Intragames To Show Off Upcoming Games at TGS 2018!

Intragames(Sang Chan Bae, CEO) announced the participation of ‘TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018” held in Makuhari Messe, Japan at the general exhibition area showcasing 4 different titles published by Intragames.

The exhibition will be located on Hall 3 C-15 from Sept 20th to Sept 23rd, with the games mentioned below.

Ultra Age (Next Stage)
“Ultra Age” is an adventure game with a slight touch of rogue like features showing the story of ‘Age’ who has been allocated to earth in search for resources critical for human beings survival who are left in space. A fast-tempo battle and incredible taste of control has been developed with Unreal Engine showing outstanding visuals.

Gifts on site: Desk mat with the game key visuals

Super Cane Magic Zero (Studio Evil)
“Super Cane Magic Zero” is a Comedy action RPG which is nominated for IndieCade Europe 2018, showing the adventure to save the WOTF world that has lost its internet connection and all the law is at stake of being abolished. Up to 4 players can team up or compete in game with rich customizing elements provided for the players own taste. There is full of comedy and humor in game giving the player the laughter all the way through.

Gifts on site: Limited edition mini towel with Tokyo games show 2018 festival images

Mulaka (Lienzo)
“Mulaka” is an action adventure game playing as the Sharman ‘Mulaka’ who goes on a journey to go on a pilgrimage on destroying the evil and purifying the lands after witnessing the apocalypse in his dreams. All the in-game elements are based on the thorough historical research on oral mythology of the Mexican tribe ‘Tarahumara’.

Gifts on site: L file holder and limited edition post card 5 pcs/set

Guns Gore & Cannoli 2 (Crazy Monkey Studio)
“Guns, Gore, & Cannoli 2” is an old school stimulus PlayStation 4 action game that exceeds the previous series with enforced gameplay and action. Vinnie Cannoli, the survivor of the Zombie out break from the previous series confronts the new mafia boss, ‘Dark Don’ for a new challenge in the story. The game supports online multiplay with up to 4 players playing through the whole game.

Gifts on site: Mafia style card wallet wearable on the neck

In the meanwhile, all visitors to the site will be given a commemorative fan, while the visitors who completes the survey will receive a “lucky charm magic” eco-bag.

Source: PR Email

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