Bake ‘n Switch is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Kuala Lumpur, MY– September 10, 2020 — The frantically cute couch co-op bake-o-rama, Bake ‘n Switch arrives on Nintendo eShop today! Help Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, Ginger, Sage and Salt defend the sweet and savory worlds of Tropic Toaster and Serradurra from the encroaching invasion of Mouldies! Pick up your copy on your Nintendo eShop today for $29.99.

Battle Mouldies and bake rambunctious Buns through over 100 levels of a’dough’rable party action. Choose from 6 Bakers, each with unique baking abilities, and play with up to 4 friends in co-op or against them in PvP or Team v Team in online or local multiplayer through the lush jungles of Tropic Toaster and the sweet but deadly desert terrain of Serradurra.

Those Buns might be cute, but each of the 7 different breeds have their own quirky behaviors – which could help or hinder your progress – so show no mercy and get those bouncing, rolling, burrowing and flocking Buns in the oven before time runs out! Max out your scores to win special costumes and challenge yourself in Stormy maps where weather and enemies are more unpredictable. Hey, it’s a breadful task, but someone’s gotta “dough” it!

“After much anticipation, tweaks and polish, we are beyond excited to launch Bake ‘n Switch on Nintendo Switch today,” said Stefan Baier, COO of Streamline Games. “But this is just the beginning of the Bun madness, as we have batches of new content baking even as we speak! Start honing your Dough merging, punching and baking skills because there’s lots more to come!”

Bake ’n Switch is set to receive various free DLC updates throughout the coming months. Based on player feedback during the Steam soft launch, Streamline will be implementing a Single Player Campaign, Ad-hoc Matchmaking and Chinese localization in addition to already planned new Co-Op and PVP maps and challenges to continuously expand the Bake ‘n Switch world. All SKUs of the game will benefit from this content.

Source: PR Email

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