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Farm Tycoon is Available on Nintendo Switch!

Farm Tycoon is now available on Nintendo Switch for $19.99/€19.99, with a special 10% launch discount.

From seeds to vegetables and processed products. There are animals, meat processing plants, farming machines, workers with different skill sets, warehouses with cooling, anti-pesticides, and many more! Farm Tycoon is a management game where you build, produce, and control your farm.

It’s the first game of its kind made with consoles in mind from the ground up. The whole user interface is tailored to sticks and buttons, without the usual hassle of virtual cursors present in the genre. Moreover, the 2XD Rendering technology, developed specifically for optimal Nintendo Switch experience, brings stunning visual effects while ensuring stable performance throughout the game.

Farm Tycoon features include:

  • Variety of different crops to cultivate, buildings and machines to create your perfect farm,
  • User interface optimized for the best console experience,
  • Industry-leading 2XD RENDERING graphics engine,
  • Campaign, scenarios, and free mode for diverse gameplay.

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Souldiers – Switch Gameplay Footage!

The House of the Dead: Remake Limidead Edition is Available on Nintendo Switch!

Paris – May 26th, 2022 – Forever Entertainment and Microids are delighted to announce the release of The House of the Dead: Remake Limidead Edition, coming out on Nintendo Switch. Developed by MegaPixel Studio, The House of the Dead: Remake offers players around the world the joy to discover or rediscover this timeless arcade classic from SEGA!

Limidead edition content:

  • Copy of the game The House of the Dead: Remake
  • An exclusive box with lenticular
  • Two character stands
  • Sticker sheet

About The House of the Dead Remake

Shoot creatures like in the 90’s with the remake of this cult arcade shooting game!

Renowned biochemist and geneticist, Dr Roy Curien is obssessed by his lifetime project of discovering the nature of life and death. When he finally succeeds, it’s time for his former colleague Sophie Richards to ask for the help of her friends at AMS; Thomas Rogan and agent G. Their mission is simple, end the doctor’s macabre project and save all the employees of the lab. Play solo or with a friend and shoot hordes of undeads and nightmare creatures in this fantastically gory and shameless arcade shooter!

  • A state of the art remake with upgraded graphics, audio and new game modes for this arcade hit released in 1997!
  • Solo and multiplayer using the JoyCon.
  • Nonstop action!
  • Unlock the full monster encyclopedia to learn about them and their weaknesses.

House of the Dead: Remake Limidead Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch!

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TEN – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds – Begins June 3rd on Nintendo Switch!

May 26 2022 – Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is delighted to be working with developer The Bworg on their debut title TEN – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds to be released on 3rd June 2022 for PC (Steam) / Playstation 4 + 5 / Xbox One, Series X and Series S / Nintendo Switch for £4.99 / $4.99 / €4.99.

Are you looking for an addictive, satisfying and challenging game that you can pick up and play any time? Whether you’ve got a few minutes to spare or you’re in it for the long haul, TEN – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds is the game for you.

Simply addictive – Don’t Judge a book by its cover

You have TEN seconds to live, or die.

TEN – Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds is a simple yet challenging single player game that takes place across ten floors of an underground facility. Each floor contains ten rooms, and each room seals the player in for ten seconds while various traps try to kill them. But there’s hope – the player can collect ‘tokens’ which can be spent in safe rooms at the start of each floor to unlock upgrades and abilities to help them survive.

The game’s focus is on a “learn from failure approach”. Each room is technically a puzzle, and as players learn from their mistakes, they’ll discover their own solution, overcome each floor’s gauntlet and make it to the next level. Although simple on the surface, it’s reminiscent of similar challenging games of its kind like Super Meat Boy, and also takes influence from more modern games such as those in the “souls like” genre.

For trophy hunters or casual players, there’s an easy/casual mode that allows for optional invincibility so you can simply enjoy the story (which really starts to take off around the midway point).

For players who really want a challenge, there’s an optional ‘Hell Mode’ which offers up more threats in each room.

