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Runbow Arrives July 3rd On Nintendo Switch!

Runbow Pocket arriving June 20th on Nintendo New 3DS!

Runbow Pocket coming to New 3DS!

Runbow DLC released; includes many fixes & adjustments!


We’re excited to say the Runbow DLC pack is now live with our most recent patch.

Tons of new costumes, music, and a whole new chapter in the Runbow story, Satura’s Space Adventure, are available now on the Nintendo eShop and from the shop jump in the main menu.

We also have tons of new updates, and have made online mode stronger, faster, and easier to find a match. Get on and get running!

Thanks everyone!


– Added Satura’s Space Adventure DLC to the eShop with new multiplayer and single-player levels, costumes, music, gallery art and records.
– Added four smaller DLC packs to the eShop with new costumes and music: Winter Pack, Professional Pack, Anime Pack, and Steampunk Pack.
– Added two bundle DLCs to the eShop: the New Costumes and Music bundle with the four small packs, and the Extra Val-Hue bundle with those plus Satura’s Space Adventure.
– Added Lilac from Freedom Planet as a free downloadable guest character from the eShop.
– Added a new button to the main menu with direct access to Runbow’s eShop page. The button also shows the latest announcements.

– Made the 13 new multiplayer Space levels available for free for all three Online modes, even if the DLC hasn’t been purchased.
– Fixed a known synchronization issue that would cause players to get dropped between rounds.
– Fixed a bug where too many players connecting to an online game at the exact same time causing a freeze; as well as some other minor bugs related to players joining or disconnecting from Online games.
– Fixed a crash occuring when a player is super-punched at the exact time of re-spawning in Online King of the Hill.

– Adjusted timing on several player animations to reduce jitter.
– Added jump animation to player when bouncing off springpads and enemies.
– Fixed issue where player could get stuck when groundpounding on breakable blocks.
– Fixed some minor issues with player texture masks.

– Added new Art, Characters, Records and Music that are unlockable with the DLC content. This content is not necessary to achieve the “Curator” and “Talent Scout” Records.
– Due to a known issue, getting Lilac counts for the “Talent Scout” Record, meaning that downloading Lilac allows to get that Record by unlocking every other Guest character but one.
– Fixed a bug that allowed to see locked Gallery content by pressing ‘+’.
– Fixed Records related to the number of multiplayer games played so that Bowhemoth games don’t count anymore.

– Fixed a series of bugs with the out-of-screen indicator, such as it always showing a whole character instead of just the head for one frame; briefly showing a white face at the beginning; always showing a white face on Colourmaster mode; or flickering when appearing during a place swap power-up.
– Fixed issue where winning player would not take control of adventure map after a challenge.
– Fixed some minor bugs that happened when pressing several buttons at the same time in some menus.- Fixed an inconsistency in the Character Selection screen that made switching between Hue or Val to our Guest characters sometimes not remember what colour and costume had previously been selected for Hue and Val (this function is still only available in Offline games).
– Fixed a layering issue with the “Host” sign when pressing B in the Game Settings screen in Private Online games as a Host.
– Modified the Japanese fonts to include more characters, which allows some better translations and to show those characters in the Online Character Select screen if the main Mii’s name contains them.
– Updated the game credits.

Source: 13AM Games

Runbow to launch August 27th on the Wii U eShop in North America!

The nine-player runner with the all-star casts of Nintendo indie characters will launch on the eShop in North America August 27 (three weeks from Thursday). The game will launch at $14.99, with a 15% discount ($2.25 off) if the Nindie @ Home demo was downloaded during E3 week.

Source: Nintendo World Report

More characters announced for 13AM Games’ Runbow!

Runbow’s crazy breed of colour-based running action has already enlisted the help of the likes of Shovel Knight, Scram Kitty, and CommanderVideo to help in the endless task of running from one place to another, and now that list of indie guests has just grown even larger.

In this exclusive trailer 13AM Games’ frantic 9-player party game shows off nine brand new characters from all across the indie spectrum, namely Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Teslamancer from Teslagrad, Clone from Stealth Inc, ARID from The Fall, Xeodrifter from Xeodrifter, Princess from Chariot, Max from Mutant Mudds, Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter, and Unity Chan (Unity Japan’s mascot character).

These new members complete the substantial roster to make Runbow feel like a virtual indie Super Smash Bros. in its scope of available characters.

Source: Nintendo Life

First Impressions – Runbow! (E3 Build)

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