Deck of Ashes is announcing its console version with a new trailer!

Moscow, Russia, November 25th – Buka Entertainment and AY Games are delighted to announce that the hardcore story-driven RPG with a card-based tactical combat Deck of Ashes is heading to consoles! The game will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2021!

To celebrate this announcement, the PC version of the game on Steam is getting its first ever discount (20% off) for a limited time The discount offer will end on December 1st. Buka Entertainment and AY Games are also unveiling today a new character coming to consoles as a time exclusive.

Introducing Sibyl the Dark Soul. Elven Archer

Her race had disappeared in another dimension long before the humans emerged in this world. All the years of her loneliness Sibyl had been looking for a way to get her kind back.

About Deck of Ashes:

Deck of Ashes is a hardcore story-driven RPG with a procedurally-generated game world and the card-based tactical combat system. The player takes the role of one of four antiheros and he finds and creates new cards in order to collect the powerful deck of cards and to defeat enemies in the turn-based tactical battles.

Every character’s story is unique so there are four separate story campaigns and starting each of these campaigns generates a new game world! It is up to you do decide where to go, which enemy to fight next and what resources to collect to create cards. There are more than 100 cards in the game and players can mix them to create the unique decks and combat styles!

Key features:

  • The eerie world of dark fantasy. All character, monsters and locations are hand-drawn!
  • Four main characters – four story campaigns.
  • Incredibly replayable! Every new game will be unique due to the procedurally generated game world.
  • Insanely huge number of card combinations. Collect and create cards to fit your play-style.
  • Biomes with various monsters: each biome affects the gameplay differently and inhabited by unique foes!
  • The death is permanent in the finest tradition of a roguelike genre. Once dead you’re dead forever unless… you use the Black magic


Before the fateful event known as the Ash Curse, the Rogues had been the most dangerous gang out there. The whole world despised them and they were not hesitating to return the favor.

They had been relentlessly killing and plundering with no mercy to the rich nor to the poor. Spoiled by their luck, gold and impunity they quickly delved into the deep of madness. Then the Rogues wished to obtain the most powerful artifact – the Ash Box. Their search brought them to the Valley of Death. However, once they were so close to the artifact no one agreed to share it with others! One of the Rogues managed to grab the box but it slipped out his hands and shattered on the floor. The cloud of Ash raised to the skies poisoning and spoiling every living thing on the face of the world. Each of the Rouges is yet to pay biggest price for their ignorance though. As the whole world suffers greatly under the Ash Curse – only the Rogues can break it…

Source: PR Email

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