Raw Fury announces new title Star Renegades!

Today we are announcing our partnership with the brilliant and passionate minds over at Massive Damage, to help bring their art to life. Feast your eyes upon Star Renegades.

From the makers of Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander comes Star Renegades, a challenging tactical rogue-lite RPG set in an endless interplanetary rebellion against The Imperium. Lead a ragtag squad of rebels in their desperate fight against overwhelming odds and an evolving, merciless adversary.

From the first moment we saw eyes on this game, we KNEW there was something magical about it. From the uuuuuuuuber sexy pixel art to the influence from three genres we know and love, it was a no-brainer: we HAD to help bring this vision to gamers everywhere!

Three cheers to the visionaries at Massive Damage, and thanks for letting us go on this rebellious space adventure with you. Now let’s go blow some shit up.

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