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God Wars: The Complete Legend – Switch Gameplay Footage!

Bullet Hell Shooter Azure Reflections Rains Upon Nintendo Switch!

TOKYO – Aug. 30, 2018 – Azure Reflections, the vibrant, side-scrolling bullet hell shooter from Sony publishing label UNTIES and developer Souvenir Circ. where players’ performance against bosses impacts how the story unfolds, is out now for Nintendo Switch.

Azure Reflections is an unofficial entry in the Touhou Project, a series recognized by the Guinness World Records as the “most prolific fan-made shooter series.” As the Touhou Project has grown in popularity, it has spread to other media including commercial fan books, music, light novels, manga and several fan-made anime in addition to the main series.

In the otherworldly realm of Gensokyo, a mysterious evil emanates from Scarlet Devil Manor. Investigate the source of this dark power as the Touhou Project’s principal protagonist Reimu while evading deadly barrages of bullets and blasting enemy youkai into oblivion.

Unlock new playable characters, Marisa and Cirno, to experience Azure Reflections from a fresh perspective with their distinct attributes and special abilities. Spend currency earned during each run to upgrade the girls’ skills with adorable stat-boosting accessories, including everything from bunny ears and devil wings to shoes, masks, eyewear, mustaches and more.

Put the gear to good use by harnessing increased speed, smaller hitboxes, an expanded pickup radius and other handy powers to better weave through complex patterns of bullets, run up the leaderboards and perhaps even perfect the game’s boss battles to see the story’s true ending.

“Azure Reflections builds on the Touhou Project’s rich 20-year history and the Souvenir Circ. development team’s experience to create a fresh and exciting new take on the phenomenon,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “We’re proud to bring the game to a new audience with Nintendo Switch today and look forward to having more fans join the fun.”

In celebration of the launch, Azure Reflections is currently discounted (through Sept. 12, 2018) via both the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store for 30% off its base $24.99 / €24.99 MSRP.

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Mini Metro Arrives On Nintendo Switch Today; Adds Console-Exclusive Multiplayer!

August 30, 2018 – Radial Games is excited to announce gorgeously minimalist subway simulator Mini Metro is available now on Nintendo Switch, available for $9.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop. Originally developed and released on desktop and mobile devices by Dinosaur Polo Club, Radial Games teamed up with the original development team to bring this beloved title to Nintendo’s handheld console. In addition to the gameplay fans know and love, the Nintendo Switch release features fluid controls that just work, regardless of whether you’re playing with a controller, using motion controls or the touch screen, and a huge, exclusive addition: multiplayer!

Featuring support for four players, team up (or argue) with your friends to design the most efficient metro network you can. Spread across three different modes of play – Normal, Endless, and Extreme – try your hand at designing subway systems in 20 different real-world cities, each with their own unique colour schemes and obstacles. From New York City, to Osaka, to Mumbai, get ready for a world tour of efficient and collaborative metro mapping that offers up a unique experience with each session thanks to randomized city growth.

In addition to gameplay that bridges the gap between hectic and relaxing, Mini Metro also features a soundtrack by Disasterpeace that dynamically adapts to your gameplay, evolving as your subway grows and becomes more complex. Right down to the visuals which are based closely on the iconic and abstract subway designs of Harry Beck, Mini Metro is a feast for the senses.

Mini Metro is available now for Nintendo Switch, alongside Steam (PC / Mac / Linux), iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

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Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers Zooms onto Nintendo Switch!

TOKYO – Aug. 30, 2018 – Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers, the colorful slot car racing party game from Sony publishing label UNTIES and developer Pocket, is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Buckle up, push the pedal to the metal, and put those drifting skills to the test while racing against up to seven other drivers in both local and online multiplayer matches. Master the intuitive controls in this easy to pick up, but difficult to put down racer to maneuver around tricky curves and shoot into first place across 15 charming tracks set in three distinct environments.

The competition doesn’t end at the finish line. Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers also sports four battle modes to keep the experience fun and fresh for the whole family. Enjoy a game of soccer on wheels in “Goal,” collect the most cash in “Coins,” push other players out of a battle arena in “Smash” or see who can win a vibrant turf war in “Paint” by coating the city in color.

Whether playing solo, on the couch with a group, or online, Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers is a fast-paced party experience bursting with charisma. Race and battle while unlocking the game’s 20 customizable cars, rocking out to poppy tunes and soaking in its splashy voxel aesthetic.

“Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers is a delightful experience that fills us with an infectious enthusiasm,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “We can’t help but smile every time we play, as it transports us back to our childhood days spent playing with toy cars, and we’re so happy to finally be able to share that feeling with Nintendo Switch fans across the globe today.”

Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers is available via Nintendo Switch eShop for $9.99 / €9.99. It supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Japanese.

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PQube Unveils Tower Defence / Action Hybrid, Hell Warders, For Nintendo Switch This Fall!

PQube (London, UK) August 29th, 2018 – PQube Limited and Antigravity Game Studios are proud to announce Hell Warders, a third person action tower defence hybrid coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this fall worldwide.

Hell is at our gates! Rise up as one of the mighty Hell Warders, an ancient order of heroes with unique powers and abilities, to resist the demon hordes head-on. Push back wave after wave of Hell-spawn with an arsenal of weapons, rip apart their fearsome commanders with powerful hero skills, and deploy your army of knights, archers, and mages to bring the fight back to Hell!

Annihilate the legions of Hell
Control powerful Heroes, unleash devastating abilities and deploy strategic defensive units in this brand new sub-genre title.

Fortify your defenses
Set up archers, knights, mages and catapults – choose their position, upgrade their abilities and create the strongest resistance possible.

