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Valfaris & Slain: Back From Hell Double Pack Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

16 April, 2020 – Indie publisher Big Sugar is delighted to present the Valfaris & Slain: Back From Hell Double Pack, which is available to download now for Nintendo Switch in North America, and arrives tomorrow, 17 April, for Xbox One in all regions. The bundle arrives in the European eShop next Thursday, 23 April. A launch discount will be available for all versions for a limited time.

Developed by two-man team Steel Mantis, and featuring original soundtracks by former Celtic Frost guitarist, Curt Victor Bryant, Valfaris and Slain: Back From Hell are inspired by old-school gaming sensibilities, and heavy metal music and culture.

After a disastrous launch due to various design and technical issues, the original Slain! was withdrawn and taken back into development for several months. Repaired and polished by the newly formed Steel Mantis, the game was rebranded as Slain: Back From Hell and re-released in the summer of 2016.

It has since built a fan-base of players who appreciate its hardcore challenge, gory-but-gorgeous visuals, and relentless guitar riffs. Despite getting off to such an inauspicious start, and still being a game that consistently divides opinion, Slain: Back From Hell has clocked up almost 300K downloads.

Valfaris  the spiritual successor to Slain: Back From Hell – launched at the end of 2019 and, just like its predecessor, has been praised by players for its retro-inspired action, heavy metal aesthetic, and forceful soundtrack.

Source: PR Email

Slain! gets Launch Trailer; aiming for Wii U release around May or June!

Wolf Brew Games delays release of their platformer, Slain; needs to lower game difficulty!

Wolf Brew Games and Digerati Distribution has announced Slain! has been delayed and will now launch on March 24.

According to an update submitted to Shacknews, Wolf Brew Games has admitted Slain! needs a few last-minute tweaks as the developer deems the game is just too difficult at this point. “Right now no mortal man or woman could possibly get past Slain!’s intense platforming, traps and monstrosities,” Wolf Brew Games shares.

Slain! is also expected to release on Wii U, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in May 2016. Hopefully its PC delay won’t have an effect on its console release.

[Update: A PR representative for Slain! confirmed the console versions of the game will also be delayed as a result of its PC delay. In a statement submitted to Shacknews, the PR representative tells us the console versions will now release “1-3 months” after the PC version. Seeing how we expected the console versions to release in May 2016, this now means it should now be expected to release somewhere between May 2016 to July 2016.]

Source: Shack News

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