Space Gladiators Triumphantly Emerges Today on Nintendo Switch!

May 4th, 2023 – Console gamers can now make their attempt to escape the planet Tartarus in Blobfish’s cosmic roguelite, Space Gladiators, launching today on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One!

Ported in cooperation with Seaven Studio, Space Gladiators sits in the same potato universe as Blobfish’s massively successful top-down shooter Brotato and maintains that formula of being one tuber against a hostile randomized worldYou’ll need to crawl your way out of the hole and fight for glory against all manner of bizarre mutants and alien creatures, armed with a vast array of weapons, items, & pets. Extremely tight & fluid controls make bounding through combat encounters and platforming challenges a joy, assuming you can keep up with the action as you do your best to please a voracious alien audience.

If you’re ready to prove your worth then Space Gladiators is available now on PlayStation 4Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 USD, and is of course still available on Steam as well.

About Space Gladiators

Fight your way out of a planet prison in this 2D hand-drawn roguelite platformer!

You’ve been captured and sent to entertain aliens as a gladiator in a faraway planet called Tartarus. You will have to advance through randomly generated biomes with deadly traps and monsters blocking your path. Choose your opponents in the arenas, beat them for items and coins and you might be able to earn your freedom!


  • Tight and fluid controls that allow you to dodge and fight enemies without taking hits – the only ceiling is your own skillset!
  • Hundreds of hand-crafted rooms that are randomly picked to make every new run feel unique.
  • 50+ enemies and 10 bosses to beat with different movesets and attack patterns.
  • 300+ items including pets, weapons and trinkets that unlock new abilities for your characters. Pop your heart out to heal yourself, throw meatballs or fire a laser gun.
  • 8 unique characters that fit different playstyles, including a potato and an alien worm in underpants.
  • Customize your runs by choosing harder paths if you’re feeling confident or easier ones if you’re on the brink of death. High risk, high reward.

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