Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly Now Available for Nintendo Switch!

PERTH, Australia – March 4, 2020 – Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly, the frenzied aerial shooter from Dogmelon Games, takes to the skies today on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Steam.

It’s 1917 and the age of aviation is in full flight. The glory of soaring through the air has attracted patriotic animals to the world of aeronautics. Jump into the pilot seat as a cocky duck, a surprisingly compact bear, and six other anthropomorphized critters. Do a barrel a roll, loop-the-loop, and gun down the competition in dogfights to command the skies.

Choose one of four biplanes inspired by early 20th century designs, each with their own stats, including handling, shields, and speed. Developed by an aircraft engineer, Baron’s chaotic aerial battles are designed to strike a balance between nuanced physics and over-the-top fun. Every plane comes equipped with a wild-spraying Gatling gun and one of 13 special weapons, such as the gravity sucking Black Hole, giant crushing Anvils, and repulsive Stinky Fish.

Up to eight player showdowns take place on stylized landscapes across a variety of single and multiplayer modes. It’s every beast for themselves in free-for-all, or duke it out in team battles to determine who’s the flyest squad around. Master how to fly and craft the perfect loadout in Training mode, then grab a friend to fend off a flock of invaders in Sheep Attack.

“Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly takes aviation combat sims to new heights with dogfights featuring actual dogs,” said Anthony Wiese, Co-Developer, Dogmelon Games. “We’re excited to share our wild alternate world now that it’s available for PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.”

Baron: Fur is Gonna Fly is available for $19.99 USD on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. It supports English, Chinese and Japanese on PC, with more to come post-launch.

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