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Nnooo thinking about bringing 5 games to Nintendo Switch!

27 April, 2016 – Sydney, Australia: Nnooo is expanding its stable of published games with the announcement of 2 new titles coming to multiple consoles.

The first title to be announced is MALLOW DROPS, the multi-award-winning gravity puzzle game from Australian developer John Kane. Help two kiwis, Marsh and Mallow, rescue their eggs in a shattered world and get to the exit! Turn everything upside down as you slide, shift and move through the game’s mix of platformer combined with gravity-defying sliding block puzzles. Watch out for the Wooly Jumpers and Dirty Underbears who will make your life difficult and avoid the dreaded Dropbears at all costs! Getting to where you need to go is half the fun – just be sure to look before you leap.

The second title is ARMED WITH WINGS: REARMED, a 2015 PAX Aus Indie Showcase Winner from Australian developer Daniel Sun. The game is a 2D action/puzzle platformer set in a dangerous world ruled by darkness and imperial tyranny. Use your sword to summon the power of Lightning and Thunder, assisted by your eagle companion who explores the skies to scan the road ahead, distract guards, move objects and collect unreachable items. Tyrant King Vandheer resides in his palace, waiting for your arrival. Your goal – to challenge and defeat him.

Both games will be playable on PC on the Nnooo booth at this weekend’s GX Australia convention in Sydney.

Nic Watt, Founder and Creative Director of Nnooo says:

“We’re delighted to add these 2 Australian games to our publishing lineup. They are both very different in nature but share the same qualities of high production values and great gameplay, and both games are really fun to play. We are looking forward to working with John and Daniel to ensure their games reach a wider audience.”

In addition to Mallow Drops and Armed With Wings: Rearmed, the following games previously announced for consoles will be playable on the Nnooo booth at GX Australia:

by Epiphany Games (playable on Xbox One)
ROGUE SINGULARITY by Considerable Content (playable on PlayStation 4)
ANODYNE by Analgesic Productions (playable on Xbox One)

All five games, currently available on Steam, will be published on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by Nnooo. In addition, all games are currently being assessed for their suitability on Nintendo Switch.

Console/handheld release dates and final platforms for each game will be announced on future dates.

As an extra bonus the following games will be playable on Nintendo 3DS at GX Australia:


Business and Marketing Director of Nnooo, Bruce Thomson says:

“We had a handheld section at last year’s GX Australia and it was very popular so we thought we’d include some of our previously released Nintendo 3DS games at this year’s show. We also recently celebrated our 10th anniversary so it’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our work. With a total of eight unique games spread across multiple platforms we have something for everyone at this year’s GX Australia.”


Source: PR Email

Nnooo launching Blast ‘Em Bunnies on the Nintendo 3DS eShop; will be available March 10th!

Nnooo has announced the release date of their upcoming game “Blast ‘Em Bunnies”. Developed by two people, the title will release March 10 simultaneously in the Americas, Europe, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

“Blast ‘Em Bunnies pits you the player as a cute, cartoon bunny called Bang Bang who must defend your rabbit burrow, against an onslaught of evil bunnies. These bunnies have captured your offspring and one of them, the evil Throatslitter, is holding them hostage. Just how long can you and your little ‘uns survive? Grab your carrot rifle, watermelon machine gun, turnip mortar or runner bean laser and take them down! Shoot coins to collect them and spend them on new weapons, upgrades and ammo including sticky raspberries, heat seeking chilli seeds, shredding leek lasers or bouncing, splitting, exploding pumpkin bombs!”

Blast ’em Bunnies will cost $4.99/€4.99, with the following DLC available:

5 Arena Packs: US$/€ 1.99 each. Each one contains a new arena, day/night system and 3 new music tracks
5 Skin Packs: US$/€ 2.99 each. Each one contains 21 new skins (3 for each bunny type)
3 Permanent Multipliers: US$/€ Free to 9.99. The Multipliers cumulatively increase how many coins you collect when you shoot a coin
4 Weapon Unlocks: US$/€ 2.99 to 4.99. For those who don’t want to play the game to unlock everything!
Users can also purchase bundles of add-on content to save money:

5 Skin and Arena Bundles: US$/€ 3.99 each. Each contains a matching skin and arena pack. (Content value of each – US$/€ 4.98)
All Skins and Arena Bundle: US$/€ 9.99. Contains all of the skins and arenas. (Content Value US$/€ 24.90)
Mega Bundle: US$/€ 14.99. Contains all of the skins, arenas and multipliers. (Content Value US$/€ 39.88)
A more in-depth breakdown can be found below.

“In its latest console release Nnooo have crafted a fun, frenetic first person shooter with a dark side. Simply pick up your controller and get blasting bunnies! Players on motion-capable devices (PS4, PSVita and Nintendo 3DS) can also choose to aim using motion controls as well as traditional controls.

The game features 4 different weapons to purchase and upgrade and 16 different bullet types to combine with your chosen weapon for maximum tactical effect. By shooting coins the player can save up to purchase each weapon, upgrade, ammo or health upgrade to allow them to survive longer against the ferocious evil bunnies! Should you save up for the Runner Bean Laser or go straight for new Heat Seeking Parsnip ammo? Tough decisions abound!

With over 50 medals to be unlocked and missions which refresh either on completion or daily the player will always be faced with a challenge. Those looking for harder difficulties and modes can take on Survival mode in Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard (where you need to survive for as long as you can) or try out Slaughter mode in Normal, Super or Ultra difficulties (where you must survive for 2 minutes with weaker weapons and health depending on difficulty).

Each battle takes place in an arena with bunnies spawning to bring you down. Runners, Walkers, Burrowers, Grenadiers, Blockers and Bosses all conspire to defeat you. The Throatslitter macabrely tries to dispatch your young and the Golden Bunny evades your bullets lest you unleash Frenzy Mode!! Players can also customise their experience with purchasable add-on content from each platform’s online store. There are 5 new arena and matching skin packs which cover Ninjas, Zombies, Urban Army, Clowns and Luchadors. Add-on content can be purchased individually or in bundles with bundles giving a deeper discount on pricing.”

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast