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Retro Action-RPG Souldiers to Launch May 19th on Nintendo Switch!

Madrid, Spain – March 22nd 2022 – Indie studio Retro Forge, working in partnership with publisher Dear Villagers (The Forgotten City, ScourgeBringer) have revealed that its upcoming 16-bit inspired action-RPG metroidvania adventure Souldiers will launch on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation Platforms on May 19th. This announcement was revealed exclusively at The MIX and the game is exhibiting at this year’s Game Developer Conference.

Souldiers wraps metroidvania exploration, crunchy soulslike combat, RPG customization,and precision platforming into one gorgeous pixelart package. Players take on the role of either scout, caster or archer, battling for freedom in Terragaya, a mystical land on the border between life and death.

Each class has its own unique attacks along with different agility, attack, defense, and health stats. Your character can further be customized through branches of unlockable skill trees, offering a huge degree of freedom as you venture through Souldiers’ fantastical realm.

Outwit cunning enemies, solve nefarious puzzles, upgrade your character, and explore every corner of a dazzling, intricate 16-bit world. Souldiers is a handcrafted retro epic for the ages.

Souldiers merges 90s side-scrolling action/adventure games with more contemporary design principles,” said Alberto Hernández, creative director at Retro Forge. “We wanted to capture the speed and legibility of the classic 2D metroidvanias with the complex combat system of a more modern affair, letting players tailor their hero to their specific playstyle. We think it’s the perfect marriage of old and new and we can’t wait for everyone to play Souldiers when it comes out May 19th.”

  • Choose your class: Unleash the fury of your sword with the scout, summon the wrath of elements with the caster, or rain down arrows on your foes with the archer.

  • Gripping combat: Slash, parry and dodge your way through an ever evolving roster of enemies, upgrading your skills and equipment to find a combat style that’s perfect for you.

  • An interconnected world: Discover a sprawling handcrafted landscape filled with treasures, tough-as-nails bosses and secrepathways. 

  • 16-bit sensation: Terragaya comes to life with vibrant world-class pixel art packed to the brim with details.

  • Smart moves: Solve environmental puzzles and leap from place to place using an ever-expanding moveset.

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Anything and Everything Can Happen in Ingenious Narrative Card-based Foretale!

Nantes, France, March 22nd, 2022 – Indie developer Alkemi in partnership with Dear Villagers are proud to reveal their upcoming story-driven card game, Foretales. Due this Summer on PC and Nintendo Switch, Foretales is a new kind of card game where narration and experimentation blend with decksploration mechanics.

Foretales tells the story of a collapsing world doomed by a dark​ prophecy. Assuming the role of the avian small-time thief Volepain, you must assemble your party by choosing from a selection of anthropomorphic characters ranging from the tiger archer Léo, to the gorilla Karst, to the elephant Isabeau, and parrot Pattenbois. Use each character’s unique skills along with consumable cards to forge your path through a huge variety of scripted encounters and situations. Choose whether to approach a scenario by using stealth, creating a ruse, making a trade, or engaging in good old-fashioned fisticuffs.

Play through the story multiple times to unlock all narrative branches, find multiple solutions to a single problem and maybe discover a way to achieve what seemed impossible at first. Experiment with different card associations and write your own story with your own moral values.

Foretales’ tabletop inspired mechanics are brought to life through a gorgeous illustrative art style that recalls the classic 2D animation of Disney’s golden era. The atmosphere is enhanced through a soundtrack by legendary composer Christophe Héral, of Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman Legends fame, while prolific character actor Travis Willingham (whose IMDB profile is so vast we wouldn’t even know where to begin) offers his esteemed vocal talents as the narrator.

“We’re all big fans of tabletop gaming, so we wanted to bring its open-ended nature to life in a video game, where we could combine it with the advantages of that medium – such as music and voice acting,” said Alain Puget, founder of Alkemi. “It’s a totally unique beast, combining narration and experimentation merged with deck mechanics. We really think it’s something new and we hope that players will enjoy this new blend of narration and gameplay.”

“Foretales is among the most ambitious indies we’ve come across,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing at Dear Villagers. “The amount of narrative freedom it offers is unbelievable, and the slick production values and artistry layered on top of it makes it a truly special endeavor. It’s positively dripping with love, which makes it the perfect fit for Dear Villagers’ boutique lineup!”

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Exclusive CRYSTAR Voice Actor Q&A Video!

Meet the ladies behind the voices of the iconic cast of CRYSTAR in our exclusive Q&A session! Get a special look into the life and process of a voice actor as well as a behind-the-scenes look at some of your favorite characters.

If you’re eager for more CRYSTAR, watch the most recent trailer here, and visit the official website for more details. Be sure to preorder your limited edition today before supplies run out!

CRYSTAR is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 29, 2022.

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Wonder Boy Returns Gets a Switch Physical Release via Strictly Limited Games!

Stuttgart, March 17th, 2022 – Wonder Boy Returns Remix will soon get a special limited release! Strictly Limited Games is happy to announce the pre-order start of the Limited and the Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Switch) for March 20th. The game together with some special physical collectibles will be available at the Strictly Limited Games Store.

