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Disgaea 1 Complete: A Game Fit for an Overlord!

Disgaea 1 Complete is back and racking up the praise! Grab your popcorn (not a Prinny!), take a seat, and see what people are saying about this REMASTERPIECE in the Disgaea 1 Complete Accolades Trailer, dood!

Celebrate the origin of this over-the-top series with the Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition, available at our Online Store! Stock is limited, so get yours today and deal some insane damage in Disgaea 1 Complete, available now on Nintendo Switch™ and Playstation 4!

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Disgaea 1 Complete Arrives to PS4 and Nintendo Switch Today!

Prince Laharl awakens from his deep sleep to find the Netherworld thrown into turmoil with a plethora of enemies vying for the throne! Along with his dubiously loyal servant Etna and the angel-in-training Flonne, Laharl must squash the competition to defend what is rightfully his.

Behold the crazy adventure that awaits these heroes(?) in our new Launch Trailer! Get lost for hours upon hours in this REMASTERPIECE, with brand new visuals for a new generation. Play through the main story as the self-centered Laharl or try your hand at Etna Mode. You can also recruit brand new characters like Asagi and the Prism Rangers!

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of this beloved series with Disgaea 1 Complete, available today on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Now get out there and kick some ass!

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Disgaea 1 Complete – Switch Game Footage!

Disgaea 1 Complete Introduces the Denizens of the Netherworld!

Our characters that call Netherworld home take center stage within Disgaea 1 Complete. Meet Laharl, Etna, Vyers Mid-Boss and our punching-bag, Prinny! This world is filled with a myriad of reckless demons who do whatever they want, you can never predict what will happen next in this over-the-top Strategy RPG!

Check out the Denizens of the Netherworld Trailer now to learn more about the young prince Laharl and his loyal(?) vassals. Disgaea 1 Complete arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch October 9!

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Disgaea 1 Complete Introduces the Angels of Celestia!

No Disgaea is complete (see what I did there, dood?) without Flonne, the ditzy angel trainee! Flonne, whose mission was to assassinate the (already dead) King Krichevskoy, tags along with the Netherworld’s prince and his devious vassal Etna to embark on a zany journey of disloyal demons, horse wieners, love (?!) and punching-bag Prinnies!

Disgaea 1 Complete arrives on PS4 and Nintendo Switch October 9!

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Disgaea 1 Complete Arrives October 9th on Nintendo Switch and PS4!

We’re happy to announce that Disgaea 1 Complete now has a release date set for October 9 in North America and October 12 in Europe. In addition, we have a new trailer showing off the gameplay that you can expect from this wonderful remasterpiece! Return to the Netherworld with Laharl, Etna, and Flonne and kick some demon butt on your Nintendo Switch or PS4 this fall!

For more information about Disgaea 1 Complete or the Disgaea franchise, please visit the official website.

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