everything from the CE and even more cool items like a beautiful 18cm figurine of Elle, Huck and Gush and a Shikishi.

“Clockwork Aquario is a great piece of 2D art, into which the pixel artists put their hearts and souls. I would like to express my heartfelt respect and gratitude to those who have worked so hard to restore it.” (Ryuichi Nishizawa)

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Jumpless Platformer Get-A-Grip Chip Lands Today on Nintendo Switch!

NEW YORK — March 25, 2021 — Get-A-Grip Chip, the charming and delightfully challenging 2D platformer from Redstart Interactive, launches on Nintendo Switch today and introduces new challenges as well as unlockable cosmetics on both Switch and PC via Steam.

Chip and Scan-It Janet work happily and efficiently at Battery Bot Manufacturer ROBOCO. An unfortunate accident sends Janet into a scanning frenzy, indirectly resulting in a gaping hole in the factory floor. The poor freshly-assembled Battery Bots plummet into the depths below, and Chip follows in hopes of saving them and helping Scan-It Janet return to their senses.

While Chip’s lack of legs make jumping impossible, clever use of a head-mounted magnetic grappling hook makes soaring over hazards a snap. Swing over deadly obstacles with a simple, satisfying control scheme that makes planning and reflexes more important than controller mastery. Grapple points across 30 levels on floors with themes like Abandoned and Incinerator, then seek out hard-to-reach platforms and hidden areas.

Rescue more than 200 Battery Bots hiding in devious locations throughout the factory. Discover and complete challenges including escorting all Bots to safety on each floor to unlock eight new skins. Dress Chip up as the vampire-inspired Nos4bot2, the noxious Toxic Assembler, or even the retro-themed Pixel Chip. Become the fanciest grappling guru by competing across the world on per-level leaderboards.

Climb those leaderboards by learning each level’s perilous pitfalls and buzzing blades to a toe-tapping soundtrack by Eva Lawitts’ project Stimmerman. A delightful mix of jazz, hip-hop, surf rock and more makes each cartoon-inspired level an audiovisual treat.

“The Switch fits so well with the design and feel we want players to experience with Chip,” said Vicky Wei, lead level designer at Redstart Interactive. “We hope our PC players will love the new challenges we’ve added for the Switch launch. We can’t wait to see the latest leaderboards!”

“We worked on Get-A-Grip Chip throughout the pandemic and we’ve been very proud to see our efforts bring people joy,” said Vicky Wei, lead level designer at Redstart Interactive. “We hope to brighten even more people’s days as they try to dress Chip up in the adorable outfits we made.”

Get-A-Grip Chip is available now on Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam in English and Japanese for $14.99.

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Fallback is Heading to Nintendo Switch Later This Year!

Paris, March 24th 2021 – Microids Indie and Endroad studio announced Fallback will be heading to the Nintendo Switch by the end of the year during the AG French Direct (ActuGaming online event dedicated to promoting French video games). The game will include the Uprising update already available on Steam.

We’re glad to accompany Endroad and Fallback to a new platform” says Vincent DondaineVP of Microids Indie. “The Switch is a very popular console amongst indie games enthusiasts. Releasing Fallback on this platform will allow more players to engage with this truly unique experience.”

We can’t wait for players to discover Fallback on the Nintendo Switch!” adds Florian Le Gouriellec, Producer & co-founder of Endroad. “We also want to warmly thank the ActuGaming’s team for organizing this event that’s giving more visibility to a great number of French studios while highlighting the diversity and uniqueness of their games.”

About Fallback

After a terrifying cataclysmic event, humanity retreated to the safety of an enormous underground bunker. The last survivors exiled themselves in a massive city called “Eden”. But a group of rebels is now determined to escape this underground world and bring life back to the surface, abandoned for generations.

In this epic rogue-like, players take control of the rebellion to face dreadful and fierce custodians! Would they be aggressive robots of all kinds as well as guardians without an ounce of humanity, your journey will be full of obstacles. The mysterious Vesta Corporation will not let you get away so easily… By collecting and combining ancient artifacts, you will be able to increase your power in the hope to reach the surface and save mankind. Or at least what’s left of it.

Fallback is part of the Microids Indie label, alongside Murder Mystery Machine and the Kingdom Majestic compilation. Microids Indie is a publishing label aimed at assisting indie studios and developers with the launch of their games.

