Boomerang Fu is Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

SYDNEY — August 13, 2020 — Boomerang Fu, the frantic boomerang brawler starring adorable yet lethal food creatures from Cranky Watermelon, throws down on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and PC today.

Fight as tasty food wielding deadly boomerangs. Choose from 12 selectable superfoods like the delectable Donut and silly Sushi. Slice and dice as menacing morsels in hilarious one-hit one-kill combat where each round means a new level, keeping the party going. Learn the surprisingly simple controls in seconds, then master the art of the boomerang with advanced tricks and precision throws.

Snack attack across 30+ reactive arenas including cloudy temples, mountaintops dotted with portals, and storm-lit fields where the flash of lightning exposes foes. Dash out of danger and take advantage of the environment: sneak up on opponents by hiding under tall grass, smash them with lever-operated traps, and even chuck boomerangs through portals. Add power-ups to the mix and matches start to get really crazy.

Power-ups persist between rounds, so stack up to three of them to really stomp foes into puree. Scour the field for ridiculous power-ups such as multi-boomerangs, ice boomerangs, disguises and much more. Go on the offensive by combining the Exploding and Multi power-ups for sweeping, destructive explosions, or mix Dash Through Walls with Teleport Boomerang to have complete mastery of the map.

Launch introduces three game modes: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, and Golden Boomerang. Make friends out of food in Team Deathmatch, haphazardly hurl boomerangs in all directions in Free for All, or try to hold onto the Golden Boomerang for as long as possible while every other player tries to pry it from your cold, delicious hands.

Boomerang Fu’s light-hearted battles have room for up to six players locally on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC. PC players can take advantage of Steam Remote Play for epic food fights against friends across the world. Practice against devious CPU opponents, or use them to help fill out teams. Their adjustable difficulty levels make it easy to set up nail-biting matches or casual skirmishes.

“Part food fight, part Hong Kong action cinema, Boomerang Fu takes a cute concept and makes it fun for endless hours,” said Paul Kopetko, founder of Cranky Watermelon. “Your parents probably told you not to play with your food, but now I’m very much encouraging you to do so.”

Boomerang Fu is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC via Steam in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish and Italian for $14.99 USD. Play locally with up to six players, or use Steam Remote Play Together on PC to play online (experience may vary based on connection and network quality).

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