Crime O’Clock is now available on Nintendo Switch!

Saint-Ouen, France, Milan, Italy, June 22nd 2023 – Just For Games and Bad Seed are over the moon for the launch of Crime O’Clock today on Nintendo Switch! Revealed during the last Nintendo Indie World, Crime O’Clock will launch June 30th 2023 on Nintendo Switch. The PC release date for Crime O’Clock is now set for July 21st.

Crime O’Clock unveiled last week a new game mode “Fulcrum Stories”.

In this captivating mode, players will get up close and personal with the intimate lives of many characters across the game’s five maps. Follow the inhabitants over 10 time ticks and discover their very own stories. With over 30 lighthearted tales, the mode “Fulcrum Stories” offers a unique experience, far from the criminal investigations at the core of Crime O’Clock.

Who knows what you will discover! Maybe some familiar faces..

Source: PR Email

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