The Pinball Wizards Casts a Spell on Nintendo Switch Today!

October 27th – Victoria, BC – Frosty Pop has conjured up a real treat with The Pinball Wizard launching today on Nintendo Switch & Steam. It’s a smooth-as-silk arcade dungeon crawling adventure that sees you climbing a treacherous tower, with each floor acting as its own self-contained mini pinball table.

“At Frosty Pop we love to meddle with genre conventions.  Trying to combine seemingly disparate mechanics – in this case pinball and dungeon crawling – often leads to something new and fun and additive to the specific cannons. In this case it’s made for an endlessly enjoyable title that we’re super proud of, and we’re extremely excited to be bringing it to new platforms.”

-Faisal Sethi, Founder of Frosty Pop

Built for short bursts of chaotic flipper focused fun, The Pinball Wizard is the perfect chance to practice your pinball fundamentals while pummeling monsters, leveling up, and collecting coins to upgrade your abilities. Flip, bump, and bounce your way up the tower to save the world, employing all sorts of magic powers along the way that feed on your growing mastery of angles and physics.

The Pinball Wizard is available now for both Windows & Mac via Steam and on Nintendo Switch for $7.99 USD, alongside a 10% launch discount.

About The Pinball Wizard

Oh, young Apprentice! Atop the Mountain of Shadow, at the foot of the castle tower, the wisdom bestowed upon you shall come to pass. A pinball dungeon crawler awaits to test your skill!

Ascend the castle tower. Level up your skills. Fulfill your destiny. Become the wizard you were born to be!

The Pinball Wizard is a dungeon crawler pinball hybrid, and an arcade adventure game, where the main character is propelled into action by a set of flippers, like the ball in a pinball machine. Each level (dungeon) of the game is a contained area inside a tower. The goal of the game is to survive and get to the top of the tower alive.

Key Features:

  • Tower Mode: Climb a tower with twenty-one levels and defeat the big, bad, boss.
  • Dungeon Mode: Survive as long as you can in a giant dungeon.
  • Two Daily Dungeons: A randomized new dungeon, every day.
  • Upgrade Skills: Unlock and maximize all 16 skills including Dash and Magic Orb.

Source: PR Email

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