Game Elements:

  • Fast-paced, adrenaline fuelled gameplay
  • Mysterious and rewarding story
  • Deadly and varied bosses
  • Upgrade and skill system
  • Killer soundtrack by dBXY Collective
  • An onslaught of cannon fire, bizarre monsters and more
  • Plus an epic and surprising conclusion

Escape, survive and overcome – TEN seconds at a time!

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Cult shooter Jim Power Arrives June 2nd on Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, Germany – 25 May, 2022 – The evil Vaprak is back and once again it is up to Jim Power to travel to the virtual world and slay the evil monster. Strictly Limited Games is happy to announce the next physical limited release in partnership with our friends at QUByte and PIKO Interactive. Jim Power: The Lost Dimension is a re-release of the 90’s cult classic for PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Nintendo Switch with an experience that is true to the original spirit of the game. Additionally, collectors and fans are able to get their hands on the strictly limited retro cartridges of the game, compatible with SNES®, SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive, which was cancelled and never released, and as a newly developed version compatible with NES!

Jim Power: The Lost Dimension will be available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and retro cartridges, coming in  Special Limited Editions, with pre-orders kicking off on Sunday, May 29th, at 12 AM CET (midnight), only at Strictly Limited Games.

About Jim Power: The Lost Dimension:

The evil alien Vaprak is threatening to destroy the earth, which is the last planet that stands between it and the entry to the 5th dimension. If Vaprak succeeds, his species will flood the galaxy and all will be lost. It is up to Jim Power to infiltrate and slay the evil. Originally released in the ‘90s Jim Power was hailed for its outstanding graphics and challenging gameplay. Now Jim is back and ready to do it all over again.

Jim Power: The Lost Dimension on Nintendo Switch and PS4 includes the NES® version of the game which has been developed from scratch by PIKO Interactive, and on top of that the SEGA Genesis version, which was supposed to be released back in the ’90s, but was cancelled last minute. Now, fans of the retro shooter can enjoy the classic Genesis version on their modern home console for the first time!

The re-release of Jim Power: The Lost Dimension for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch includes several features, that underline the spirit of the cult classic:

  • Single player side-scrolling action
  • Newly developed NES® version
  • First time officially released Genesis version
  • Stellar pixel graphics and classic ‘90s gaming goodness
  • Soundtrack by video game music legend Chris Huelsbeck
  • Several unique stages
  • Run & Gun, Jetpack and Shoot ‘em Up levels
  • 16 Bit and an 8 Bit gameplay
  • 4 screen filters and 3 screen types

Strictly Limited Editions:

Strictly Limited Games is giving Jim Power the boxed legacy it deserves, with two unique limited editions for modern consoles, available for pre-order exclusively via the Strictly Limited Games online shop.

The Limited Edition is limited to 2,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,000 for PS4, at a price of 29.99€/34,99$, including a colorful game manual.

The Special Limited Edition is limited to 1,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 500 for PS4, for 49.99€/54,99$, including lots of additional collectibles:

  • Special Limited Edition Box
  • Reversible Cover
  • Original Soundtrack on 2 CDs
  • Anaglyphic 3D Glasses
  • Double-sided Artwork Poster (A3 / 42 x 29,7 cm)
  • Jim Power Replica Flyer ( A5 / 21 x 14,8 cm)
  • Lenticular Card (A6 / 14,8 x 10,5 cm)
  • Sticker
  • Colorful Game Manual

Retro Editions

The retro editions of Jim Power: The Lost Dimension will be available as:

  • Cartridge compatible with SNES® including the game based on the digital, enhanced re-release of the SNES® version. Limited to 149 PAL and 222 NTSC versions.
  • Cartridge compatible with NES® with the newly developed version of Jim Power! Limited to 333 units.
  • Cartridge compatible with SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive coming with the never officially released Genesis version of Jim Power! Limited to 333 units.

Each version will be available for 49.99€ / $54.99.

For an ultimate Jim Power retro experience, there will be a Jim Power Bundle including all three retro cartridges as well as an exclusive soundtrack, an art card and a poster! This very special edition is highly limited to 33 PAL and 66 NTSC – and available for 149.99€ / $154.99.

