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Become a house makeover professional with My Universe – Interior Designer on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, November 11th 2021 – Amateur handyman at the ready! The game My Universe – Interior Designer, developed by Magic Pockets (My Universe – School Teacher), is coming out today on Nintendo Switch, and digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Mac in North America.

With My Universe – Interior Designer, create and manage your very own interior designer agency! Greet your clients and discuss with them to find out more about their taste and expectations. Once the plan established, it’s going to be up to you to deliver the house of their dream. Complete your objectives and raise your agency notoriety level to unlock new items, new styles and become the city’s best interior designer! Do not hesitate to work on your own projects, would it be an apartment, a condo, a duplex or even a house, and let your creativity run wild!

In construction mode, modify the house structure by demolishing walls, removing the hard wood floor, wallpaper or tiles, painting, fixing the electrical installation or adding a water inlet. In decoration mode, pick up and place the furniture, plants, carpets, wallpapers and even the curtains to impress your clients! Will you be able to give your projects a real & unique personality?

  • Game Features:
    Write your very own story: customize and name your character, create your agency and be prepared to live your interior designer dreamed life!
  • Renovate, transform and decorate your client’s house according to their personality and taste to create the home of their dreams! Complete your objectives to increase your level and unlock new items.
  • Play diverse mini-games and fun micro-actions during your missions: wall painting, tile breaking, carpet setting… Renovating work will soon have no secrets for you!
  • Unlock new items and decorative options as your career progresses and your own house projects take shape.
  • Let your creativity run wild: discover a vast variety of styles, materials, textures and furniture… sky’s the limit!

Interior Designer joins the already released and worldwide successful Pet Clinic – Cats & Dogs, Puppies and Kittens, Cooking Star Restaurant, My Baby, Fashion Boutique and School Teacher. The titles from the My Universe series offer kids all around the world the chance to step into the shoes of their dreamed adult life. The My Universe series belongs to the Microids Life label, providing gaming experiences enjoyable by the whole family and all types of gamers.

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The video game My Universe – Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs is now available worldwide!

Paris, February 9th, 2020 – Pet lovers take note: cute, injured cats and dogs need your help! Put on your stethoscope, prepare the bandages and the flea spray! The game My Universe – Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs is now available on PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac and Nintendo Switch.

Do you truly care for the well-being of your feline and canine friends? Have you always dreamt of discovering the veterinary profession? Seize the opportunity by running your own veterinary clinic and taking care of sick cats and dogs! Pay close attention during the medical exam, define the type of treatment your patients need and care for their well-being through various activities. Bandaging a wound, administering an anti-worm treatment, doing an X-ray or even preparing medication… you’ll know everything about the health of our favorite four-legged companions!

Achieve your dream and learn to run your own clinic by following the story. Advance your veterinary career to unlock new treatments, recruit staff, expand your clinic and welcome more distressed animals.

Start by choosing the appearance of your character and customize your clinic to your liking thanks to the numerous decorating options. Upgrade your medical equipment and above all, don’t forget to give your canine and feline patients some tenderness and petting to help them feel better!

Game features:

  • Learn how to master a variety of different treatments to cure the animals – X-rays, bandages, a stethoscope, preparing medicine… Not to mention the importance of petting your patients to reassure them.

  • Customize your clinic – Decorate your clinic according to your own sense of style, thanks to numerous elements such as trophies, flowers, vases or even shelves.

  • Improve your clinic to become the best in town – Expand your clinic and upgrade it by unlocking new rooms so your animals benefit from the best care: an operation room, a pharmacy, a pet bath room and more!

  • Plenty of cats and dogs to discover – Get acquainted with the 10 species of dogs and 10 species of cats available, each featuring different fur variations! For the dogs, you’ll find the popular Labradors, the magnificent Huskies or even the adorable Corgis. Regarding cats, you’ll be able to take care of elegant Siamese, the majestic Persians, or even Bengals, with their notorious spotted fur resembling those of leopards. Can you recognize them all?

