Welcome to Empyreum Opens it’s Doors to Nintendo Switch in Early 2023!

27th October 2022 – Indie publisher Hound Picked Games, together with independent Spain developer Tapioca Games, is pleased to announce the first detailed information on their multi-platform cooperative party game Welcome to Empyreum (WtE), that is set for release on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4/ 5 & Nintendo Switch early 2023. This is the first release for the talented team and already excitement is growing as the early PC Steam demo has created a big and growing fan base!

Fun, challenge, achievements and addictable are just a part of what marks WtE as something really special. Put simply, it’s an expanding challenge that will have players hooked, as within WtE players main goal is to organise and clean numerous floors of the hotel with everyday appliances involving everyday chores (vacuuming or making the beds), and crazy tasks like taking care of alien babies or running away from ghosts!

One or 4 all!

WtE is a local co-op party game for up to 4 players and can, of course, be played by a single player. Conversely playing as a group the better the coordination and communication of the team, the cleaner the rooms will be and, therefore, the happier the guests will be during their stay. More hands make light work as the old saying goes. Remember: the guest is always right! (even if they are lazy sloths or gluttonous gummy bears…).

Cast for character redefining include Tommy, a narcissistic influencer; Miriam, a desperate mother; Elisabeth, a lucky girl, and Apolo, a depressed musician, who arrive at the Empyreum Hotel, an enchanted place that takes away what they love most.

Learn Fast

Intuitively the game opens up in the first section of the hotel, the Nursery, which acts as the tutorial and progression is fun as you learn and achieve many goals. It may be simple but be warned it’s hard work and perhaps a labour or love as you clean floors, charging around the room with your handy mop. Using conveyor belts to send items to the other side of the room, and pressing buttons to make the floor spin, so much to do and so little time……..

To complete a level and unlock the next, players must achieve at least 60% of the tasks, but if they clean more, they get better rewards (hats for the characters) and achievements or trophies. Reaching a 100% in all levels and unlocking all the hats are additional objectives, as well as unravelling the hotel’s story. There are so many challenges on offer and the incentive to progress is always a big motivational factor on wanting more, WtE will appeal to many gamers

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