Planet Quiz: Learn & Discover Arrives Dec 25th on Nintendo Switch!

Planet Quiz – Learn & Discover it’s an educational and challenging environmental quiz. The game contains 1000+ entries, from topics like animals, people, food, cities etc., in 450+ questions divided to 3 levels of difficulty. Planet Quiz allows you to challenge yourself or up to 3 friends at the time. All beautifully designed & packed in a 3D Planet Earth with areas and precise locations.

In game / Features:

  • 4 ways to interact – Campaign, Quick Play, Tournament, Quizpedia
  • Single as well as multiplayer, up to 4 players, mode
  • Questions with different level of difficulty
  • Various subjects covered in categories: cities, countries, mountains, waters, people, animals, architecture, food, nature wonders
  • Beautiful, handcrafted graphic

Campaign /single player/ mode

  • In general is about matching “things” with locations
  • Questions divided to 8 categories: Earth, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Polar Regions
  • Each category contains 3 chapters – easy, medium and hard.
  • In each chapter ~15 questions
  • After completing a question quick check with a fun fact about every entry (eg. match the flag with a country – info on every country)
  • Questions covering countries’ flags, cities locations, animals locations

Quick play mode

  • Custom settings: player avatar, questions difficulty (any from: easy, medium, hard), regions (any from: Earth, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Polar Regions), number of rounds (rounds=tasks/questions; 1-15), time for answer question / round (3-20s)
  • Showing the location and asking “what is here?”; also comparison (animals, countries, rivers etc)
  • Summary screen with points

Tournament mode

  • challenge 1-3 friends (2-4 players mode)

Quizpedia mode

  • All entries appearing in the quiz in one place
  • 18 categories of entries
  • short and enhanced descriptions

Planet Quiz: DLC Oceans

Sail through the Planet Quiz questions about oceans, reefs, and islands in the Oceans DLC. Planet Quiz Learn & Discover: Oceans is an additional package enriching the game with questions and entries about marine life and geography.

  • 100+ new Quizpedia entries.
  • New questions in all gameplay modes.
  • More handcrafted drawings.

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