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Neo ATLAS 1469 Now Available Physically on Nintendo Switch!

There is so much out there for you to explore in Neo ATLAS 1469, available NOW for its first physical release ever on the Nintendo Switch! Secure your copy today and embark on a voyage to establish a magnificent trading empire and discover the world’s truth!

However, the journey isn’t always smooth sailing, as seen in our Launch Trailer. But with enough determination and perseverance, not even the stormiest of seas nor deadliest of creatures can stop the wonders that await! What you find may change the face of the Earth forever…

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Trade and Engage in Newest Trailer for Neo ATLAS 1469!

Build a great trading empire to fund even greater expeditions in Neo ATLAS 1469, available physically April 9 for Nintendo Switch! To prepare you for release, we’ve highlighted some more key exploration techniques in our newest trailer!

Establish trade routes and determine which goods will bring the greatest profit. Food, precious metals, livestock…even toys are game! Combine goods to make a new commodity. These goods bring in more revenue, so get to it!

However, pirates patrol the seas, aiming to swipe these goods for themselves. Deploy admirals to challenge them, but it’s crucial to choose battles wisely! Defeat at the hands of the pirates will set you back with repair costs and plundered ships! Here’s a tip: Baldi starts with high battle power, so early clashes will be a breeze.

Will you be able to maintain your routes and claim it all? Time to put those pioneer skills to the test in Neo ATLAS 1469, coming out April 9 for physical release on Nintendo Switch.

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Experience the discovery of the world in Neo Atlas 1469 With a New Trailer!

Choose the fate of your world in Neo ATLAS 1469 available physically April 9th on Nintendo Switch!

You won’t need maps where we’re going, so cast them to the wind and let us show you how to pave your path to fortune in our newest Neo ATLAS 1469 trailer! Set during the Age of Exploration, we’ll be touching upon some basics of exploring and what to watch out for when setting out into the world to uncover its mystery. Pick your admirals, establish a fleet, and set their course into the unknown! There’s no telling what wonders await you, so go forth and explore!

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Neo ATLAS 1469 Sets Sail for A Switch Release in April 2019!

If you could shape the world, what form would it take? Would you believe it if someone told you they discovered the lost city of Atlantis, or dismiss it as some ludicrous farce? Most importantly, will you ever discover the famed land of “Zipangu”? Seek your answers in Neo ATLAS 1469, developed by studio ARTDINK and available physically for Nintendo Switch in April 2019!

Revisit 15th century Europe as a starting trader! With the aid of your crew, establish trade routes while discovering new lands and hidden treasures during these voyages. Choose to “approve” or “disapprove” your admirals’ reports to mold the world as you see fit.

Set sail in this epic journey towards riches, fame, and glory in Neo ATLAS 1469, coming to Nintendo Switch™ as a physical edition April 2019! May your travel be safe and rewarding–just be aware of what lurks beneath the waters!

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