Flying Tiger’s Johnny Turbo’s Arcade: Wizard Fire Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Los Angeles, CA – June 14th, 2018 – Flying Tiger Entertainment presents the Japanese arcade hit, Wizard Fire, the sixth action game release from Johnny Turbo’s Arcade, featuring classics by Data East.

Launching today for $7.99 in America. Coming soon in selected European territories.

Wizard Fire is the sequel to the original hit 90’s classic arcade game, Gate of Doom/Dark Seal, with 2-player Co-Op play action. Choose a hero from the cast of characters and lead them on a quest to quell the Evil Emperor Doom. Collect experience points by stopping your foes, and use them to gain magic spells.

Who will save us from these heralds of darkness? Come one, come all, come and hear the tale of Valiant Knights of the Wizard Fire.

Wizard Fire: Collect treasures, cast spells and save the world from villainous sorcerers and ghoulish zombies.

Source: PR Email

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