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Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, October 27th 2022 – Microids is happy to announce the release of the video game Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia on PC, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch! The PlayStation versions will launch on November 4 in North America.

Asterix and Obelix are taking us to Hibernia for a collection of brawls with zero rule! For the very first time in the series, the game is both solo and co-op for up to four players! Romans, hold on to your shield, these Gauls mean business more than ever!

About Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia

The year is 50 BC. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely! One small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders… Meanwhile, in Hibernia (today known as Ireland) Keratine, chief Whiskitonix’s daughter, is calling Asterix and Obelix to the rescue as they need help to overcome the Roman invasion and bring back her father’s beloved golden ram. For this mission, you’ll control your favorite heroes and use your fists and any surrounding objects to make your way whilst throwing Romans in the air! Our two Gauls will also be able to count on their trusty druid Getafix, who’s been working on a new magic potion recipe for extra power!

Wake up the Gaul in you thanks to this brand-new top down explosive adventure of your favorite Gauls. Get ready for non-stop action, mind bending puzzle solving, exploration and items to collect in this one-of-a-kind adventure as good as a boar stew!

Your journey through Hibernia will span across six chapters, each of them filled with Romans and collectibles. Be creative! The more combo styles and diverse items you use during the fight, the bigger the surprises! Sure, a hit with that barrel sounds nice, but why not try a tree stump as well?

Stronger together! Asterix & Obelix XXXL: The Ram From Hibernia will offer a co-op mode for up to four players on the same screen!

By Toutatis, these Gauls are crazy!

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The Pinball Wizards Casts a Spell on Nintendo Switch Today!

October 27th – Victoria, BC – Frosty Pop has conjured up a real treat with The Pinball Wizard launching today on Nintendo Switch & Steam. It’s a smooth-as-silk arcade dungeon crawling adventure that sees you climbing a treacherous tower, with each floor acting as its own self-contained mini pinball table.

“At Frosty Pop we love to meddle with genre conventions.  Trying to combine seemingly disparate mechanics – in this case pinball and dungeon crawling – often leads to something new and fun and additive to the specific cannons. In this case it’s made for an endlessly enjoyable title that we’re super proud of, and we’re extremely excited to be bringing it to new platforms.”

-Faisal Sethi, Founder of Frosty Pop

Built for short bursts of chaotic flipper focused fun, The Pinball Wizard is the perfect chance to practice your pinball fundamentals while pummeling monsters, leveling up, and collecting coins to upgrade your abilities. Flip, bump, and bounce your way up the tower to save the world, employing all sorts of magic powers along the way that feed on your growing mastery of angles and physics.

The Pinball Wizard is available now for both Windows & Mac via Steam and on Nintendo Switch for $7.99 USD, alongside a 10% launch discount.

About The Pinball Wizard

Oh, young Apprentice! Atop the Mountain of Shadow, at the foot of the castle tower, the wisdom bestowed upon you shall come to pass. A pinball dungeon crawler awaits to test your skill!

Ascend the castle tower. Level up your skills. Fulfill your destiny. Become the wizard you were born to be!

The Pinball Wizard is a dungeon crawler pinball hybrid, and an arcade adventure game, where the main character is propelled into action by a set of flippers, like the ball in a pinball machine. Each level (dungeon) of the game is a contained area inside a tower. The goal of the game is to survive and get to the top of the tower alive.

Key Features:

  • Tower Mode: Climb a tower with twenty-one levels and defeat the big, bad, boss.
  • Dungeon Mode: Survive as long as you can in a giant dungeon.
  • Two Daily Dungeons: A randomized new dungeon, every day.
  • Upgrade Skills: Unlock and maximize all 16 skills including Dash and Magic Orb.

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Arkanoid Eternal Battle Has Begun on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, October 27th, 2022 – Microids is delighted to announce that Arkanoid Eternal Battle is now available worldwide on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S and PC. In North America, the retail versions will be available on November 8th. Developed by studio Pastagames, Arkanoid Eternal Battle invites players to discover or rediscover the iconic block breaker in a fully modernized and revamped version where players can compete online with up to 24 others in the Eternal Battle mode.