  • Bond with the animals – Spend time with the cats and dogs. Pet and play with them to develop a deep bond with them!

Pet Clinic Cats & Dogs joins My Baby, School TeacherFashion Boutique and Cooking Star Restaurant in the My Universe series. The My Universe series is designed specifically for kids excited to jump into their dreamed adult life. It is also part of the Microids Life label, dedicated in providing gaming experiences for the entire family and all profiles of players.

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My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, November 10th, 2020 – Does everyone think of you as a master chef? Then you should be up to the challenge of opening your own restaurant! Get your frying pans out of the cupboard and put on your finest apron! The game My Universe – Cooking Star Restaurant is available today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac.

Here you are, about to open your recently revamped restaurant. As an ambitious and cooking-enthusiast chef, you will have to face many obstacles in the hope of becoming the “crème de la crème”!

Attract clients thanks to original and delicious recipes that will exceed their expectations. Select the right dishes and keep interacting with your customers to quickly progress and get an increasing amount of food lovers into your restaurant. In order achieve this ultimate goal, you will have to take on as many challenges as possible!

You will also need to pay attention to your own restaurant crew and the chefs you will encounter along the way. They will provide you with valuable advice to become a renowned chef and to improve your skills and restaurant.

As you become more and more famous, you’ll get to meet distinguished chefs from around the globe, embodying the top worldwide culinary styles. From Japan, France as well as Italy, the United States or even India, there are plenty of cuisines to choose from in order to give your menu an international dimension and seduce the sophisticated foodie!

Game features:

  • A unique culinary adventure – Learn how to prepare more than 30 different dishes from around the world and get advice from great cooks!
  • Numerous mini-games – Master different cooking skills through mini-games and do your best to satisfy all your customers.
  • Unlock recipes – Unlock new recipes along the way and become a perfect chef, even the best in town!
  • Take care of your customers – Welcome your clients, pay attention to their requests and well being to provide them with the best culinary experience possible. They will come back and spread positive word-of-mouth!

Cooking Star Restaurant joins My Baby, School Teacher and Fashion Boutique in the My Universe series. The My Universe series is designed specifically for kids excited to jump into their dreamed adult life. It is also part of the Microids Life label, dedicated in providing gaming experiences for the entire family and all profiles of players.

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My Universe – School Teacher is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Paris, November 3rd, 2020 – It’s back-to-school season! Time to open the doors of your school and welcome your new students. Put on your schoolbag and get your notebooks, the game My Universe – School Teacher is available today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, digitally on Xbox One and soon on PC/Mac (digital).

Play as a young teacher with a mission! Take on the challenge to bring your new school back to the top and become the best teacher of all. In order to achieve these goals, numerous tasks await you. Share your knowledge with your pupils, get involved with the school life, take part in contests and help improve the reputation of your school so it becomes the best in town. Your teaching skills and efforts will be worth your while!

In your classroom, you will need to carefully manage your students. They all have unique strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you to adapt your teaching and make sure they can follow and learn in the best conditions. Each discipline features its own mini-game, as you succeed, more and more pupils will take part in your classes and new mini-games will be unlocked.

In addition to the customization options for your character (man/woman, clothes, accessories…), you can also customize the whole school according to your own sense of style. Improve your school by decorating all its different locations according to your wishes. Colors, shapes, items… everything is possible for you to imagine and create the school of your dreams!

Game features:

  • A unique gameplay style for each discipline – Biology, art, geometry, music… and so much more!
  • Unique students – Each having their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Different possibilities – Follow the weekly program or explore the school freely to discover all its secrets.
  • Full customization: choose the name and logo of your school, the appearance of your character, even the decoration of your classroom and the different locations in your school.

School Teacher is the second game of the My Universe series, after My Baby. The My Universe series is designed specifically for kids excited to jump into their dreamed adult life. It is also part of the Microids Life label, dedicated in providing gaming experiences for the entire family and all profiles of players.

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