Ahro Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024!

Warsaw / Detroit – January 4th, 2024 – Niche publisher Nakana.io will launch on Nintendo Switch a new title in 2024 (first half of the year most likely). Ahro is a side-scrolling adventure created by Deroit-based Oeh Interactive (Joel Vile).

The story of Ahro starts when he begins having distressing and frequent breakdown episodes. After finding only mild relief from herbal medicine, he sets out to find a legendary miracle cure on a journey through an imperial occupied land.

The player will explore a unique and intriguing world. Ahro can release his spirit and travel into the sky to discover new items, places and secrets. The player will be challenged to figure out how to access out-of-reach areas and make their way forward, while being rewarded for their curiosity as they traverse the landscapes.

This transcendent side-scrolling adventure takes place in a fictional world full of history and deep lore. Themes addressed aim to be contemporary, relatable, and provide space for reflection and interpretation.

Source: PR Email

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