48-hour Free Trial on Steam and 10% launch discount on several platforms for a limited time!

Starting today 9am PT and for the next 48 hours, players will be able get their hands on the full game for free, including the thrilling cross-platform Eternal Battle mode.

Additionally, the game will be 10% off for a limited time on Steam, GOG and the Microsoft store.

Dive back into the 80’s Arcade frenzy with the game’s retro retail editions, coming soon!

The Limited Edition includes:

  • The full game for PS5, PS4 or Nintendo Switch
  • A 3D lenticular
  • A 16-page instructions booklet
  • The original soundtrack (digital format)
  • A sheet of stickers
  • Exclusive in-game bonuses

Arkanoid Eternal Battle marks the return of the emblematic block breaker game in a surprising, renewed version with 4 game modes:

  • Retro: Teleport yourself in an old-school arcade parlor back in 1986 and enjoy the original game as if you were there!
  • Neo: This solo mode expands on the classic gameplay with brand-new levels, a modern and stylish art direction & sounds as well as new unique blocks, bonuses and effects!
  • Versus: Play locally with 2 to 4 players on the same screen!
  • Eternal Battle: For the very first time, 25 players can challenge each other online in an exclusive Battle Royale mode! Use your power ups to gain advantage and aim at the top score to be the last one standing and win the game!

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Taito’s Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! is Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2023!

Stuttgart, Germany – October 27th, 2022 – ININ Games together with TAITO Corporation is proud to announce that Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! is coming in Spring 2023, exclusively for Nintendo Switch! The game that started it all comes back to you for another adventure with new enhanced features, which will be announced soon.

Only one we couldn’t wait to share with you: for the very first time in the history of the franchise, Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! will include a story mode playable with up to 4 players, and a 2 vs. 2 co-op battle mode.

The game will be published by ININ and can already be pre-ordered at certain retailers around the world: an ever-growing list of all participating retailers can be found at

For nostalgic fans of this timeless franchise, ININ decided to make the original SNES version of Puzzle Bobble (Japanese) and Bust-A-Move (US) also available separately for download, so that even those who purchased the retail edition have the chance to relive these endless gems.

The first 2 vs. 2 co-op game in the series!

In the versus mode, players can play against either the computer or other players, and even send bubbles to their opponent’s board and disturb them by erasing or tearing off a large number of bubbles at once.

In this title, players can enjoy not only the traditional 1 vs. 1 battle but also, for the first time in the series, 2 vs. 2 cooperative battles between teams of two players, who can cooperate to erase each others awkward-to-aim-at bubbles and enjoy a more thrilling and faster-paced experience. Players can also play alone against the computer team, or team up with a friend to battle.

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Welcome to Empyreum Opens it’s Doors to Nintendo Switch in Early 2023!

27th October 2022 – Indie publisher Hound Picked Games, together with independent Spain developer Tapioca Games, is pleased to announce the first detailed information on their multi-platform cooperative party game Welcome to Empyreum (WtE), that is set for release on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4/ 5 & Nintendo Switch early 2023. This is the first release for the talented team and already excitement is growing as the early PC Steam demo has created a big and growing fan base!

Fun, challenge, achievements and addictable are just a part of what marks WtE as something really special. Put simply, it’s an expanding challenge that will have players hooked, as within WtE players main goal is to organise and clean numerous floors of the hotel with everyday appliances involving everyday chores (vacuuming or making the beds), and crazy tasks like taking care of alien babies or running away from ghosts!

One or 4 all!

WtE is a local co-op party game for up to 4 players and can, of course, be played by a single player. Conversely playing as a group the better the coordination and communication of the team, the cleaner the rooms will be and, therefore, the happier the guests will be during their stay. More hands make light work as the old saying goes. Remember: the guest is always right! (even if they are lazy sloths or gluttonous gummy bears…).