Join forces online and locally
Combine forces with up to four players and battle the legions of evil! Hell Warders supports co-operative play with friends and online matchmaking.

Choose from three class-based heroes and enhance them
Choose from three diverse heroes – each with their own unique weapons, skills and abilities. Completing stages rewards you with beacons which upgrades your skills and unlocks powerful artifacts allowing you to stand toe to toe with even the toughest of demons.

Challenge Epic Encounters
Battle demonic monsters, from the small and numerous to the epic and towering. Every resident of Hell is out to stop you!

Hell Warders is ready to defend the Nexus worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this fall

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Blade Strangers Ready To Battle On Nintendo Switch!

SANTA ANA, California, August 28, 2018 — Nicalis, Inc. today announced that Blade Strangers, the all-new crossover fighter, arrives digitally and physically in stores beginning today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4 and Steam (digital only). Old school meets new school when the excitement and subtle dynamics of a classic one-on-one fighting game are combined with the polish and high-quality visuals expected from a current-gen contender.

Blade Strangers embraces a traditional and streamlined four-button control scheme that offers accessible inputs for new players, while still providing advanced players with endless opportunities to discover new tactics as they hone their skills. The new challenger in the fighting-game arena delivers tons of action-packed content, complete with a wide variety of gameplay modes and offerings including offline Story, Arcade, Versus, Challenge and Survival modes in addition to a host of online modes, leaderboards and extra features.

The diverse roster in Blade Strangers includes unique characters from different backgrounds, headlined by Quote and Curly Brace (from Cave Story+), Isaac (from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+), Solange, Ali, Liongate and Master T (from Code of Princess EX) and Kawase, Noko and Emiko (from the Umihara Kawase series). The 14-character launch roster also features video game superstars Shovel Knight and Gunvolt as special guests, plus the debut of new characters Lina and Helen.

Developed in Japan by Studio Saizensen and produced and published by Nicalis, Blade Strangers is rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB and is available digitally and physically beginning today for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and digitally for the Steam platform for $39.99 MSRP. For a limited time, launch copies of the physical versions will include reversible box art, an instruction booklet and one of two different PVC character straps (Solange or Kawase) inside the package.

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Thief Arthur Arrives in SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ On September 13th!

We’ve got a newcomer! Meet Thief Arthur, from the hit fighting game Million Arthur: Arcana Blood! You will be able to purchase this character DLC starting September 13!

Who’s Thief Arthur?
From the Million Arthur series, Thief Arthur arrives and steals the show! Once long ago, she infiltrated Camelot to steal some of its legendary treasure, accidentally removed the legendary blade Excalibur, and became king! Her stubbornness gets in the way of showing kindness towards others as well. Now, she arrives in SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ to swiftly kick, punch, and whack(!) her opponents before snagging their treasure!

SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ launches worldwide on September 7! What other surprises await? Hmm… find out soon!

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Qubic Games Hosting eShop Gift Card Giveaway; Titles Currently On Sale For $1 Each!

We’re launching a super sale from Friday 24 August where 7 of our Nintendo Switch titles are at only $1 each (around 80% discount for most titles).

As 6 of them offer multiplayer, we celebrate this sale with a “Play-together Contest” lasting 10 days, with 20 winners of a $50 eShop Gift Card and 3 best prizes (up to $250). Be aware already that we will select some winners every 2 days, so there’s no time to wait to participate!

The discount will last until September 14th in America and until 23rd in Europe/Australia.

The contest ends on September 3rd.

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The Low Road Full Release Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Edmonton, Alberta – August 23, 2018 – XGen Studios is thrilled to officially release The Low Road on Nintendo Switch, available today alongside an update to its original release on Steam, offering up quality of life changes and reworked voice acting. This marks XGen’s fourth console release and second Nintendo title. XGen’s Defend Your Castle launched alongside Nintendo’s WiiWare service in America where it debuted at the #1 spot, and Super Motherload was one of just 23 Day-1 titles for PlayStation 4.

Drawing upon the beloved point-and-click adventure, The Low Road presents a quirky and comical look at the world of 1970s corporate espionage, set against the automobile industry. This highlights XGen Studios’ strong artistic vision in the gaming space, featuring an art style inspired by gouache paintings that feels truly unique, alongside an original musical score that blends psychedelic music with classic Americana. And now, as of today, players can take this unforgettable journey on the road, leveraging enhanced gameplay mechanics that take advantage of both the Nintendo Switch’s JoyCon and Pro Controller. Whether playing in handheld mode or docked from the comfort of your couch, The Low Road is a sight to behold.

The Low Road is available now for PC (Win/Mac) and Nintendo Switch.

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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection Shows Off Psycho Soldier & Athena!

The brilliant anthology of SNK classics in SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION arrives on Nintendo Switch November 13! Today, we’re excited to introduce SNK’s first traditional platform games, Athena and Psycho Soldier!

What is Athena?
Athena, one of SNK’s most iconic characters, makes her debut in the company’s first traditional platform game in 1986! Players walk in a side-view perspective, and jump, climb, and swim to reach new areas. Athena begins the game with just a red bikini, and gains armor and weapons along her journey. The game was notable for its branching paths. Players could complete the game without seeing all its content, and could even warp to different areas.

What is Psycho Soldier?
Athena’s sequel, to put it simply, arrived shortly after in 1987. The seal of darkness has been broken, and only these two heroes can bring peace back to the world. The star of Psycho Soldier is Athena Asamiya, a school girl who seems to be a direct descendant of the first Athena. She’s joined by Sie Kensou, who would go on to join the King of Fighters roster alongside Athena. The game is an automatic belt scroller with five lanes, in which Athena and Kensou smash bricks with weapons to find items and power up!

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