Get Ready To Massacre Some Friends Sept 13th on Nintendo Switch!

September 6th, Warsaw, Poland – Slash your friends on arena in competitive local multiplayer battle – all that in goriest graphics with comic book style.

QubicGames and Claws Up Games proudly presents CHOP – a 2D fighting game with brutal and fast-paced action coming to Nintendo Switch very soon.

In post apocalyptic world of CHOP there’s only one rule – kill or get killed. Your only allies are sword and will to execute. With that in mind, step into battle arena and bath in blood of your enemies!

About CHOP:

Fast-paced action with platform elements in goriest battle arena game – that’s CHOP. It’s got a simple, easy to learn mechanics but there’s other side that has a deep strategic dimension. It may look very chaotic on start as body parts and blades fly through stage and yet it’s got very satisfying gameplay as you start “feelin’ it” .

Your main friend is sword. You can use it slash foes in close combat or throw it across stage to nail it victim. Every character has a special ability linked to blade like teleportation or telekinetic control.

Outside the classic last survivor or kill & confirm modes CHOP have one unique variant. In “Rush out” killing enemy is just beginning – the big game is survival! After you slay your opponent you must reach to the portal to score point. The twist it’s not open forever – portal closes every time you die. You’re hunter or prey.

Let’s start this bloody party and end some friendships!


  • Play solo with bots or with up to 4 players in local multiplayer
  • Gory graphics in comic book style, flying guts and brutal executions guaranteed
  • 4 playable characters, each with unique special abilities
  • At the same time all of them have the same hitbox and basic skills so it’s perfectly balanced
  • More than 20 arenas to choose from
  • During a fight there’s a chance to find random bonuses that spice up battles
  • 3 game modes with many options to customize

You can now preorder CHOP on Nintendo Switch. The game will be available on September 13th.

Source: PR Email

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