Uurnog Uurnlimited now available for your pleasure on the Nintendo Switch eShop!

Uurnbelievably quirky and challenging Metroidvania puzzle platformer is ready to travel with you for the holidays!

Uurnog Uurnlimited has landed on the Nintendo Switch in all regions today! But what is an Uurnog? We’re not telling! And why aren’t we telling? Because we don’t know! Bet you didn’t see that coming! You can try and find out for yourself though by downloading Uurnog Uurnlimited onto your Switch, now on sale for $14.99 / €14.99 / £10.99.

We do know a lot about what Uurnog Uurnlimited is though! Here’s a good look at what’s inside the game:

Key Featuurnes

  • CLASSIC 2D PUZZLE PLATFORMER: Solve puzzles and collect animals, then bring them back to your Save Room.
  • CHALLENGING BOSS FIGHTS: Survive long enough and you may even meet the Uurnog!
  • SWEET ALGORITHMIC MUSIC: Adapts the melody, tempo, key, and more to the gameplay.
  • PLAY SOLO OR SHARED SCREEN CO-OP: Real talk: everything is better when you’re playing with a friend as an adorable puppy, right?
  • MULTIPLE ENDINGS: Shhhh. I hear there may even be some secrets to discover… 😉

Wait, do you want to see some actual gameplay? We’ve got you covered! Check out the Twitch stream we broadcasted a few days ago to get a firsthand look at what Uurnog Uurnlimited is all about.

What are you waiting for? Go figure out what the Uurnog is already! We’ll be right here when you get back, don’t you worry. Unless the Uurnog gets us… Good luck!

For more info on Uurnog Uurnlimited
Official site: uurnog.com
Nintendo eShop page: nintendo.com
Steam page: Uurnog Uurnlimited
Discord: discord.gg/rawfury
Twitter: twitter.com/rawfurygames

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