About the Game

The Wonder Boy adventures have a long history. In 1986, players first accompanied the young hero on his journey in the side-scrolling action game. Over time, the legendary adventures have delighted many fans of all generations. And so, in Wonder Boy Returns Remix, you’ll join Boy/Tom-Tom once again on his quest to save his girlfriend! The HD remake of the legendary and iconic original Wonder Boy adventure was rearranged and greatly improved by Wonder Boy creator Ryuichi Nishizawa and features a beautiful anime-inspired style, an awesome soundtrack and special features! Now, Strictly Limited Games is making a boxed Nintendo Switch version available for the very first time.

Experience an ultimate classic of video game history!

  • Modern HD, anime-inspired graphic style
  • Bright visual effects and smooth animations
  • Superior soundtrack compositions and sound effects
  • 2 playable characters: Boy/Tom-Tom & Tina/Tanya
  • Improved gameplay and interface compared to the original

Limited & Collector’s Edition

Some might remember the special editions of Wonder Boy Returns that were released in a limited quantity by Strictly Limited Games for PS4 only, a few years ago. Now Nintendo Switch owners can finally also get their hands on the Wonder Boy Returns Remix special editions, including awesome collectibles. Available for pre-order March 20th!

The Limited Edition (Nintendo Switch) will be available for €29.99,  limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.

Also available is a highly limited Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Switch) with quality physical collectibles, including:

  • Collector’s Edition Box
  • Tom-Tom Keychain
  • Stylish Tote Bag
  • Postcard Set of 2
  • Reversible Artwork Poster
  • Character Sticker Sheet
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • A colorful manual

The Collector’s Edition will be available for €54.99, limited to 2,000 copies.

For all Wonder Boy fans out there, Strictly Limited Games has some more awesome titles in their lineup, such as the Wonder Boy Anniversary Collection (Nintendo Switch/PS4). Featuring six games of the beloved series in console ports from Arcade, Master System / Sega MARK III, Mega Drive / Genesis and more, the Anniversary Collection comes with a total of 21 different versions! Visit for more information!

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Red Wings: American Aces Takes To The Skies March 31st on Nintendo Switch!

Krakow, Poland — March 17, 2022 – Publisher All in! Games announced that its arcade biplane shooter, Red Wings: American Aces, a spin-off of their previous in-house developed arcade shooter, Red Wings: Aces of the Sky will be launching on PC and Nintendo Switch on March 31st. A 20% pre order discount is available for Nintendo Switch until March 31st.

Red Wings: American Aces puts players in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter illustrated in a vibrant comic-book style with a gaming mode for every occasion, also featuring online multiplayer. Budding air aces have 15 different planes to choose from, each with its own unique plane skin across 30 campaign missions available in local co-op for 1-2 players.

Players can also embark on three different gameplay modes, Score Battle, Time Battle, and Hide n’ Seek in a game where fast frenetic arcade gameplay and short gameplay sessions are sure to keep budding pilots on their toes. For larger aerial battles players can build a squad of 5 other players in elimination mode against other squads where safety in numbers can make all the difference.

“Red Wings: American Aces honors the older arcade classics but adds a modern twist allowing for online multiplayer – the first arcade aerial shooter to do that! ” said Norman Lenda, Development Director. “We wanted to pile on the fun factor in a big entertaining way rather than creating something locked into historical accuracy. There’s plenty of different planes and modes to choose from so each play session offers a new experience.”

About Red Wings: American Aces

Red Wings: American Aces puts you in the pilot’s seat of a nostalgic, action-packed arcade shooter illustrated in a vibrant comic-book style with a gaming mode for every occasion. Prove yourself in exciting aerial battles and make a name for your squad as the best aces of WWI!

Key Features:

  • Fly online – Test your skills against a max of 9 other players in Last Man Standing, Score Battle, or Time Battle modes or gather your squad of up to 5 pilots and battle other squads in Elimination, Time Team Battle, or Score Team Battle modes

  • Fly locally – Play custom games in 3 different modes (Score Battle, Time Battle, and Hide n’ Seek (2 players only)) solo against AI or against another player

  • Complete 30 missions in campaign mode – relive the aerial dogfights of WWI and encounter all manner of unexpected challenges (available in local co-op for 1-2 players)

  • Upgrade your pilot progression skill tree – develop your pilot skills and rearrange points depending on the mission at hand

  • Pilot 15 different warplanes, each with unique skins – stand out in the heat of battle with a plane your enemies won’t soon forget

  • Rise to the challenge – be prepared for thunderstorms that blast skill cooldowns, sandstorms that reduce visibility, missions where you’ll only be able to take out enemies with barrel rolls, and more!

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Wildcat Gun Machine Sharpens Its Claws for Its May 4th Release!

Hamburg, Germany, March 17th, 2022 — Daedalic Entertainment and Chunkybox Games are hyped to announce the release date for a master class in cartoon violence – Wildcat Gun Machine drops on PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on May 4th, 2022. In this bullet hell dungeon crawler, our trigger-happy protagonist is not kittin` around – players face hordes of very non-cute flesh amalgamations with a whole arsenal of glorious gun-goodness.