Cast for character redefining include Tommy, a narcissistic influencer; Miriam, a desperate mother; Elisabeth, a lucky girl, and Apolo, a depressed musician, who arrive at the Empyreum Hotel, an enchanted place that takes away what they love most.

Learn Fast

Intuitively the game opens up in the first section of the hotel, the Nursery, which acts as the tutorial and progression is fun as you learn and achieve many goals. It may be simple but be warned it’s hard work and perhaps a labour or love as you clean floors, charging around the room with your handy mop. Using conveyor belts to send items to the other side of the room, and pressing buttons to make the floor spin, so much to do and so little time……..

To complete a level and unlock the next, players must achieve at least 60% of the tasks, but if they clean more, they get better rewards (hats for the characters) and achievements or trophies. Reaching a 100% in all levels and unlocking all the hats are additional objectives, as well as unravelling the hotel’s story. There are so many challenges on offer and the incentive to progress is always a big motivational factor on wanting more, WtE will appeal to many gamers

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Arkanoid Eternal Battle – Switch Gameplay Footage!

Lunistice Arrives Nov 10th on Nintendo Switch!

Lunistice, a 3D platformer created with simple but fun gameplay in mind, inspired by the PSX/SEGA Saturn era, developed by A Grumpy Fox, will be released on 10th November for PC and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the announcement, we have prepared an impressively small GIF, confirming the date when Hana the Tanuki will visit your systems.

Originally dated for September, The Last of Us led to a delay. Developer A Grumpy Fox wanted to give the game a chance to succeed and moved his release date to further finetune Lunistice. Players will benefit from the extra two months of development, as two guest characters have made it into the game.

Run through seven different dreamscapes which are based on Hana’s memories, unlock bonus characters from the Toree Series and Holomento and try to get S-Ranks in every level.

Lunistice will be released on 10th November for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game will be available for 4.99$. A playable demo is currently available on Steam and will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

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Smurfs Kart reveals the Smurfs Super Powers in a new trailer!

Paris, October 26h, 2022 – Publisher Microids and IMPS, the Smurfs license holder, are thrilled to present a new video for Smurfs Kart revealing some of the Smurfs’ Super Powers. Developed by Eden Games and well-known for their iconic racing games (Gear.Club Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited, V-Rally), Smurfs Kart will launch onto Nintendo Switch on November 15th, 2022.

Want to be the fastest Smurf in the village?

Choose your favorite Smurf among the 12 playable options and master their unique Super Power. Everyone will know who the fastest Smurf is!

In Smurfs Karts, getting the best start, taking shortcuts or using bonuses will help players rise in the rankings, but players will also have to rely on the Super Powers of their chosen Smurf to take the lead. Used at the right time, the Smurf’s Super Power will give the player a tremendous advantage, and the opportunity to change the course of the race and take players to the top of the podium.

The Super Powers can be found in the “surprise gifts” scattered all over the race. They are rare and will bring the player back in to top rankings in the race… some of the time! Use them wisely to make the difference!

Each Smurf has a unique Super Power:

  • Papa Smurf: Sends magic powder to put everyone to sleep instantly.

  • Jokey: Sends explosive gifts to his opponents to make them lose time.

  • Storm: Fires sticky arrows on opponents to change their trajectory.

  • Handy: Brings out an army of homemade drones to protect him and stuns opponents.

  • Clumsy: Turns on the flashing light of his fire engine kart to overtake its competitors.

  • Chef: Offers cakes to opponents to give them the hiccups.

  • Smurfette: Bewitches the other Smurfs with her perfume.

  • Blossom: Makes her opponents execute frantic jumps, preventing them from advancing.

  • Robot: Activates his robotic arms and causes a tornado effect.

  • Astro: Activates the reactors of its rocket-kart that allows him to overtake his opponents.

  • Hefty: Shows off workout effect to push the others along the track.

  • Farmer: Harvests sarsaparilla for a boost.

Alone or with others, new beginner or experienced pilot… Everyone can Smurf the first place, and drive wild races with family or friends!

