Overloop Begins March 24th on Nintendo Switch!

08 MARCH, 2023 – If you have a slightly warped sense of humour and are partial to some puzzle-platforming fun that isn’t too demanding, then you’ll be delighted to hear Overloop is making its way to consoles later this month.

The clone-based puzzle-platformer will launch 24th March on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S priced $14.99. It’ll be available with a 20% launch discount for a limited time.

Created by Charge Games – a development duo of George Kobyakov (programmer, game design, artist) and Charles Bardin (narrative design, sound design), Overloop made its debut on PC last year. It currently has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam, with 92% positive user reviews.

Overloop is a light-hearted adventure set in a dark-hearted future where scientists create a cloning gun – the Quantum Matter Replication Device – and their profit-hungry paymasters sell it to the masses, with disastrous consequences. It’s up to you – the handsomely mustachoied protagonist – to navigate a crumbling dystopia and attempt to save humanity by bravely sacrificing clones of yourself in all manner of icky ways.

The Overloop soundtrack, composed by Charles Bardin (A Musical Story), is available here: https://charlesbardin.bandcamp.com/album/overloop-soundtrack

About the game

Overloop is a puzzle-platformer set in a dystopian world. Step into an ethically compromised future where cloning technology has wreaked havoc on humanity – and it’s sort of all YOUR fault! As an employee of nefarious megacorp, Infinity Inc., and the inventor of its Quantic Matter Replication Device (aka the QMRD, aka the cause of the world going to hell in a handbasket), it’s up to you to sort out the mess you helped create.

Grab your cloning gun and hot-foot it through a world descending into clone-induced chaos. Create clones of yourself and use them to solve puzzles and save humanity. Get to it genius!

Key Features

  • Create clones! Make endless copies of yourself with the cloning gun and use your perfectly formed doppelgangers – up to four at once – to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles
  • Sacrifice clones! Dystopias are very dangerous places, and many clones will suffer hilariously gruesome deaths along the way. Fried! Crushed! Mangled! Minced! RIP clones 🙁
  • Explore a world of weirdness! From suspiciously friendly AI and cultish crackpots, to modified corn and cloned panda bears. This freaky future has (almost) everything!
  • Think about ethics! Is it better that a clone should die, rather than the real you? Consider the morality of human cloning as you condemn countless versions of yourself to death
  • Have a mustache! Play as a hero with sweet facial hair. Purely cosmetic. Totally badass

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