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RPG MAKER WITH Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 11th!

We are excited to announce that RPG MAKER WITH, the upcoming installment in the RPG Maker series, will launch on Nintendo Switch on October 11! PS4 and PS5 versions will release in 2025.

To celebrate, we’ve released a brand new trailer highlight how you and your friends can use the asset sharing feature to create a game together, no matter where you are!


As the latest installment in the RPG Maker series, RPG MAKER WITH features more tools and greater accessibility than ever before. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to choose between creating simple or complex assets and functions, so you can dive right in, regardless of skill level.

Source: PR Email

Announcing RPG MAKER WITH!

Create the perfect game with RPG MAKER WITH, coming Fall/Autumn 2024 to Nintendo Switch and in 2025 for PS4 and PS5!

Make games for and with everyone! No programming knowledge is required to make your perfect game when using RPG MAKER WITH’s robust yet easy to learn tools and intuitive controls.

Utilize premade sample games and tons of assets, or make your own from scratch. Then post your creations online and play other creators’ games to gain inspiration, feedback, and inspire others!

Source: PR Email

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