Gothic Turn-Based RPG Vampire’s Fall: Origins Awakens September 17th on Nintendo Switch!

Stockholm, Sweden — September 1st, 2020 — Early Morning Studio’s dark, medieval tactical RPG Vampire’s Fall: Origins will launch on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on September 17th. Already popular on Steam and mobile, the game has drawn a community around its clever, slightly dark-humoured story and classic 2D open-world RPG elements mixed with turn-based combat gameplay.

After the malevolent Witchmaster destroys the Vamp’Ire village you awaken as a fledgling vampire set on a course for revenge. Your efforts to halt the dark magic conjurings of your evil foe take you on a journey through a vast 2D open world where you embark on quests, encounter a variety of NPCs and engage in snarky dialogues that add a lighthearted counterpoint to the sinister atmosphere. Whether you choose the path of virtue or corruption you will face scores of enemies through over 50 hours of gameplay, leveling up your character by unlocking skills and abilities as well as upgrading your gear along the way.

“Vampire’s Fall has come a long way since the first time we came up with the concept,” said Emir Kuljanin from Early Morning Studio. “Now 10 years later and three platforms in, we are gearing up for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One launch to welcome console players into the gritty and witty world full of mystery.”

Source: PR Email

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