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Start Clowning Around Later This Spring on Jolly Platformer Ayo the Clown for Nintendo Switch!

New Jersey, USA – March 24th, 2021 – Indie game studio Cloud M1 is proud to announce that its 2.5D clown-themed platformer Ayo the Clown is launching on Nintendo Switch and PC in Spring 2021. Can you help Ayo the clown as he embarks on a wacky fun-filled adventure to get his precious dog back?

On this incredible adventure you play as Ayo, your not-so-average clown, in search of his best friend and beloved dog, Bo, who has mysteriously disappeared. What happened to Bo? Will they ever juggle together in the park again? Or set up that circus act they’ve always planned? Ayo’s journey will take him across eight regions from the lush Hills, to the wacky Water World and all the way to sickeningly sweet Candy Land in search of clues to Bo’s whereabouts. Like all good adventures, you won’t be all on your own. Ayo’s world is full of friendly people and interesting creatures that are willing to lend a helping hand but beware of the fiendish foes who are out to cause you harm. Pick up a water balloon, balloon sword, toy hammer, dinosaur, helicopter, tank (boy, that escalated), everything a healthy clown needs to survive in the great outdoors, as you go about your quest.

Since Ayo is not the kind of clown to make the same joke over and over again, you’ll travel across many uniquely themed platforms providing plenty of laughs on the way as you strive to reunite clown and dog. You’ll come into contact with larger than life bosses and hordes of enemies that will prove that this clown is much tougher than he seems. Using skills such as wall jumps, slope slides and the headache inducing head stomp Ayo will show you that he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. And throughout your journey be sure to keep an eye out for some lovely collectibles: gems, rubber chicken, fart bags – you name it! A clown’s gotta get paid somehow.

“It’s been a dream come true creating video games so we’re very excited to bring Ayo the Clown to PC and Switch this year. We wanted to create a game that harks back to the platformers of yesteryear but with a modern day twist and fun artstyle to boot,” said Xiu Liang, Cloud M1 Game Director. “We know you’ll fall in love with Ayo and his friends while having a great time on his wacky adventure.”

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Knight Squad 2 Breaches Nintendo Switch on April 14th!

QUÉBEC CITY – March 24, 2021 – Knight Squad 2, the follow-up to Chainsawesome Games’ chaotic arcade party game enjoyed by more than 1.8 million players, charges into battle Wednesday, April 14 for Nintendo Switch, Windows PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S via backwards compatibility. A free-to-play preview version, Knight Squad 2 Trials, is also joining the fray and launching today on Steam.

A training ground to prepare for the full release, Knight Squad 2 Trials provides squires a place to hone their chivalric skills in Battle Royale mode. Clash with other competitors wielding authentic medieval armaments, including laser guns, boomerangs, and proximity mines until only one warrior remains standing. Trials will also allow participants to join lobbies made by players in the full game and get a taste of all the action on offer in Knight Squad 2.

The full Knight Squad 2 experience sports more than 13 competitive multiplayer modes for up to eight players. Fight in a free-for-all foray to gain control of a massive weapon and unleash its devastating power in Juggernaut mode. Team up in Painter, a graffiti turf war where the aim is to color coat more of the arena than opponents before the clock runs out. Then, for a classic bit of fun, unwind with a leisurely match of Soccer while dodging bazooka rockets, oncoming arrow fire, and whatever else the other side can muster while chasing down the ball.

Knight Squad 2 builds on the beloved framework of its predecessor to deliver an absorbing and varied multiplayer experience that puts compelling spins on familiar pastimes and introduces an element of chaos with wild variables like slippery floors and exploding bodies. Easy to pick up and enjoy with friends and family of all ages and skill levels, Knight Squad 2 aims to bring people together in the way that only a mountain of vicious combat-filled minigames can.

“Today is a huge day for us!” said Laurent Mercure, Communications Officer, Chainsawesome Games. “Not only are we announcing the game for Nintendo Switch and revealing our release date of April 14, but we’re launching our free preview version, Knight Squad 2 Trials, on Steam. So join us for some Battle Royale action today while we gear up for next month!”

Knight Squad 2 features local multiplayer and cross-platform online play across Xbox systems, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and the Epic Games Store, as well as full support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese language options.

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