Mini Trains Arrive Today on Nintendo Switch!

Bring back childhood memories with unique graphics. Arrange, build tracks and solve logistical riddles. Step in driver’s shoes to operate the locomotive or take wider look on your plan and choose best routes for your train.

About Mini Trains:

Mini Trains contains 40 levels of logistical puzzles. Your objective is to collect stars on each stage – the tricky part is to keep an eye on each train’s route to avoid collisions.
All rail tools are for your disposal – switches, turntables and tunnels. Every stage has a few ways to reach the goal so be creative! With isometric camera and first person mode we convert VR experience into more accessible way. Catch a nostalgia train and travel to your youth!

Mini Trains – main features:

  • Unique toy-like graphics, with isometric camera and option to take a closer look at the details from first person view.
  • 40 levels, each with multiple solutions so you can find your own way to complete it.
  • Many tools to deal with puzzles – switches, turntables, and tunnels. Use them to solve logistical problems.
  • Childhood dreams without buying all expensive railway sets, on your console.

Source: PR Email

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