In Wildcat Gun Machine, players get thrown into maze-like dungeons filled to the brim with truly disgusting and furocious enemies in order to liberate giant mech robots from demonic elder gods. H.P. Lovecraft would be proud. In order to achieve this goal, players can choose from 40 different gun types – all perfect for riddling the spawns of hell with bullets – as well as super abilities born from character upgrades to match. Wildcat Gun Machine presents itself as a classical bullet hell boss battle experience with a twist: instead of randomizing enemy encounters, they are specifically designed to provide difficult combat puzzles.

Remember, the only thing cats like more than chasing a laser dot is putting it between the eyes of their enemies.

Key Features

  • Bullet Hell shooter
  • Over 40 gun types
  • Epic set-piece boss battles
  • Skill upgrades to suit your playstyle
  • Unique 2D art style

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The Cruel King and the Great Hero Has Arrived on Nintendo Switch!

Experience the storybook adventure of a young girl who dreams of being a hero and the mighty beast who protects her in The Cruel King and the Great Hero! Can the Dragon King come to terms with the inevitable truth that the girl is bound to learn one day?

The Cruel King and the Great Hero is available now for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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Wordbreaker by POWGI Launches March 17th on Nintendo Switch!

Staffordshire, UK – Lightwood Games has announced the release of the latest word puzzle game in their popular “by POWGI” series.

Wordbreaker by POWGI is released on Tuesday 15th March on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5; on Wednesday 16th March on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S; and on Thursday 17th March on Nintendo Switch.

Wordbreaker is a code-breaking puzzle using letters, inspired by Mastermind, Lingo and – of course more recently – Wordle.

Players choose a five-letter word and are told how many letters in that word match the target word. They then refine their choice – always choosing a valid English word – until they have enough information to deduce the correct word.

Wordbreaker by POWGI has 120 puzzles to solve, with 120 of our trademark bad jokes as a “reward” for solving them.

It is priced at $7.99 / GBP £6.49 / €7.99 and rated ESRB E for Everyone / PEGI 3.

Cross-generation upgrades are included, so PlayStation 4 owners will receive an entitlement to the PS5 version and Xbox One owners will be able to play on Series X|S at no extra cost.

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Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, March 10th, 2022 – Microids Indie and studio Toppluva are thrilled to announce that Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is now available on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam). Developed by Swedish studio Toppluva, Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands is a refreshing open-world skiing & snowboarding game where you get to explore snowy slopes filled with hundreds of challenges and trials. The digital version of the game is now available on the Nintendo eShop and PC (Steam). The retail Switch version has launched today in Europe and will be available on March 22nd in North America.

Key features:

  • An ode to exploration: Strap on your skis or board and explore 12 huge open-world ski resorts. Discover powdery backcountry areas, deep forests with wildlife, busy slopes, steep cliffs, high peaks and cozy mountain-side villages.
  • Numerous challenges await you in the mountains: Compete in Super G, Slopestyle, Big Air, and many other disciplines. Search for hidden challenges and secret trials outside the slopes. Collect ski passes to unlock new ski lifts and mountains!
  • Ski alone or with friends: Play in Local Multiplayer for up to 4 players. Race to the finish line, knock down each other with snowballs or cruise down the mountains together. Feel free to explore the mountain together.
  • Take a break with Zen Mode: Zen Mode is all about having a quiet and regenerating time for yourself. All challenges, trials, collectibles and even NPC are removed, leaving you entire untouched mountains to explore just by yourself. Grab a hot cocoa and enjoy the snowy mountains at your own pace!

The Nintendo Switch retail edition includes:

  • A unique logo badge
  • Snowy stickers
  • 2 winter postcards

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Taito Milestones Boxed Edition Pre-Orders are Live!

Stuttgart, March 10th, 2022: ININ Games is happy to announce that the boxed edition of TAITO MILESTONES for Nintendo Switch is now also available for pre-order in North America!

From the creators of several beloved video game icons, now comes a collection that spans a variety of genres and reflects a very important part of the company’s own history. Ten groundbreaking classics that paved the way for TAITO’s success and represent the legacy of the legendary video game developer. Kids of the 80s can get ready for a true retro flashback – heading straight to home screens.

  • 1981 – QIX
  • 1983 – Chack’n Pop
  • 1981 – SPACE SEEKER
  • 1982 – ALPINE SKI
  • 1985 – The FairyLand Story
  • 1982 – FRONT LINE
  • 1986 – HALLEY’S COMET
  • 1982 – WILD WESTERN

Strike your enemies in the sci-fi shooter SPACE SEEKER, show your best downhill ski moves in ALPINE SKI, stay undiscovered as a spy on a solo mission in ELEVATOR ACTION, or crush your enemies as a skilled ninja in THE NINJAWARRIORS. With this collection there will be something for every retro game enthusiast!

TAITO MILESTONES is now available for pre-order as a boxed edition for Nintendo Switch in North America. The digital download version will hit the eShop at the time of the release!

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