Rainbow Cotton Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Berlin, 9 May 2024 – THIS JUST IN! We interrupt your endless web scrolling for an important news announcement! Gaming consoles worldwide have now been endlessly bombarded! Prime suspect is a chaotic, willow-obsessed, red-haired witch named Cotton! Be safe and read on for more on this story!

Prepare for the ultimate blast from the past – Rainbow Cotton, the beloved Dreamcast exclusive, makes its long-awaited comeback TODAY! Follow the wacky adventures of Cotton, Silk and their friends on Nintendo SwitchPlayStation 4PlayStation 5Xbox OneXbox Series S & X, and PC Steam now!

Over two decades ago, Rainbow Cotton captured the hearts of retro gamers in Japan when it first debuted on the Dreamcast. Now, fans old and new can experience the remade HD graphics, enhanced controls, and addictive gameplay for the first time worldwide! With a dedicated Little Brother mode, find your player two and dive right into Cotton’s hilarious antics. With fully dubbed Japanese anime cutscenes and English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German subtitles!

  • Bring on the Nostalgia The Retro Mode allows you to experience the charm of the original Dreamcast version– as authentic as it can be!
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience Revamped snap-back, lock-on targeting, controller rumble & speaker support, and more for a luxurious gaming experience.
  • Cotton’s New Look Immerse yourself in the magic of the upgraded, stunning visuals!
  • Little Brother Mode Play as Cotton and Silk together with your Player 2 in this newly added local co-op mode!
  • Team Sub or Team Dub?! The fully animated cutscenes return in their original Japanese dubbing with translated English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German subtitles for your viewing pleasure!

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