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Lunistice is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Lunisticea 3D platformer created with simple & fun gameplay in mind, inspired by the PSX/SEGA Saturn era, developed by A Grumpy Fox, just landed on PC and Nintendo Switch after an interesting development phase. Prepare yourself to go on a journey with Hana in a good ‘ol 3D-Platformer with a true banger soundtrack.

Lunistice originally started as a challenge for developer A Grumpy Fox, who was, at that time, stuck in a creative crisis. The idea was to create a small game within the timeframe of 30 days – resulting in a complete escalation where development took more than one year. One year which not only helped overcoming the crisis but also one year which shaped an amazing experience.

Follow Hana on her journey through seven different dreams and explore a multitude of different dreamscapes created from her memories. Jump and run through an old shrine, a fancy water park, a world made out of food and more all while you try to beat your fastest times on your way to achieve the S-Rank on every stage.

Lunistice is available now on PC via Steam and GOG and on Nintendo Switch via the eShop. For a limited time a launch discount is available on Steam & GOG.

Source: PR Email

Lunistice Arrives Nov 10th on Nintendo Switch!

Lunistice, a 3D platformer created with simple but fun gameplay in mind, inspired by the PSX/SEGA Saturn era, developed by A Grumpy Fox, will be released on 10th November for PC and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the announcement, we have prepared an impressively small GIF, confirming the date when Hana the Tanuki will visit your systems.

Originally dated for September, The Last of Us led to a delay. Developer A Grumpy Fox wanted to give the game a chance to succeed and moved his release date to further finetune Lunistice. Players will benefit from the extra two months of development, as two guest characters have made it into the game.

Run through seven different dreamscapes which are based on Hana’s memories, unlock bonus characters from the Toree Series and Holomento and try to get S-Ranks in every level.

Lunistice will be released on 10th November for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game will be available for 4.99$. A playable demo is currently available on Steam and will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: PR Email

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