The “Turbo Edition” includes:

  • The game
  • An embroidered Papa Smurf patch
  • 2 sticker sheets

Key features:

  • 12 tracks set in the Smurfs’ universe: The village, the forest, the dam, the swamps… even Gargamel’s house!

  • 12 iconic playable Smurfs: Handy, Hefty, Smurfette, Papa Smurf, Jokey… choose your favorite Smurf and get ready for the race! Each Smurf has its own kart and a very handy special item to help you breeze past your opponents.

  • Reach 1st place by using the environment around you: Bonus items, boosts, ramps, destructible boxes, shortcuts and more!

  • Smurf together: Play solo or with family and friends, with support for up to 4 players in split-screen local multiplayer!

  • Time Challenge” mode: Try to beat every Smurf at their own racetrack and reach the top of the online leaderboard with your best time!

  • Unlock original bonuses as you play and try to Smurf them all in your personal album!

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Bones of Halloween Rise Oct 28th on Nintendo Switch!

Leon, Spain — Ratalaika Games and Petite Games are proud to announce that Bones of Halloween will be released onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4/5 consoles on October 28th 2022 for a price of just $5/€5!

Bones of Halloween is a small but spooky first person shooter full of thrills and chills, just in time for your favourite holiday! You awaken in a dark forest near a castle, and quickly realize that you’re being hunted by grotesque pumpkin skeletons risen from the grave, and they’re after more than just your candy. Shoot down as many enemies as you can while you are still alive! You’ll have to deal with a myriad of monster attacks including arrows, lasers, fire, and explosions. Choose from multiple gameplay modes and difficulty settings, and gain access to powerful weapons. Fortune cards will have either good or bad effects on your fate.


  • Halloween-themed first person shooter
  • Grotesque Halloween monsters
  • Multiple game modes, difficulty settings, and weapons

How long can you survive the terror?

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Garfield Lasagna Party Begins Nov 15th on Nintendo Switch!

Paris – October 25th, 2022 – Microids, in partnership with Paramount Consumer Products, is thrilled to announce that the delicious party game Garfield Lasagna Party, developed by Balio Studio, will be available in Europe November 10th 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S and PC/Mac! And will launch on consoles November 15th 2022 in North America!

Garfield, Odie, Arlene and Nermal have imagined the craziest mini games for their huge Lasagna Party you are invited to! Be ready to give your best to finish ahead of your opponents by winning as many of the 32 mini-games as possible. Here is a taste of some of the yummy challenges you will compete with your friends:

  • Catch it: Be the first one to catch the toast, but beware of the burned slice!
  • Dog Panic: Escape the horde of dogs while avoiding the obstacles and reach the finish line in first place!
  • Featherweight: Memorize the food packed by your opponents, but be careful not to swallow any chili peppers. The player who eats the most wins the mini game.
  • Last Lasagna: Hold on the lasagna for as long as possible to earn the most points whilst using the tomatoes to slow down your opponents.
  • Slice & Dice: Slice the pizza to split the right amount of pepperoni on each slice!
  • Spring Cleaning: Use your broom to push as many items as possible out of your area.
  • Under the light: Collect as much lasagna as possible before the time runs out, while avoiding Jon’s spotlight!
  • Aspiring Artist: Follow the line the best you can.

Summon all your luck when throwing the dice and use special items to take advantage upon your friends. Garfield Lasagna Party is THE game to share with friends and family, in the company of your favorite characters!

Game features:

  • 30+ mini games in famous Garfield environments such as Jon’s house, the pizzeria or Dr. Liz’s pet clinic.
  • Play as one of the 4 iconic characters from Jim Davis’ iconic comic: Garfield, Nermal, Arlene & Odie!
  • Up to 4 players locally! Enjoy a classic board game experience with the Lasagna Race mode, practice your favorite mini-games without the board game mechanics with the Lasagna Challenge mode or set up a tournament to play quickly with a predefined number of mini games with the Lasagna World Tour mode!
  • Fun for all, whether you like party games, lasagna, laughter or simply have a good time with friends and family.

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