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Yomawari: Lost in the Dark Announced For Nintendo Switch!

Another chapter of the atmospheric horror series from Nippon Ichi Software has emerged from the shadows with a new story set in a frighteningly familiar world!

To break a curse placed upon her, a young girl must venture into the haunted streets of her town at night to search for her lost memories while evading the twisted spirits that lurk in the darkness.

Check out the official website for more information and be sure to preorder your limited edition today!

Yomawari: Lost in the Dark is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC in fall 2022.

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Wonder Boy Collection Arrives June 3rd on Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, Germany – 23 May, 2022: The Wonder Boy Collection will launch boxed and digital on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 – on June 3rd, 2022! ININ Games and Bliss Brain are happy to present another sneak peek at the four included cult classics from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

ININ Games together with Bliss Brain are happy to bring back this cult series with its most essential titles in one collection:

  • Wonder Boy (1986)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991)
  • Monster World IV (1994)

Gamers can expect lots of additional features like filter, shader, a rewind and fast forward option, an art gallery and a save anytime option.

The Wonder Boy Collection (Nintendo Switch/PS4) will launch 3rd June at retailers and digital stores in Europe and North America.

Fans from the US can check to pre-order their copies while fans from all around the world should refer to or for the latest updates and pre-ordering!

Limited & Collector’s Editions at Strictly Limited Games

To celebrate the 35th birthday of this beloved franchise, Strictly Limited Games offer the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection (Nintendo Switch/PS4), including six games with 21 versions of Wonder Boy in total – the perfect edition for every fan or collector!

  • Wonder Boy (1986)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land (1987)
  • Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (1988)
  • Wonder Boy: The Dragon‘s Trap (1989)
  • Wonder Boy in Monster World (1991)
  • Monster World IV (1994)

Pre-orders of the special limited editions including awesome exclusive items are still possible at – only while stock lasts.

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Samurai Riot Begins June 1st on Nintendo Switch!

23rd May 2022– Hound Picked Games, together with Wako Factory, a French indie development studio, is excited to announce Samurai Riot Definitive Edition, after its successful launch in 2017 is soon to be rereleased on Nintendo Switch and PC. With constant community and forum requests for a console version, the Nintendo Switch releases on June 1st 2022 with new features and enhancements to make it as a 2D, solo or co-op arcade beat’em up not to be missed!

New, bigger, better, a must play!

Since the original incarnation this new definitive version offers lots, lots more,

New features:

  • New animations @60fps
  • New dialogs
  • Pixel perfect stability and optimization (10 times lighter than the initial version)
  • Slicker and improved combos (easier to make huge combos for average player)
  • New updated backgrounds and ambiance

Fans of this genre can look forward to a visual treat, where a backdrop story compels the player to really think about their decisions in game and the ramifications of their choices . Having been hired to bring peace and tranquillity to the warring land, each choice you make as a Samurai, Tsurumaru/ Sukane, will have an influence on your destiny and, with an arsenal of deadly attacks at your disposal, the fight to make it through each battle will require guile, skill and forethought!

We wanted to release Samurai Riot Definitive Edition on Switch because it’s an “old-school” cooperative game and the switch perfectly embodies the “couch game” aspect that we imagined, both in your living room or at a picnic table.

-Charlotte Buchet – art director and co-founder of Wako Factory

Samurai Riot offers a plethora of choices and features including both solo and cooperative play, where the story immerses both players equally, with a multi-branching storyline, complete with eight different endings. Conversely, you could enter a PVP fight against your partner to win the lead! The more you play, the more you accumulate points to unlock new fighting schools for better replay value.

Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master, Samurai Riot Definitive Edition rewards the more demanding gamer with deeper content. Players can choose from 14 fighting schools that add a plethora of gameplay variation to the character’s moves and the devastation they can unleash upon their enemies.


  • A unique cooperative system with devastating combined attacks
  • Multi-branching storyline with moral decision making
  • 8 different endings
  • 2D Arcade Gameplay
  • Strong replay value: change your gameplay by choosing between various fighting schools
  • Superb in game music and SFX

A skillful and delightful honed beat-up-up with a cool couch co-op option.

