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Labyrinth Legend is here!

Looking to venture within the looming labyrinth? Look no further! Labyrinth Legend is out now for Nintendo Switch!

In a land littered with terrifying monsters, the lost royal treasure calls your name! Can you conquer the labyrinth and claim the sacred treasure hiding inside? Put your skills to the test and delve into the depths of
Labyrinth Legend!

Labyrinth Legend – Switch Gameplay Footage!

Labyrinth Legend Gameplay Trailer & Release Date Announcement!

Adventurers, ready up! Labyrinth Legend is coming to the Nintendo eShop January 18, 2022!

Grab your weapon of choice and head into the battles of Labyrinth Legend! This new gameplay trailer shows off the best that Labyrinth Legend has to offer including a closer look at the character classes. Don’t miss this first look at the exclusive new class: The Nightcrawler.

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Labyrinth Legend Is On The Way!

Labyrinth Legend is on the way!

The kingdom of Kanata is home to a mysterious labyrinth that houses a lost royal treasure, and it is up to you to claim it! Choose your character from a set of three classes, which offer their own distinct abilities, and embark on your journey. As the story progresses, learn more about the Labyrinth, grinding through auto-generated dungeons, finding new loot, and experiencing unlimited replay possibilities.

Labyrinth Legend will be available digitally on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: PR Email

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