Jumpless Platformer Get-A-Grip Chip Lands Today on Nintendo Switch!

NEW YORK — March 25, 2021 — Get-A-Grip Chip, the charming and delightfully challenging 2D platformer from Redstart Interactive, launches on Nintendo Switch today and introduces new challenges as well as unlockable cosmetics on both Switch and PC via Steam.

Chip and Scan-It Janet work happily and efficiently at Battery Bot Manufacturer ROBOCO. An unfortunate accident sends Janet into a scanning frenzy, indirectly resulting in a gaping hole in the factory floor. The poor freshly-assembled Battery Bots plummet into the depths below, and Chip follows in hopes of saving them and helping Scan-It Janet return to their senses.

While Chip’s lack of legs make jumping impossible, clever use of a head-mounted magnetic grappling hook makes soaring over hazards a snap. Swing over deadly obstacles with a simple, satisfying control scheme that makes planning and reflexes more important than controller mastery. Grapple points across 30 levels on floors with themes like Abandoned and Incinerator, then seek out hard-to-reach platforms and hidden areas.

Rescue more than 200 Battery Bots hiding in devious locations throughout the factory. Discover and complete challenges including escorting all Bots to safety on each floor to unlock eight new skins. Dress Chip up as the vampire-inspired Nos4bot2, the noxious Toxic Assembler, or even the retro-themed Pixel Chip. Become the fanciest grappling guru by competing across the world on per-level leaderboards.

Climb those leaderboards by learning each level’s perilous pitfalls and buzzing blades to a toe-tapping soundtrack by Eva Lawitts’ project Stimmerman. A delightful mix of jazz, hip-hop, surf rock and more makes each cartoon-inspired level an audiovisual treat.

“The Switch fits so well with the design and feel we want players to experience with Chip,” said Vicky Wei, lead level designer at Redstart Interactive. “We hope our PC players will love the new challenges we’ve added for the Switch launch. We can’t wait to see the latest leaderboards!”

“We worked on Get-A-Grip Chip throughout the pandemic and we’ve been very proud to see our efforts bring people joy,” said Vicky Wei, lead level designer at Redstart Interactive. “We hope to brighten even more people’s days as they try to dress Chip up in the adorable outfits we made.”

Get-A-Grip Chip is available now on Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam in English and Japanese for $14.99.

Source: PR Email

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