Rimelands: Hammer of Thor Lands Today on Nintendo Switch!

October 4th, Warsaw, Poland

It’s all started on an airship, many years ago. Your parents were murdered by a group with a strange symbol on their uniforms. You’ve managed to escape with your Gran but today, 20 years later, they’re back. You aren’t a child anymore, now you can fight back.

About Rimelands: Hammer of Thor

Rimelands: Hammer of Thor is a turn-based RPG set in a unique world where steampunk meets Norse mythology. You’re playing as a young treasure hunter who accidentally gets involved in a fight with a mysterious enemy that threatens your world. It turns out that a new villain is connected to the murder of your parents and there are more secrets about you your heritage to solve.

In Rimelands, magic coexists with technology so there’re many ways to fight. At your disposal are traditional fantasy weapons like swords and hammers, various spells, and also newer technological inventions such as pistols. For each fighting style, there is dedicated a skill tree: barbarian, assassin, and shaman.

The fighting system is based on the roll of the dice – each turn your and your enemy’s power of attack depends on what you draw. Every dice got attack side, double attack, defend and an empty slot. It’s a simple mechanic but also deep with the addition of bonuses from equipment and skills.


  • adventure in a fantasy world where magic exists next to technology powered by steam
  • intriguing and unpredictable plot
  • a turn-based fighting system with simple, but deep mechanics
  • three skill trees: barbarian, assassin, and shaman
  • a crafting system that lets you create powerful equipment

You can get Rimelands: Hammer of Thor now on Nintendo Switch.

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