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Pixar-esque Shooter Sleep Tight Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

LOS ANGELES – July 26, 2018 – Sleep Tight the twin-stick shooter, base-builder hybrid wrapped in blankets of nostalgia, is available now for Nintendo Switch in North America and PC worldwide.

The debut project from We Are Fuzzy, Sleep Tight was created a veteran studio of AAA game developers and Hollywood talent, including VFX artist Maxx Burman (Far Cry 5, Titanfall 2, Game of Thrones), Disney character artist Dylan Ekren (Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph, Zootopia), and Ubisoft designer Oscar Mar (Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Rainbow Six Siege).

Sleep Tight harnesses the team’s extensive experience to transport players back to their childhoods. After spending the daytime constructing elaborate pillow forts, players will make use of these bases and toy weaponry like dart guns and water balloons to defend their bedrooms against endless hordes of monsters that creep out of the shadows at night.

Exactly how players survive the night is up to them. Whether it’s running and gunning or hiding behind a fort and letting turrets do the work, Sleep Tight supports a variety of viable strategies. In addition to this, there is a cast of 12 playable characters, each with their own distinctive attributes and playstyle. And what’s more: Five of the kids turn the core survival experience on its head by introducing new unlockable game types, including Tommy’s first-person shooter mode, Picasso’s “Ultimate Pillow Fort” mode, and Kodie’s “Trial of the Teddy” mode.

Sleep Tight also features Mixer integration, which includes a distinct set of leaderboards and allows viewers to interact with their favorite livestreamers. Whether lending a helping hand by dropping additional ammo or spawning more monsters for the player to vanquish, Mixer viewers can join the fun and participate in the livestream experience in a variety of exciting ways.

“Sleep Tight started out as a dream we had as children,” said Maxx Burman, co-founder and creative director, We Are Fuzzy. “It’s been an incredible ride bringing that dream to life and we’re proud to finally share it with everyone today as we launch on Nintendo Switch and PC.”

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Hollywood Vets Launch Nintendo Switch Shooter ‘Sleep Tight’ July 26!

LOS ANGELES – May 22, 2018 – Sleep Tight, the adrenaline-inducing arcade-style twin-stick shooter with base-building elements, will have a neighborhood full of playable characters when it releases on July 26 for Nintendo Switch and PC. The game will also feature Mixer functionality that allows viewers to interact with streamers during their broadcasts and participate in the experience in fun and exciting ways.

Created by a veteran team of Hollywood film artists and AAA game developers, including VFX artist Maxx Burman (Far Cry 5, Iron Man 3, Game of Thrones) Disney illustrator Dylan Ekren (Wreck It Ralph, Zootopia), and Ubisoft designer Oscar Mar (Far Cry 3, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, Rainbow Six Siege) Sleep Tight harnesses that talent to deliver an experience that will appeal to the kid in all of us.

In Sleep Tight, players choose between a cast of 12 kids whose bedrooms are assaulted every night by hordes of monsters pouring out from the dark corners of their homes. Using an array of toy weapons ranging from dart guns to water balloons, players hold the frightening creatures at bay until sunrise. Then they can cash in their piggy banks to build elaborate pillow forts, construct turrets, and buy various other upgrades that will better help them survive increasingly difficult evenings to come.

Each of Sleep Tight’s dozen heroes comes with their own exclusive ability and playstyle. For example, the trigger-happy Tommy starts each match with 500 darts and gets discounts on Weapon Skills, while the comic book fan Dexter has superpowers that give him discounted power-ups, and Rosie uses her building skills to engineer turrets that deal more damage and extra strong pillow fort walls. Every child has their own specialty that keeps the game fresh no matter how many midnight monster hunts players go on.

“Sleep Tight has been such a special project to work on,” said Maxx Burman, co-founder and creative director at We Are Fuzzy. “While our team has been lucky to work on so many amazing properties over the course of our careers, it’s been amazing to create such a warm, pure, nostalgic experience, and we look forward to sharing it with everyone when we launch this July.”

To learn more about Sleep Tight, please explore the game’s official website.

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