Introducing The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest, a Metroidvania That Lets You Escape The Prison of Your Mind!

Gothenburg, Sweden – December 19th, 2023 – Elden Pixels is proud to reveal its upcoming anxiety-fueled metroidvania The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest, coming next year to PC and consoles. On the brink of physical and emotional burnout during the last stages of an intense game project, a game developer escapes into a dream persona who himself is trapped in a mental prison.

Enter the mind of Fletcher, the developer’s dream persona, who just so happens to be a slightly overweight, 43 years old divorcee, struggling Honky Tonk musician, craft beer enthusiast, father of two. Look, not all heroes wear capes, but ours at least wears a cowboy hat. Help Fletcher as he struggles to pick up the pieces and bust his way out of the mental prison he’s stuck in.

Loosely inspired by real events, The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest, tasks players with helping Fletcher escape his mental prison and save the day! Venture through ominous environments ranging from Mars, to an insane asylum, to inside a computer. You’ll have to explore, collect unique weapons from each area – that can be tackled in any order – and employ a host of fun and creative upgrades if you’re to find and defeat the five prison gang leaders. Or become their friend. Either way!

The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest is heavy on metaphor and self-reflection, but hey, if you’re not down with all that anxiety, these points can be completely skipped and you can plough your way through another tight metroidvania with killer mechanics, a banging chipmusic soundtrack, and more pixel art than you can stomach!” said Mikael Forslind, Game Designer at Elden Pixels. “Note: The Prisoning: Fletcher’s Quest is not recommended for anyone with a peanut allergy.”

Source: PR Email

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