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Wild Guns Reloaded – A Rootin’ Tootin’ Gunslingin’ Classic Gets Ready for Store Pre-order!

Stuttgart, Germany – September 30th 2021 – Strictly Limited Games, together with Natsume Inc. are happy to announce the pre-order start of the iconic ‘Shooting gallery’ shmup, Wild Guns Reloaded. There will be different special versions of the boxed release, which will be available for pre-order from October 3rd, 2021 only at Strictly Limited Games.

Fans of the wild west shoot ‘em up can get Wild Guns Reloaded as boxed Limited Edition and Collector’s Editions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Plus, there will be something special for the retro game enthusiasts out there – the popular, acclaimed ‘90s classic Wild Guns will be coming back in limited quantities for SNES!

Wild Guns is a classic fast-paced arcade-style shooter, mixing classic Wild West with futuristic yet retro steampunk. Play as Clint or Annie and jump, dive, and roll to get out of the way of the barrage of bullets enemies let fly. Grab a friend and face your enemies together in 2-player co-op! Gather machine guns, grenade launchers, shotguns and bombs to defeat the various enemies and bosses in different stages, all of which are coming with a visually outstanding and detailed design.

As the worthy remastered version of the classic game, Wild Guns Reloaded brings you two additional characters for some thrilling four player action. Besides Annie and Clint, you now also join the fight against the futuristic mech-opponents as Doris and Bullet the dog!

Wild Guns Reloaded additionally features:

  • Enhanced visuals
  • Two new characters added to the Wild Guns roster – Doris and Bullet
  • Up to four players cooperative play (local play)
  • Additional stages – ‘Underground’ and ‘Flying Ship’
  • New weaponry to master

With all the new content, however, Wild Guns Reloaded is making sure that players still get the original Wild Guns experience as it stays true to the roots of the original.

Get yourself an awesome limited Edition for pre-order at the Strictly Limited Games Shop.

The Wild Guns Reloaded Limited Edition is available for €29.99 and limited to 2,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,000 copies for PlayStation 4.

The Wild Guns Reloaded Collector’s Edition Features:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4
  • Collector’s Edition Box
  • Manual
  • Stickers
  • Reversible Poster
  • Postcard Set
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Character Cards
  • Necklace with engraved Bullet
  • Acrylic Diorama
  • Magnet
  • Keychain
  • Individually numbered

The Collector’s Edition is available for €69.99 and limited to 1,500 copies for Nintendo Switch and 700 copies for PlayStation 4.

An aluminium art card is also available for €9.99 – limited to 149 copies.

Wild Guns for SNES comes with an awesome NTSC or PAL style retro box and a manual. This very special retro edition is available for €49.99. The NTSC design is limited to 1,300 copies and the PAL design to 700 copies.

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Harvest Moon: One World is Available Now on Nintendo Switch!

London, UK. – March 5th, 2021 – Rising Star Games are proud to announce Harvest Moon: One World is available now across Europe for Nintendo Switch. The game is rated PEGI 3 and USK 0 and is available across Europe physically and digitally for £39.99 / €49.99*.

“Harvest Moon: One World is our largest Harvest Moon game yet,” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. “With five different lands inspired by real life places, mystical Harvest Wisps, innovative tools that help you quickly travel and take your barn with you, and new rare and exotic animals, this is truly a new world for players to explore. Players will ride camels across the deserts of Pastilla, venture deep into the snowy mountains of Salmiakki, and even visit a volcano near the cozy mountain town of Lebkuchen!”

Can you imagine a world without cabbage, tomatoes, or even carrots? Believe it or not, that’s the world you’ll find yourself in at the beginning of Harvest Moon: One World, as the Harvest Goddess, the queen of crops herself, has vanished…

However, before the Harvest Goddess disappeared from this world, she imbued the tiny Harvest Wisps with the knowledge of various seeds, thus ensuring the various fruits and vegetables of the world would not be lost. Using the power given to these Harvest Wisps, you’ll unlock various seeds as you progress through the game! But the Harvest Wisps can be tricky to find, as they all appear at different times and places. You’ll need to use your noggin to make sure you seek out as many of them as you can!

  • Explore five unique and colorful areas: the sprawling grasslands of Calisson, the gorgeous beaches of Halo Halo, the searing desert heat of Pastilla, the cozy hills of Lebkuchen, and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki!
  • Choose your main character and meet all of the five handsome bachelors and five beautiful bachelorettes, each with their own unique personality and backstory!
  • Raise and keep animals such as cows, sheep, goats, and even reindeer!
  • Use your Expando-Farm to easily travel from one area to another!

Season Pass & Four DLC Packs

The farming fun continues in four DLC packs! Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack and the Season Pass are available today. Far East Adventure Pack, Precious Pets Pack, and Mythical Wild Animals Pack will be launching later this Spring.

Live your best life! Customize the interior of your house with five fabulous designs! You will also be able to upgrade your hoe, watering can, hammer, axe, and fishing rod an additional level, making growing crops, fishing, and mining easier and faster! This pack includes an additional level for all of your tools and five Different Interior Design Sets: Farm, Castle, Steampunk, Spaceship, and Starlight!

The Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack is available NOW!

Purchase the Season Pass today to receive access to all four DLC’s for a special price*. DLC’s launching after March 5th will automatically update in-game on their release dates.

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Natsume bringing Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition to the Switch eShop this May!

River City – Knights of Justice is now available on the NA and EU 3DS eShops!

Natsume announces Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories for Wii U!

Natsume has announced that the Harvest Moon series will be making its Wii U debut with Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. Natsume promises that Seeds of Memories will be “Inspired by the old-school gameplay of the very first games”. The classic farm animals return once again: Cows, sheep, chickens, a horse, and a dog, but Natsume have announced that a new pet, a bobcat, will be available once the player befriends it. In addition to farming, the game will feature cooking, fishing, foraging, mining, festivals, and weddings.

Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume Inc., says “From the farm to the town, we wanted Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories to evoke the feeling of a classic Harvest Moon game with modern twists!”

Natsume plans to reveal more details of the game at this year’s E3, and Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories is planned to launch on Wii U, PC, iOS, and Android this Winter.

Source : 8-Worlds News