DRAINUS Announced for Nintendo Switch!

The newest shoot ‘em up to sear its way into the forefront, DRAINUS, is ready to make an impact. DRAINUS is from Ladybug, a small independent and acclaimed Japan developer. DRAINUS is their first game based on an original IP and will be published by Strictly Limited Games in cooperation with WSS Playground and PLAYISM. Release will be digital and the physical boxed on Nintendo Switch will be published by Strictly Limited Games.

Gameplay is key and DRAINUS’ main draw is the mechanic of the titular spaceship ‘Drainus’, which allows it to absorb light energy attacks and then use the energy harvested for devastating counterattacks. Using these mechanics strategically is the key to clearing the game and performing well.

DRAINUS is clearly aiming to bring the Shoot ‘em Up genre to the next level with unusual twists to a classic space shooter to offer players a whole new shooter experience.

Three balanced difficulty settings allow both beginners to enjoy casual play and hardcore veterans to fight for the next high score. Additionally, two new game modes will be unlocked once you’ve finished the game for the first time.

The ship’s energy stored, for example, can be reused to activate and expand on its weapon systems. Using this system, the player can evolve the “DRAINUS” however they prefer to basically create their own space ship. The options of weapons and features on board are huge, with target-seeking missiles, reflecting lasers or spherical defence shields.

Accompanied by masterfully crafted and animated pixel and sprite art, featuring multi-layered backgrounds, huge bosses with multiple moving parts and references to the classics of this genre. It is truly an interactive work of Shoot ‘Em Up art. The DRAINUS’ Original Soundtrack really completes the overall package, again reflecting the classics and aiming for new trends. The sound perfectly transfuses the game, it pays homage to the greats, while featuring its own unique electronic style.

DRAINUS conveys an intriguing story which keeps players engaged until the end. Entertaining with no lengths due to the profound character design, which unfolds with detailed portraits in story sequences during and between stages. The option to collect recordings during the game flesh out the world even more.

About SLG Boxed Versions

DRAINUS Collector’s Edition, officially licensed Nintendo Switch game and includes a colorful game manual and many additional collectibles. Strictly Limited Games exclusive for 69.99€/$69.99 each. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide. All of our games are individually numbered. We ship internationally.


  • Game for Nintendo Switch
  • Collector’s Edition Box with magnetic latch
  • Colorful Game Manual
  • Material Collection Book with an exclusive manga in both English and Japanese, exclusive interview with the developer and behind-the-scenes material about the development
  • Drainus Hanging Decoration
  • DRAINUS Original Soundtrack, 1 CD
  • Textile Patch with the emblem of the Kharlarl Empire
  • DRAINUS Enamel Logo Pin
  • Double-sided Poster

DRAINUS released on PC has been heralded as one of the brightest shining stars of modern side-scrolling Shoot ‘Em Ups. The game is already a true shooting star in the Shoot ‘Em Up genre, highly praised by reviewers and players within the global Shoot ‘Em Up community alike. The engagement of the community shortly turned into materializing a Nintendo Switch port with a physical Limited Edition and even a Collector’s Edition published by limited print publisher Strictly Limited Games, well known for having a knack for outstanding Shoot ‘em Up games.

DRAINUS is planned to release this Winter 2022/23. Pre-Orders for the physical editions can be placed from 20th of November 2022 exclusively on StrictlyLimitedGames.com.

Source: PR Email

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