Hardcore turn-based tactics RPG Battle Brothers is out now on Switch!

London, United Kingdom – March 11th, 2021 – UKIYO Publishing and Overhype Studios are proud to announce that its critically acclaimed procedurally-generated tactics title Battle Brothers is available now on the eShop for Nintendo Switch. Switch owners can purchase the game for $29.99 / £22.99 / €27.99, while a comprehensive bundle that includes the main game and premium DLC expansions: Beasts & Exploration, Warriors of the North, and Blazing Deserts, is also available for $60.98 / £50.98 / €58.98, offering an additional 5% in savings. For further information on all the add-on packs, check out their descriptions on the Nintendo eShop now.

“The community has been requesting and patiently waiting for a portable version of the game for a long time. We went to considerable effort to make the most of the Nintendo Switch’s control options and bring the game over in a truly console-optimised fashion. We’re thrilled fellow tacticians can now enter the gritty, tactical world of Battle Brothers wherever they go”, said Jan Taak of Overhype Studios. “The game is designed to both challenge players and their tactics, while generating memorable, unique stories, and now they can lead their own mercenary companies when commuting or even flying ten thousand feet in the air. ”

“We are really excited that Battle Brothers is finally available on the Switch. It’s a perfect fit for gaming on the go, as well as playing on the big screen while you’re at home,” said Martin Hann of UKIYO Publishing. “It has many compelling stories to tell, and we can’t wait for more players to experience them.”

Having launched on PC to rave reviews in 2017, Battle Brothers is a turn-based tactical RPG in which players accrue their own mercenary gang in a gritty, medieval fantasy world. On Nintendo Switch the game has been re-engineered to best make use of the hardware and its control options. You decide who to hire, where to go, what contracts to take on, and how to manage your private militia. Running a company requires blood, sweat and tears as you balance your budget, equip your crew, and do whatever it takes to put food on the table as you wander through this unforgiving world.

Once in combat, Battle Brothers is a different kind of tactical affair, as you position your players into place. They best be well equipped, however, as different weapons will have different advantages and disadvantages against the rogue gallery of cronies. Split shields with axes, stun enemies with a mace, form a phalanx with spears, or crush enemy armor with a warhammer. Everything in Battle Brothers is permanent, so once you lose a soldier, they’re gone forever. And if you lose your whole squad, it’s game over! The world of Battle Brothers is rough and unforgiving, ensuring that the stakes are always high both in battle and in the monetary management outside of it.

Source: PR Email

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