Qubic Games and The House of Fables Bring Mini Trains to Nintendo Switch!

July 12th, Warsaw, Poland – Picture this – an 8-year-old you, holding your first railway model you’ve got for birthday. You arrange tracks with stations, turntables, switches and let’s not forget about fancy locomotives – if this scene seems familiar, you came to the right place! Now you can bring back those memories with Mini Trains – a port of a fantastic Trains VR game, anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch. Choo Choo!

About Mini Trains:

Mini Trains has 40 levels of clever puzzles. Remember not be one-track minded – every level has few solutions, so feel free to experiment. You must collect stars on each stage and some of them may be a little tricky to get, so fire up your steam brain and watch out for colliding trains. We transferred VR experience to more accessible way with new isometric camera, that allows you to take a wider view of the stage. At the same time you can step in driver’s shoes thanks to first person mode. All aboard, let’s hop on nostalgia train and go on an adventure!

Mini Trains – main features:

– Unique toy-like graphics, with isometric camera and option to take a closer look at the details from first person view;

– 40 levels, each with multiple solutions so you can find your own way to complete it;

– Many tools to deal with puzzles – switches, turntables, and tunnels. Use them to solve logistical problems;

– Childhood dreams without buying all expensive railway sets, on your console.

You can now preorder Mini Trains on Nintendo Switch. The game will be available on July 19th.

Source: PR Email

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