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Cotton Fantasy Has Arrived for Nintendo Switch!

Stuttgart, May 20th, 2022 – Get your witch powers ready and prepare to fight the evil-doers to save the Fairland in Cotton Fantasy, which launches today. The title published by ININ Games for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 is now available, both digitally and at retailers worldwide. A full list of retailers can be found at

30 years after the start of the Cotton series, Cotton Fantasy marks a brand-new entry in the beloved “Cute ‘em Up” shooter franchise. Pick one of six playable characters, including exciting guest characters, all with their own attacks and different mechanics and master the 16 colorful stages on your way to defeat your enemies. Who knows, you might even unlock another secret character if you finish the game!

The game is also still available in a limited boxed edition at Strictly Limited Games or Gamesrocket. The Limited Edition comes at the same price as the retail edition but with alternative cover artwork and a game manual not included in the retail edition. Also available is a highly limited Collector’s Edition with exclusive, magical collectibles, including the official Cotton Nendoroid figure. This edition will start shipping at a later time this summer.

About Cotton Fantasy:

  • HD graphics & brand-new shoot ’em up game mechanics
  • 6 iconic, playable characters to choose from, each with different mechanics and attacks that totally switch up the experience
  • Easily accessible Shoot ‘em up gameplay, perfect for newcomers, but with enough depth for veterans
  • 16 colorful and varied scrolling stages to unlock, with vertical, horizontal, and 3D movement
  • Light-hearted story with fun and charming cutscenes voiced entirely in Japanese (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish subtitles included)
  • Exhilarating soundtrack featuring iconic remastered tracks from past games
  • Unlockable content and different characters offer high replayability
  • Aim for the high score in your nation and globally with the featured ranking boards

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Rogue-Lite RPG The Hand of Merlin Launches June 14th on Nintendo Switch!

Denver, CO – May 19th, 2022 – Independent developer Room-C Games in co-production with Croteam and indie publisher Versus Evil are excited to announce that their rogue-lite RPG game The Hand of Merlin Version 1.0 will be launching on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and playable across Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One consoles on June 14th, 2022.

The console version will include all eight major updates from the PC version released during its time in Steam Early Access, and developer Room-C Games has implemented lots of new features and gameplay enhancements including meta progression, passive skills, alternate maps, varied difficulty modes and overhauled its visual VFX.

The Hand of Merlin is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG written by Jonas Kyratzes (The Talos Principle, Serious Sam 4) and Verena Kyratzes (The Lands of Dream, Serious Sam 4)  in which Arthurian legend clashes with dark sci-fi horror. Players recruit three mortal heroes on a desperate journey from Albion to Jerusalem to explore richly-imagined medieval lands on the brink of apocalypse – assaulted by an otherworldly evil. In The Hand of Merlin, choices are permanent, the decisions players make in the game can make all the difference to their party’s synergy and combat prowess.

Utilizing squad-based and turn-based combat, players can employ tactical cunning to use cover, set up ambushes and coordinate attacks to conquer both human and unworldly abhorrent foes looking to do them harm. With a large focus on exploration and encounter, players will traverse an intricately crafted multiverse as they jump from one parallel dimension to the next. Each world saved is saved forever, but each world lost is lost for all eternity, consumed into darkness. Adventurers will need to weigh the consequences of their actions in the decisions they make since their human form has its limits.

“We’re excited to be able to announce that The Hand of Merlin will be a multi-platform release that includes console and PC, merging a heavy dose of dark Sci-fi into traditional Arthurian legend gave us the creative freedom to bring something refreshingly different to the turn-based and squad based RPG genre,” said Robert Sajko, Creative Director of Room C Games.

The PC version of The Hand of Merlin will be available as both a standard edition and a Deluxe edition when it launches next month, with the Deluxe edition including a copy of the game’s soundtrack.

The battle for good against evil begins on June 14th. For more information on The Hand of Merlin head over to the Versus Evil blog or visit The Hand of Merlin Steam page.

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