Quest of Dungeons launch Sept 29th on the Wii U eShop; supports future cross-buy with 3DS!

I just got confirmation of the final release date for Quest of Dungeons on Wii U, it’s coming on September 29, both Europe and America.

-Does it have off-TV support?
Yes, you can play with the GamePad only.

-Does it support Wii U Pro Controller?

-What does the GamePad screen shows?
There are 3 different ways you can play the game

Off-TV mode: You can play the game just on the GamePad.
TV-Only: In this mode everything is on the TV, just like the PC version, and you can play with either Wii U Pro Controller or GamePad
Mixed: GamePad shows a Minimap and touch Inventory (video below)
I think this covers most ways people enjoy using when playing on their Wii U.

As I mentioned before, the game will have cross-buy, so if you buy the Wii U version on September 29, when the Nintendo 3DS version gets released you will get it for free if you use the same NNID. So don’t feel shy to buy it, because you won’t have to choose one or another version.

Source: Quest of Dungeons Website

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